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Cancer: (June 23 - July 22)

Number: 4

Element: Water

Gender: Feminine

Ruling Body Parts: Chest and Stomach

Astrological Ruler: The Moon

Friendly Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Opposite Zodiac Sign: Aries

Tarot Card: The Moon

Best Zodiac Sign for Relationships: Capricorn

Positive Traits of Cancer:

Cancer individuals are known for their deep emotional nature. They possess a gentle, nurturing, and caring disposition. They are sensitive and intuitive, often having a strong connection with their feelings and the past. Cancer individuals are warm-hearted and compassionate, with a natural inclination towards motherly and fatherly instincts. They are protective, cautious, and goal-oriented. Cancers are often artistic, imaginative, and have a rich emotional world.

Negative Traits of Cancer:

On the downside, Cancer individuals can be shy, insecure, and dependent. They tend to be introverted, timid, and cautious, often plagued by doubts and worries. Their excessive emotional nature can make them overly excitable, touchy, and quick to anger. They are known for their mood swings and can appear sulky or self-pitying at times. Cancers may be unforgiving, disorganized, and appear rigid despite their sensitive inner selves. They have a tendency to hold grudges, and when pushed, they can become overly defensive.

About Cancer:

Cancer individuals often have a preference for withdrawing into their shells from time to time. This isn't something to be misunderstood; it's just a part of their nature. They possess a metaphorical emotional shell in which they feel the need to protect themselves. Sometimes, it's a quiet corner at home, a table in a café where no one sits, or an isolated place not frequented by many. Anyone wishing to befriend a Cancer should understand and respect their need to withdraw into this "shell" without exerting pressure.

Cancer individuals are highly influenced by the phases of the moon, and their moods can fluctuate accordingly. This doesn't mean they are unstable; their emotions can vary from calm to intense. These emotional shifts are not indicative of a split personality like Gemini but rather a result of the Moon's influence. Due to the Moon's sensitive and fragile astrological qualities, they can sometimes retreat into their shells due to even the slightest jest.

Behind the innocent and melancholic appearance of a Cancer individual lies their pincers, which they use primarily for defense. Remember that they have a sensitive soul, and try not to hurt their feelings. Especially, be cautious about their sacred boundary – their home. A Cancer is extremely protective of their home and may unexpectedly unleash their pincers in response to threats or insults aimed at their residence. It's crucial to recognize their sensitivity to potential harm or insults directed at their home.

Initially, Cancer individuals may appear somewhat distant and reserved. They won't immediately welcome you into the center of their lives (their shell). Not everyone becomes an instant friend or romantic prospect for them. Their tough outer shells can create a foggy barrier between their inner and outer worlds. However, if you manage to break through these defenses and venture into their inner sanctum, you'll find an incredibly gentle, sensitive person who wouldn't hurt a fly. Their initial reserve only lasts until they consider you a friend.

The Influence of the Water Element:

The ruler of Cancer is the water element, which also governs the emotional realm. This element encourages Cancers to proceed slowly and steadily in all aspects of life. Cancers are emotionally slow but stable. While having another water sign as a partner can be harmonious, an excessive amount of water can lead to emotional outbursts. Although they may face challenges in life's fast-paced situations with fire and air elements, mutual understanding can lead to harmony. Despite being opposites, fire is the element that can most effectively balance their water.

Cancer In the Workplace:

A Cancer may initially present a tough exterior in the professional world. However, this tough shell is primarily for self-protection against external threats and attacks. Although not as outgoing as an Aries, their deep devotion to their family and the desire to improve their family's comfort can make them one of the most motivated and successful signs among all. What motivates them is not being number one like an Aries but rather enhancing their family's quality of life.

Never be deceived by a Cancer's gentle and emotional demeanor. If you attempt to take away their success in the workplace, their defensive walls and pincers may suddenly appear. While they may not have a dangerous personality, a Cancer individual who regards their earnings as their family's sustenance may not tolerate losing even a single penny and may fight to be the best with their pincers when necessary. This aspect may not always surface, but if they feel they are about to lose something in their career, it can come to the forefront.

Cancer In Family and Social Life:

Cancer individuals, famous for their protective shells, also like to construct protective barriers against all external dangers in their family lives. Their home is their sanctuary, where they feel safest. Their homes are always designed for the comfort and well-being of their children. The tough walls they build against the outside world ensure that their homes are always secure and comfortable. A Cancer will figuratively wipe their feet on the doormat and leave the stresses of the outside world outside before entering their home. Inside, you will find a very loving parent who enjoys spending time with their children.

As a water sign, Cancer individuals are not materialistic but emotional. However, when it comes to money needed for their family's comfort and their children's education, they can be more talented and competitive than any other sign. They feel happiest at home, and they are true homebodies. Like a creature that carries its home with it, a Cancer will generously share their wealth, earned throughout their life, with everyone residing in the same household. However, they still feel the need to retreat to their corner within their home. A Cancer always has a small, cozy corner where they feel comfortable.

The Influence of the Moon on Cancer:

The Moon has bestowed upon Cancer individuals their intuitive abilities. Cancers seem to possess almost supernatural intuition. At times, they can even appear as mind readers, knowing what you're thinking without you saying a word. They can uncover your secrets, even if you never tell them. However, they have a blind spot when it comes to the emotional realm. Although they are masters of their own emotional world, they can't tolerate someone else fully understanding this realm and may distance themselves suddenly.

The Moon completely controls Cancer's emotional states and can rapidly change their feelings with the moon's cyclical movements. You may see them making jokes and laughing one moment, only to find them in tears when you re-enter the room. While they can behave excessively emotionally at times, their protective shells prevent anything from escaping too easily. This emotional intensity is also reflected in their relationships, making Cancer the sign most prone to experiencing unrequited love and crying the longest over a lost partner.

Ruled by the Water element, Cancer may appear cold or shy from the outside, but behind closed bedroom doors, they are surprisingly passionate and fiery lovers. They are also true romantics. Run a warm bath, scatter rose petals, and light a few candles. Your Cancer lover will appreciate your effort. Never rush romance. However, one thing you should never do is try to dive into bed suddenly. If you do, your Cancer lover may distance themselves from you in an instant.

Love and Sex Life of Cancer

Cancer individuals are inherently distrustful of others, but this trait isn't constant. To become their partner, you must first successfully navigate through the walls they've built. For this to happen, they need to trust you. Otherwise, you'll remain on the outside of their protective shell. Whether it's love, marriage, or even sex, to enter the private world, home, and bed of a Cancer, you must penetrate their protective shell. They can be somewhat sensitive and selective when it comes to choosing a partner. Once they are sure and have let you inside their shell, they will never want to push you back out.

Cancer individuals are highly emotional and romantic. They never believe that sexuality is merely a physical activity. If you're looking for a partner to jump straight into bed with, Cancer is not the one. You won't enter a Cancer's bed without going through a phase with flowers and a scent of romance in the air. The path to a Cancer's bed goes through their romance. Just as they don't like to rush things in any area of their life, they are the same way in their relationships. If you want to win a Cancer's heart and bed, take it slow.


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