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Six of Pentacles


Card Information:

Numerical Value: 6

Element: Fire


  • Generosity

  • Charity

  • Giving

  • Receiving

  • Sharing

  • Assistance

  • Compassion

  • Fairness

  • Support

  • Wealth distribution

  • Prosperity

  • Altruism

  • Kindness

  • Financial aid

  • Balancing give and take

  • Philanthropy

  • Gratitude

  • Sharing resources

  • Benefactor

  • Charity work


  • Greed

  • Selfishness

  • Stinginess

  • Inequality

  • Unfairness

  • Exploitation

  • Financial imbalance

  • Debt

  • Poverty

  • Lack of support

  • Unfulfilled promises

  • Financial insecurity

  • Mismanagement of funds

  • Begging

  • Dependence

  • Manipulation

  • Feeling owed

  • Feeling unworthy

  • Withholding help

  • Scam

Meaning of the Six of Pentacles:

In the Six of Pentacles card, we see a man dressed in extravagant clothing, symbolizing wealth and status, who is generously sharing his resources with those less fortunate. He is handing out his wealth to those who are in need, and in his left hand, he holds a balance scale, representing justice and equality. Some Tarot readers interpret the people sitting on the ground as beggars. In this card, both the rich and the poor are present simultaneously, which is why it can symbolize receiving material benefits from someone of higher standing for some, and for others, it may represent giving money to those who are financially worse off.

After the poverty of the Five of Pentacles, the Six of Pentacles represents themes of abundance and prosperity. Now, income and wealth are not only sufficient but even surplus. This card contains both themes of poverty and wealth but is generally seen as a positive card in financial matters. For the wealthy, it may signify sharing their wealth or resources and helping others, while for those in need, it heralds expected assistance arriving. The person in need will receive this aid from someone of higher status or possibly from the government. The Six of Pentacles is a messenger of the end of financial difficulties and the imminent flow of money.

In the Five of Pentacles, there is a sense of hopelessness and inadequacy in financial matters, but the next card, the Six of Pentacles, signifies a reversal of the situation. This reminds us that there is light at the end of every dark tunnel. The light in the Six of Pentacles is generally related to the financial aspect of life, but sometimes exceptional situations may occur, and the brightness represented in the card may not be financial. It could be the long-awaited good news, a new job opportunity, or an expected announcement. When this card appears, it indicates that what you've been waiting for will finally come to you.

The Six of Pentacles can also symbolize the transition from the hopelessness and inadequacy feelings represented in the Five of Pentacles to a phase where self-confidence increases. In this card, the child who couldn't walk without crutches and felt incomplete is gone, replaced by a wealthy man who not only self-sustains but can also provide for others. Therefore, when the Six of Pentacles appears, it can be seen as a harbinger of the end of feeling inadequate. The person will break free from their worries, fears, and the sense of inadequacy. The Six of Pentacles represents reaching a point where fears and concerns are defeated.

It's worth noting that not all figures in the Six of Pentacles are on the same level. The rich man in extravagant clothing stands significantly higher than the other two figures. This illustrates the relationship of giving and receiving. The exchange between the rich and the poor is evident. Therefore, it's highly likely that people in different positions may come together for a mutual benefit, possibly for a prosperous business deal. In this meeting, both parties are content, so sometimes this card can also symbolize a transaction where everyone is happy.

This card can also be interpreted as an inflow of money into a place or a household. If the person seeing this card is a business owner, it could signify money coming into their business. If it represents a family member, it may suggest a significant sum of money entering the household. The scales in the card symbolize balance, so even for someone with overwhelming debt, this card may suggest that these debts can be paid off with unexpected help. When you're worrying about how to make payments, the person seeing this card may receive unexpected assistance.

Person Represented by the Six of Pentacles:

The Six of Pentacles card is influenced by the earth element and the number 6. The person represented by this card is generous and charitable. They live comfortably with a high level of prosperity and have no qualms about giving. They also believe in equality and justice, as indicated by the balance scale they hold. This person never engages in injustice and will always stand up against it. Despite their financial superiority to many, they remain humble and never belittle those below them. They won't use their wealth to demean others; instead, they may use their financial well-being to bring happiness to others.

The person represented by the Six of Pentacles engages in acts of kindness without expecting anything in return. They maintain their stability by sharing their material wealth and abundance. However, their acts of sharing are not limited to material possessions. Sometimes, they may share knowledge or advice, assisting those who haven't reached their level yet. They understand that sharing their light doesn't diminish it in any way. Thus, they share fearlessly without hoarding. They have no fear of losing their position or wealth due to giving. They believe in karma and understand that the more they give, the more the universe will send back to them.

The person represented by the Six of Pentacles is also skilled at managing their finances. They know how to live within their means and avoid debt. They love giving, but they also know they have enough resources to do so. They are not a credit card debtor or someone who spends money recklessly before earning it. The money they earn is sufficient to secure their own and their loved ones' future. They live with the peace of mind that their financial stability provides. While the Six of Pentacles may not always represent a wealthy person, it often signifies someone who lives comfortably. They likely have savings and investments.

Reversed Meaning of the Six of Pentacles:

When the Six of Pentacles appears reversed, it brings insights into economic matters, specifically the absence of financial circulation or the failure of money to return. This card suggests that when it shows up, there's a high likelihood of being unable to collect a debt or not receiving the expected returns on an investment. The person who encounters this card might find themselves in a situation where they can't access funds from the expected source, resulting in challenges in repayment or having incoming funds fall short of outgoing expenses. In essence, the reversed Six of Pentacles can indicate difficulties in meeting financial obligations or experiencing a shortfall in income.

While the Six of Pentacles is primarily associated with the material aspects of life, it doesn't exclusively revolve around finances. When this card appears in reverse, it can also relate to reluctance in giving or sharing. The individual receiving this card may hesitate to share certain things with those of lower status. For instance, someone in a higher position might withhold knowledge or success secrets from those aspiring to be like them. They may opt to handle tasks independently instead of delegating.

Love and the Six of Pentacles:

In matters of love, the presence of the Six of Pentacles is a harbinger of good news in one's love life. While it resides in the realm of love, it's important to remember that being part of the Pentacles suit, this card also has connections with the material aspects of life. 

Therefore, when this card appears, there's always the possibility of one partner giving the other a valuable gift. Positive developments such as making important relationship decisions, purchasing a home together, or experiencing a financial boost due to a new job offer could be symbolized by this card. However, it's not solely about material matters. The person receiving this card may encounter tangible progress in their love life or eventually attain something they've long desired.

In the realm of love, a reversed Six of Pentacles highlights imbalances and a lack of reciprocity. One partner may constantly take, while the other consistently gives, disrupting the harmony in the relationship. When this card appears in reverse, it could indicate that one partner is steering the relationship solely in their preferred direction or prioritizing their own desires, leaving the other partner unfulfilled. Pentacles are also connected to the financial aspects of life. Therefore, when this card is reversed, it's worth considering the possibility of negative financial news affecting the relationship. It could involve one partner overspending, even going into debt, which may have consequences when this card appears.

Career and the Six of Pentacles:

In the realm of career, the appearance of the Six of Pentacles emphasizes positive news related to work. The awaited news is likely to arrive, or there's a possibility of gaining benefits from a higher-ranking individual within the workplace. Since this card belongs to the Pentacles suit, it also touches upon financial aspects of life. Consequently, it could indicate a salary increase, additional income, or receiving a bonus. If the individual seeing this card is employed by the government, they might receive financial support. For the unemployed, seeing this card could suggest the likelihood of securing the desired job. In short, the Six of Pentacles in the career sector signifies potential benefits or financial gains from higher-ups.

In the career sector, a reversed Six of Pentacles may imply a stagnation or delay in expected benefits related to work. When this card appears in an upright position, it signifies balance, but when reversed, it can indicate an imbalance. Receiving the awaited positive news may not be possible during this period. As Pentacles are also connected to financial matters, consider the possibility of setbacks like salary reductions, failure to attain expected income, or an unemployed individual struggling to find a suitable job. The Six of Pentacles carries themes of giving and receiving, so when reversed, it doesn't always imply the inability to receive what's expected. For an employer, it could mean the challenge of hiring the desired employees or facing difficulties in making necessary payments.

Finances and the Six of Pentacles:

In the realm of finances, the Six of Pentacles is a sign of favorable news. This card encompasses the themes of giving and receiving. For some, it may signify receiving anticipated financial news, while for others, it could involve making a monetary contribution. However, this exchange is always for a positive cause. When someone sees the Six of Pentacles, they might receive long-overdue payments, engage in acts of charity, or find solace in sharing their wealth. This card can also indicate receiving pleasant financial news from a higher authority or being involved in an inheritance matter.

In the finance sector, a reversed Six of Pentacles can suggest delays or obstacles in receiving expected funds due to some hindrance. It can also signify disruptions in financial balance, leading to reduced income compared to expenses. The person receiving this card might struggle to make a necessary payment, but the root cause could be either not receiving expected funds or facing resource inadequacy. Additionally, the Six of Pentacles can foretell receiving unfavorable responses regarding financial matters from a higher authority or the government.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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