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Ten of Pentacles


Card Information:

Numerical Value: 10

Element: Fire


  • Legacy

  • Inheritance

  • Wealth

  • Abundance

  • Prosperity

  • Family

  • Security

  • Tradition

  • Home

  • Stability

  • Material success

  • Long-term security

  • Community

  • Support

  • Ancestry

  • Inheritance

  • Establishment

  • Investment

  • Prosperous future

  • Financial security

Reversed :

  • Financial loss

  • Family conflict

  • Inheritance issues

  • Disruption

  • Unstable home

  • Loss of security

  • Broken traditions

  • Mismanagement of wealth

  • Lack of support

  • Neglect

  • Poverty

  • Scattered resources

  • Family secrets

  • Disinheritance

  • Lack of stability

  • Broken family ties

  • Lack of legacy

  • Financial instability

  • Feeling disconnected

  • Squandering inheritance

The Meaning of the Ten of Pentacles in Tarot:

In the Ten of Pentacles card, we see an elderly man comfortably seated on the edge of a road, with two young individuals, a child, and dogs right next to him. Around them, we notice symbols of abundance and prosperity, such as grapevines, and in the background, a symbol of wealth, a castle, catches our attention. Pentacles appear abundantly and almost everywhere on this card, as if money is raining down from the sky. The clothing and setting of the people in the card suggest that they are wealthy and living in comfort. In this card, we see three generations together, young, old, and a child, which indicates that the wealth possessed can be passed down from generation to generation.

The Ten of Pentacles symbolizes financial security, success, and comfort. Just like the elderly man in the card, when this card appears in a reading, it signifies that the person has secured their future and ensured their retirement. The journey that started with the Ace of Pentacles has accumulated all these successes and brought the individual to a level of comfort. The person, with their determination and intelligence, has created and accumulated everything they have, and they are now in a position to share it with their loved ones and provide them with financial security. This card represents a new financial beginning in a person's life and marks the starting point of positive developments.

In its most general sense, this card represents financial success and wealth, but for some, it signifies that unemployment is now behind them, and the future will be financially better than the previous days. It's essential to note that not everyone who sees this card needs to become wealthy. If a recent graduate sees this card, they should remember that their chosen profession is valid enough never to leave them without money or in need. The Ten of Pentacles is a card that marks a turning point in a person's financial life. Before the Ten of Pentacles, there might have been financial difficulties, but after it, things will be different.

The elderly man in the Ten of Pentacles actually symbolizes the past and the wealth that has come from the past. Therefore, when someone sees this card, the likelihood of receiving an inheritance or financial assistance from someone older is quite high. It doesn't always carry this meaning, but the person who sees this card is likely to receive something from a previous generation that will significantly change their financial situation. This gift is often described as material wealth or money, but it can sometimes be in the form of education or advice. After receiving this gift, the person will leave behind issues of unemployment or financial hardship.

Bringing together three generations, young, old, and a child, the Ten of Pentacles suggests the possibility of a family meeting to discuss family matters or financial matters that concern the family as a whole. The sole purpose of this meeting may be to secure the family's financial future or discuss an investment for the future. When someone sees this card, it's likely that they may buy a house, start a new business, or discuss such matters with both older and younger family members.

The Ten of Pentacles is also about reaching the end of a financial journey and successfully completing it. This success is significant and will positively impact one's financial life. Sometimes, the Ten of Pentacles represents not just a graduation announcement but also news of a new job. Whatever the news may be, it brings a sense of achievement, the foundation for a more solid career, and even excitement about a brand new project. For the person who draws this card, things will get much better from now on, and some obstacles have already been overcome.

The Person Represented by the Ten of Pentacles:

The Ten of Pentacles card contains the energy of the number 10 and the earth element. Therefore, the person represented by this card is both enterprising and success-oriented. While the number 10 essentially has the drive of the number 1, it has grown and become more substantial, making it slower and less hasty than the person represented by the number 1. The energy of creating something out of nothing is strong in the number 1, whereas the number 10 signifies a transition to the second stage of something that already exists. Therefore, the person represented by this number already possesses material wealth and financial resources. Perhaps they are considering making a new investment to increase these resources.

The number 10 is also the first of the double-digit numbers. 

Therefore, the person represented by this number is at the threshold of a major turning point or embarking on a significant new beginning in their life. This could be marriage, starting a new school, launching a new investment, or moving to a different country or city. In short, the person represented by the Ten of Pentacles is someone standing on the threshold of a life-altering change.

Additionally, the card carries the energy of the earth element. As a result, the person represented by this card may have a strong inclination towards material possessions and worldly pleasures. They appreciate tangible achievements and have a results-oriented perspective. They focus on outcomes rather than the process. For them, it's all about the results, whether it's success or failure. After failing, this person doesn't need an explanation of why they failed because they are not concerned with reasons; they only care about the outcome. Due to the earth element, this person may have a strong connection to nature and a preference for natural things. 

They may desire to live in a house with a garden, or if that's not possible, they may enjoy growing plants at home. They don't worship money, but they recognize it as a measure of success. They enjoy comfort and luxury, and they are aware that money is necessary for that.

The number 10 is a highly energetic number, but when reversed, this energy can be misdirected. When the Ten of Pentacles appears reversed, it suggests that the person may come from a financially fortunate family but doesn't appreciate it. Sometimes, they may behave like a spoiled, wealthy child or spend money recklessly because they find it easily available. However, they may also be in a situation where they have to borrow money to sustain their lifestyle.

Reversed Meaning of the Ten of Pentacles:

When the Ten of Pentacles appears upright, it signifies a person who is content with their family and has everything financially under control. However, when this card appears reversed, it suggests that a sudden obstacle may disrupt this comfort. The stability, comfort, and luxury that the Ten of Pentacles represents can be at risk when it appears reversed. In fact, since this card is sometimes called the end of the road, when reversed, it may even imply the end of financial stability or even bankruptcy. Nevertheless, before making such a harsh interpretation, the person drawing the card should consider the surrounding cards as well. Sometimes, the situation can be resolved with minor precautions.

Many tarot readers interpret the reversed Ten of Pentacles as the end of financial stability and the beginning of financial problems. When reversed, one should be cautious in financial matters because this card can indicate that expenses might exceed income, and the bells of bankruptcy may start ringing. The person drawing this card should first check and ensure their financial stability, even if everything seems fine on the surface because not everything might be as it seems.

Ten of Pentacles in Love:

In the realm of love, the Ten of Pentacles heralds a period where the foundations of a relationship will be solidly established. With people of all ages, including young, old, children, and animals coming together in this card, there's a high possibility that it signifies a marriage or wedding where all these individuals gather to bless the relationship. Sometimes, even without a wedding, it can indicate that all family members are informed about the relationship, and a more serious phase is beginning. In short, the Ten of Pentacles tells us that everything in the realm of love will be better than before. For those who are single or nursing a broken heart, the same applies. Seeing this card can signify a gradual healing process and a quicker path to moving on from a previous partner. For those without a relationship, there's a chance they may meet their future partner during this time.

In matters of love, when the reversed Ten of Pentacles appears, it suggests that a relationship may be reaching its end, but it's not the ending desired by the person drawing the card. However, it's essential not to interpret this card as an absolute breakup card. For some, it may indicate a breakup, but for others, it may symbolize a period of instability in the relationship, where challenges need to be addressed. If the person drawing this card is currently not in a relationship, it could imply changes in their love life. Perhaps they are nearing the end of their solitude and getting closer to meeting their desired partner.

Ten of Pentacles in Career:

In the realm of career, the Ten of Pentacles is a card that heralds the announcement of reaching the pinnacle of one's career. This card is the last numbered card before entering the realm of Court Cards and represents the successful completion of a journey in one's career, marking the beginning of a new phase. In the Ten of Pentacles, we also see family members coming together. Therefore, when this card appears, there's a possibility of the entire family gathering to celebrate this success, or it may even indicate the establishment of a new family business, with the cardholder being given a share in it. This card signifies that financial stability has been achieved, and the future looks even better.

In the career realm, when the reversed Ten of Pentacles appears, it indicates that one may have reached the end of a particular career path, but it might not be the desired outcome. The person may have been offered a high position but may not be satisfied with the career. The Ten of Pentacles also represents expecting to reach the summit but falling short of that expectation. Perhaps a rival secured the top position, leaving no seat for the cardholder. The person who draws this card should also pay attention to whether the company they work for has solid financial foundations, as this card is related to financial stability.

Ten of Pentacles in Finances:

In the financial realm, the Ten of Pentacles is a sign that financial stability has been achieved. Things are running smoothly, and income is steady. The person has secured their financial future, and things are looking very comfortable from now on. This card also highlights the possibility of three generations coming together to discuss financial matters or investments. During these days, discussions about inheritance or family investments may take place, and the financial situation has reached a point where it can comfortably support all family members.

In the financial realm, when the reversed Ten of Pentacles appears, it signifies a disruption in financial stability. It may indicate a situation where someone has reached the end of a venture, but they haven't achieved what they hoped for, or the venture remains incomplete. In some cases, this card, known as the end of the road, could even imply the end of financial stability or bankruptcy. However, it's crucial to consider the surrounding cards before making such a dire interpretation. Sometimes, the situation can be resolved with minor precautions and adjustments.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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