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3-Card Spread

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Three-Card Tarot Spread: 


The most common use of the three-card Tarot spread is the past-present-future card arrangement. Typically, the card on the left represents the past or the reasons behind the current situation, the middle card signifies the present, and the card on the right indicates the potential future or the outcome of these developments. However, some Tarot readers may prefer to align the selection of past and future cards based on the orientation of the cards. If the card is facing the opposite direction of the future position, it can symbolize the past.

This method can sometimes be used for situations involving three individuals or three different topics. In such cases, each card represents a person or an event. Some Tarot readers even use the three-card spread to provide three different perspectives on a situation or answer three separate questions. For example, one card might represent the relationship, another the partner's perspective on the relationship, and the third the overall status of the relationship. In a three-card spread, the Tarot reader can use these three positions for their intended purpose.

3 card Spread for Love Triangle Reading:

At times, the three-card spread can also be used to explore a love triangle. In this scenario, each card represents one person in the love triangle. The person in the center of the spread is usually placed there to indicate their importance, and the cards on either side of them represent the other partners. Many Tarot readers tend to focus more on the person whose card is being looked at by the central card. However, the orientation of the cards representing the other partners, whether they are facing towards or away from the central card, is also essential for interpretation. A card turned away from the central card likely symbolizes someone who is no longer interested or has moved on from the central person.

In summary, when using this type of spread, the Tarot reader can choose the three cards for whatever purpose or question they see fit. Tarot's greatest beauty lies in its ability to offer boundless freedom and make each reader the ruler of their Tarot world. However, I recommend considering the numerological significance of three when selecting this spread—choosing three cards to represent three areas, three questions, or three individuals can be more appropriate.

7-Card Spread


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