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Celtic Cross Spread

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The Celtic Cross Spread: 


The Celtic Cross spread is one of the most popular and intricate tarot spreads. It comprises a total of 10 cards, making it a complex divination method. One of its distinguishing features is the use of both vertical and horizontal card placements. Card 2 is placed atop Card 1, effectively dividing it in half. Additionally, the four cards forming a cross-like pattern on the right side serve as a protective barrier, which also influences the interpretation.

As I've emphasized in previous lessons and various topics, the perspective of tarot cards toward each other holds immense importance. A card's orientation not only signifies its past or future but also relates to individuals' goals, desired partners, and their focus on various aspects of life. In essence, where a card is looking can symbolize one's desires, objectives, and even their yearning for a specific partner. Therefore, the Celtic Cross spread may seem overly complex for those who are not well-versed in tarot and merely wish for a superficial glance. My recommendation is to explore less complex methods unless one is truly committed to delving into this intricate spread. Incorrect interpretations in this spread can lead to confusion.

The Celtic Cross spread consists of 10 houses, each with its own significance:

Card 1 – The Central Card - Current Circumstances:

The most crucial card in the Celtic Cross spread is Card 1. As the name suggests, this card provides insights into the ongoing situation and events still affecting the querent. Additionally, this card serves as the central focal point, and all other cards should be interpreted in relation to it.

The central card also symbolizes the querent and should be carefully considered in terms of which card it is actually facing. The card it gazes upon can represent the querent's destination or where they are headed. Sometimes, it may signify their desires, goals, and, if they have a beloved, the partner they have their eyes set on. Just as important as the orientation of the central card is how it is looking. Interpreting the gaze in the card is equivalent to interpreting one's feelings.

Card 2 – The Burden on the Querent:

Card 2 is placed directly above Card 1, almost as if it is halving it. This card symbolizes anything that slows down, weighs on, or hinders the querent. In other words, it represents all the burdens and responsibilities placed on the querent. It can be likened to a backpack of obligations that the querent carries or burdens that they can't seem to shake off.

Similarly, the orientation of this card is crucial in its interpretation. If the card is facing downward, it signifies the burdens residing in the querent's subconscious. If facing upward, it relates to spirituality. If oriented east or west, it pertains to the current physical world and worldly matters.

Card 3 – The Past:

Card 3 provides insight into where the querent has come from and what led them to their current situation. As a house dedicated to the past, it's important to convey to the querent that there's nothing they can change about past events. However, the card should underline any past mistakes. This house unveils hidden aspects of the past that the querent may not be aware of.

Card 4 – Future or Outcome:

One of the most significant errors many readers make is interpreting House 4. Tarot enthusiasts must remember that the future is subject to our choices and can change. When interpreting this house, it's crucial to remind the querent that the indications provided by this card are only possibilities. This house should never be interpreted with absolute certainty, as the information it provides may not materialize if the querent alters their course of action.

In short, this house presents potential outcomes based on the current situation and trajectory, serving as a hint about where things may lead. It should never be treated as an unequivocal prediction of the future.

Card 5 – Above:

This house is labeled "above" because it relates to spiritual realms and astrology. It encompasses the querent's spiritual state, inner strength, inspiration, creativity, and luck. The events in this house are intangible and exist only in the internal world of the querent, felt solely by the individual receiving the reading.

Card 6 – Below:

Referred to as "below," this house delves into the subconscious level. It also provides information on the querent's imagination and creativity. Similar to Card 5, the events presented here are only perceived by the querent and are not tangible in the physical realm.

Card 7 – The Advice Card:

Card 7 is the advice card, and the information it offers is merely a piece of advice. As mentioned earlier, the orientation of this card is of utmost importance and should be incorporated into the interpretation. It provides guidance on what actions the querent should or shouldn't take in response to their current situation and should be interpreted with precision to avoid misleading the querent.

Card 8 – External Influences:

This card encompasses everything beyond the querent's control and the influences that others may exert on them. It also provides insights into social life and the people in the querent's surroundings. It may offer information about how the querent is perceived externally or their societal status. The orientation of this card is also significant. If it faces directly toward Card 1, it may signify either someone's scrutiny on the querent or others' plans involving them.

Card 9 – Hopes and Fears:

As the name suggests, this card solely deals with the hopes and fears of the querent. Being a reflection of one's inner world, it should be understood that the events here have no direct correlation with the physical realm. Nevertheless, actions taken and their consequences will inevitably impact the querent's physical life due to these emotions.

Card 10 – The Outcome:

Similar to the future house, this card also provides information based on unconfirmed possibilities. However, it differs from the future house. This card reveals what scenario may await the querent if the current circumstances continue unchanged. Nevertheless, the information here is by no means definitive or set in stone.


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