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Single Card Tarot Reading

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Single Card Tarot Reading: 


The single card Tarot spread, also known as a one-card Tarot reading, is one of the simplest methods in Tarot. It is used to provide a single and straightforward answer to a question. However, this method is not suitable for complex issues or those seeking deeper insights. This is because the information provided by a single card is limited. Additionally, since only one card is used in a single card Tarot reading, it doesn't allow for a past-future analysis or any connection with other cards, which can lead to less satisfying results.

While this method may seem like the most straightforward approach to Tarot, it can, in my opinion, be one of the most challenging ways to obtain information. It's ideal for situations where the question is simple and doesn't require a detailed response. However, because this method leaves many aspects uncertain, it may not always yield clear results.

Another disadvantage of this method is that some cards may provide vague or seemingly unrelated meanings to the question asked. When you ask a question and draw a single card, the card you receive may appear to offer little insight. When you draw multiple cards, you have a higher chance of understanding the situation by categorizing them based on their elements, astrological attributes, symbols, or groups. However, with a single card, you cannot create such groupings.

For beginners, my advice is to think freely and, if they find the single card Tarot reading insufficient, consider adding another card to their reading when they need additional information. For example, if you've asked a question and are curious about the reasons behind the answer (the past), you can draw another card and place it opposite to the original card, representing the past. Similarly, for insights into the future, you can draw another card and place it in the direction of the card's orientation, signifying the future.

As I've mentioned in previous lessons, Tarot has no fixed rules and offers boundless freedom. Therefore, when you find the single card Tarot reading lacking, you can choose to draw additional cards to address any lingering questions. Always remember that intention is crucial; clarify in your mind what question you intend to answer with each card you draw.

For those who insist on using a single card, I encourage you to ask yourselves why you would limit yourselves to just one card as Tarot readers. Especially when there's infinite freedom in Tarot, allowing you to draw 2 cards, 5 cards, or even 10 cards, why restrict yourself to a single card? Those who prefer the one-card spread should start by asking themselves these questions. Additionally, never forget that in a single card spread, regardless of the surrounding cards you choose, the most significant meaning will always come from the initial card you draw. The meanings of the subsequent cards should only serve as additions and minor details. In other words, the answer to your question should primarily be sought within the central card.

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