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The Suit of Wands

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The Wands Series (Creative Energy) – Minor Arcana

(Tarot Course - Lesson 6)

The first series of the Minor Arcana, the Wands series, is associated with the element of fire and represents the signs of Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. These signs are the bearers of the initial creative energy—the first spark that initiates a formation. They are not focused on the outcome but are rather driven by initiative. They symbolize the first touch that sets off a chain of events, the creative intelligence, and the genesis of a project. This series is also related to ambition, growth, and the impulse to take action.

Wands cards can also indicate the phase before a formation takes shape. The ultimate purpose or the desired outcome hasn't yet materialized on the horizon. That vision lies hidden within the following two series, the Pentacles. However, this group of Wands cards is by no means insignificant in a reading. These cards symbolize the initial obstacles that need to be overcome before a significant creation can occur.

The element of the Wands series is fire, an element that is warm, wild, and ruthless. Therefore, the creative energy offered by the Wands series can lead to significant benefits when used correctly, but it can also be destructive and consuming when mishandled. Fire is also a passionate and enthusiastic element, representing the impulse that drives us to take the first step toward achieving a goal.

The fact that the Wands series is the first series in the Minor Arcana is not coincidental. Wands are creative, initiatory, and pioneering. They lead the way and serve as leaders for all the series, but the success of this leadership will only be realized after all the other series have been completed. The Wands' role is to set a sequence of events in motion and then pass this task on to the subsequent series.

The Wands series is more connected to the subconscious than the physical realm. In other words, the beginnings initiated by the Wands are not yet felt in the physical world; they exist only in the realm of the mind. The beginning offered by the Wands series can sometimes be simply about inspiration, creativity, or decision-making. However, if followed through, this initial spark can provide tremendous benefits. While the Pentacles series is the most successful in the Minor Arcana, it should never be forgotten that the success it achieves is, in fact, initiated and set in motion by the Wands.

Personality Traits of the Wands Series:

The Wands series is the group with the most energy in the Minor Arcana. Therefore, individuals represented by this group are always energetic and ready to get up and go. They are fast-moving, dislike staying in one place for long, and are highly changeable. As a result, a person represented by the Wands is impatient, impulsive, and restless. They make quick decisions and thrive on rapid changes. Slow-moving processes are not their cup of tea, as they are action-oriented. When necessary, they can switch from one thing to another quickly. The biggest weakness of individuals represented by this series is not finishing what they start. They may be quick to get excited but can also be quick to give up.

Reversed Wands Series:

When the cards in this series appear reversed, they signify that the energy that once existed and could have been used to great benefit has turned destructive and incendiary. While upright Wands represent creative energy, reversed Wands can signify destructive energy. When reversed, Wands might sometimes indicate wrong beginnings, leading to dead-end streets where one must inevitably turn back. Before venturing down these blocked paths, it's essential to address potential issues. In short, reversed Wands are related to blocked pathways or misutilized energies.

Reversed Wands can also indicate the presence of danger or energy not being channeled correctly. When all the cards in this series appear reversed in a spread, there might be blocked pathways in the individual's life. These obstacles need to be resolved before moving forward. It suggests that while the person may have the potential to use their creative energy or talents, they remain hidden or unused. It's possible to create significant projects or do beautiful things through energy or talents, but, in the case of reversed cards, these potentials remain hidden away, almost as if in a place where no one will ever see them.

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