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Leo Man Sagittarius Woman Relationship

Lovers Hug

A Fiery Connection

Leo and Sagittarius share a fiery approach to love, both being of the fire element. They both intuitively fall in love and enjoy shared activities. However, the Sagittarius woman is a free-spirited wanderer not used to being fenced in, while the Leo man tends to assert control over everything and everyone. If this duo can overcome this challenge, they can savor a long and happy relationship.

Proud Leo, Doting Lover

The proud Leo man struggles with an inherent need to see himself as superior to others and makes efforts to display this. Maintaining such an image and expecting others to acknowledge it openly boosts his pride and contributes to his generous nature. He takes pleasure in all things noble and maintains his dignity with all his might. He craves the spotlight and takes pride in his achievements. The Sagittarius woman should be one of his admirers, primarily because she loves attention. In a relationship, the Leo man is naturally loyal, and despite his stubbornness, he treats his partner like a queen.

A Powerful Bond

When a Leo man and Sagittarius woman come together and fall in love, an almost unbreakable bond is formed. The spark and authenticity of the Sagittarius woman ignite the Leo man's passions when combined. However, when these two fire signs unite, an excess of fire can be as destructive as an excess of water. They need to find balance in each other. While they may sometimes seem to expose each other's characters, it could be a way to test each other's loyalty and commitment.

Loyalty vs. Restlessness

The Leo man is naturally more loyal than his restless Sagittarius partner. However, this doesn't indicate that the Sagittarius woman will be unfaithful. Sagittarius, ruled by the feet, is like a wanderer who, when things don't suit her, will have only one thing on her mind: "to go." She loves to walk and progress in life, not lingering anywhere (or with anyone) for too long. She knows when it's time to move forward and does just that. This nomadic quality can be a threat to the controlling Leo, as he's the Sun, and everything should revolve around him, while the Sagittarius woman doesn't conform to any one orbit.

A Game of Tests

If a Leo man has declared, "She's the woman I've been looking for," then the game is over. He will somehow capture the Sagittarius woman. However, this pair tends to prolong the dating phase a bit (despite both being fast-paced fire signs), subjecting each other to numerous covert tests rather than wasting valuable time trying to figure out if they're truly compatible.


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