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Elements in Astrology


Everything in the universe is created from a combination of fire, earth, air, and water, and the same holds true in the spiritual realm. Each human soul is a combination of these four elements, although one element often dominates. Every zodiac sign is associated with one of these elements, and this elemental influence deeply shapes the personality of that sign. Understanding the elements is crucial for a deeper comprehension of the zodiac signs, as human souls are crafted from these fundamental materials and are further categorized into signs.

These four elements serve as the raw material for all human personalities, and getting to know them intimately is essential for understanding their basic traits and the dynamics of their relationships with one another. Each element possesses unique personality characteristics. Some elements are initiators, while others sustain, destroy, or bring things to fruition. Some are high-energy, while others are slower or more exhausted in comparison. For example, the element with the highest energy is fire, while the last and most sluggish element is earth. Water and air, positioned in between, play roles in maintaining continuity and contributing to the progress of the process. Despite fire being the most adventurous and initiating element, earth is the most focused on results and the most successful.

The elements also possess qualities of being hot, cold, or dry, which can influence not only the human soul but also one's outward appearance. The hottest and driest element is fire, which is why individuals belonging to the fire group tend to have reddish or brownish hair. Their skin and hair tend to be drier compared to other elemental groups. Conversely, for the water group, the situation is reversed. Water group individuals, especially women, have more curvaceous body shapes, and their hair and skin are typically shinier than those of other groups. Therefore, women belonging to the water signs often attract the most attention from men.

The energy represented by fire is spiritual, while water is emotional, air is intellectual, and earth is physical. As a requirement of the balance between the natural processes of creation, sustenance, and destruction, some elements have a creative role, some are sustaining, and some have a destructive impact. The four elements are essentially connected to the four fundamental laws of life. Thus, the perspective on life for individuals under the influence of each element, and consequently their zodiac sign, can be significantly different. Fire, being a warmer and more impulsive element, contrasts with earth, which is the most solid and resistant to change. Therefore, individuals interested in interpreting the zodiac signs must first get to know these elements intimately and understand their effects on the human soul.

When we consider the elements on a broader scale, we conclude that our lives would not be possible without them. Whether we are aware of it or not, these four elements interact with one another in incredible harmony and coordination, both on our planet and throughout the universe. Fire cannot exist without oxygen, which is provided by air, and it is nurtured by earth. These elements rely on each other, just as human souls complement or neutralize each other's influences, enabling life to continue.

The interactions between the four elements in the physical world are not significantly different from the interactions between individuals with these elemental influences on their souls. For instance, air invigorates and energizes fire, while water extinguishes and even eradicates it. Hence, individuals with fire and water elements may not get along well. On the other hand, earth and water are compatible because water is what earth needs. When interpreting the compatibility between elements, one should consider how these elements react when they are mixed with each other.

Each element plays a significant role in the Zodiac balance. Astrology is essentially a division of the 360-degree circle into 12 equal parts, with each part assigned to a zodiac sign. Similarly, the elements divide this 360-degree circle, with each element having influence over three signs. In numerology, 1 represents birth, and 12 symbolizes death. Life is divided into 12 equal portions within this 360-degree circle. It begins with Aries and ends with Pisces.

The Fire Element (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Among the four elements, fire possesses the highest energy. It is a catalyst and motivator. Its adversary is water, while its ally is air. Water neutralizes its energy, while air amplifies it. Fire is hot and dry. Individuals associated with this element are typically warm-toned and warm-hearted with dry skin.

The key feature of this element is the high energy and courage it imparts to the zodiac signs it influences. They are known for sudden shifts in direction. While they may be heading in one direction, they can make a decision that completely changes the course of their lives. They don't dwell on decisions; they can make choices on impulse, which can sometimes lead to mistakes. They tend to be self-centered, often attempting to exert influence not only over their own lives but also over the lives of those around them, even making decisions for others. They can get angry quickly but also calm down swiftly. They have a love for adventure and novelty. In terms of appearance, they often have dry skin and dry, curly hair. In Tarot, the card group associated with this element is the Wands.

They are highly proactive and pioneering but tend to pass on the tasks they start to others rather than completing them themselves. Success can only be claimed if they follow through on what they begin. Those influenced by this element have boundless energy. While most of us feel tired after a busy work season, those with the fire element always seem ready to start a new day, as if they had just returned from a vacation. Laziness is rarely seen in them. They do not follow anyone, do not obey, and do not walk in anyone's footsteps. They have their own path and are unique. They don't listen to advice and prefer to shape their lives as they see fit. They have strong egos and high self-confidence, and they prefer to remain true to themselves without trying to change. They love to lead and be at the forefront, constantly opening new chapters and creating new projects.

People with the fire element can shine suddenly and become angry unexpectedly, but their anger dissipates quickly. They are fortunate in love life, easily finding partners, but they can be fickle. They fall in love quickly and move on just as swiftly. They do not tend to experience a lot of heartache. If they fail at something, they may become fixated for a while, but after a few attempts, they get tired and pursue another goal. Their love life is no different; they are cheerful, friendly, and humorous individuals. It's easy to get close to them and be friends. They are not sulky; they are warm individuals. They are always open to making new friends. They do not like to conform to rules; they prefer to make their own rules. They love to jump from one thing to another, and their negative trait is their tendency to change goals frequently.

The Earth Element (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo)

The friend of this group is water, and its enemy is fire. Those associated with this element are reliable and keep their word. They are excessively stubborn and steadfast, not prone to change, and resistant to it. To establish a long-term relationship with them, one must adapt to their ways. They have materialistic tendencies but do not worship money; instead, they view money as a measure of success. They are logical and make decisions based on reason. For them, work and money come before love. They avoid relationships and environments that would disrupt their stability and order. They are constructive rather than destructive and focus on results rather than causes.

They resist change and find it difficult to let go of what they are used to. They value action over words. They appreciate tangible and hands-on achievements. They enjoy completing tasks and are known for their ability to finish what they start, much like goal-scoring football players. They prefer speaking less and doing more. They stick to their goals. They hide their emotions well and rarely shed tears because they are dry in nature. They have excellent memories and remember everything they hear. In Tarot, the card group associated with this element is the Pentacles.

Individuals influenced by the Earth element have a solid foundation. They make decisions in life based on logic rather than emotions. They do not engage in activities that do not serve a purpose. Despite being the least proactive among the elements, they are the most successful. This is because, unlike the Fire element, they prefer to complete what they start rather than leave it half-done. They do not waste time on pointless endeavors. They value status and material wealth. They enjoy creating and producing. They may not be as creative as the Fire group, but they take over tasks initiated by others and bring them to success. When making life decisions, they are cautious and do not rush.

Individuals with an Earth nature have difficulty falling in love, but when they do, they have a hard time forgetting for a long time. Earth individuals, especially men, are attracted to water women (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) because what earth needs is water. A male Earth individual is likely to have an affair with a female from the Water group if he does not have a female from the Water group in his life. This is because male Earth individuals cannot do without female Water individuals. Dry-skinned Earth men experience the best skin compatibility with soft and delicate-skinned women from the Water group.

Air Element (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The friend of this element is Fire, and its enemy is Earth. Air is a fast-moving element, and individuals associated with it enjoy moving quickly. They think fast and make quick decisions. They adapt easily to change and do not struggle with it. They can make sudden changes and do not find it difficult to deal with change. They do not enjoy making long-term plans and prefer to live day by day. They are achievement-oriented but excessively impatient and cannot wait for success. They love to travel and are constantly on the move. They are neither constructive nor destructive but maintain the existing order. They are talkative and social, always eager to meet new people. While they may not be very proactive, they jump at every opportunity they find.

They are intellectual and have some knowledge about various subjects. They know how to make themselves heard. They enjoy juggling multiple tasks at once and, as a result, may have difficulty concentrating. They are prone to shopaholic tendencies and may sometimes spend money on unnecessary things, as they struggle to prioritize their expenses. In Tarot, the card group associated with this element is the Swords.

Individuals influenced by the Air element are blessed with powerful intuition and are highly emotional. Sometimes, their emotional sensitivity can border on fragility and oversensitivity. They can become upset over seemingly insignificant details or minor issues that no one else would be bothered by. Their inner world is much larger than their outer world. They analyze and ponder every word they speak. Their imagination and creativity are exceptionally developed. They are capable of creating wonderful works through their creativity.

People with the Air element cannot adapt to change as quickly as Fire or Air groups, and they cannot move as fast as Fire or Air groups. They do not like sudden changes and need to slow down to match their pace. By nature, they are the most delicate and sensitive group. Women and men belonging to this group prefer comfortable and casual clothing over dressing provocatively. Comfort is what matters most to them. They are extremely freedom-oriented and dislike being confined. They are highly intelligent and quick-witted, thinking and speaking rapidly. Their favorite thing is to explore new places and make new friends. They are not overly stable individuals. One day they pursue one goal, and the next day they quickly become bored and chase another. Adjusting to their rapid pace and sudden changes will not always be easy for those who want to have a harmonious relationship with them.

Water Element (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces)

The friend of this element is Earth, and its enemy is Fire. People influenced by the Water element are emotional and sensitive, often fragile. They have a strong inclination toward sexuality. They prioritize love before work, and when they fall in love, it becomes the focus of their love life, affecting their concentration. They act based on their emotions rather than logic. Water symbolizes the subconscious, and individuals with this element often possess a strong sixth sense and telepathic abilities. They cry easily, sometimes excessively. They are never content with staying in one place and always seek growth and improvement. They are not particularly stubborn and can take orders. The most harmonious relationships for them are with Earth sign individuals, Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. They do not initiate; they maintain what has already been started. These individuals often have moist and radiant skin and straight hair. In Tarot, the card group associated with this element is the Cups.

People influenced by the Water element have powerful intuitions and are highly emotional. They can sometimes be overly fragile and sensitive, getting upset over things that no one else would notice. Their inner world is much larger than their outer world. They analyze every word they speak. Their imagination and creativity are incredibly developed, allowing them to create wonderful works of art.

Individuals with the Water element cannot adapt to change as quickly as the Fire or Air groups, and they cannot move as fast as the Fire or Air groups. They do not like sudden changes. To have a harmonious relationship with them, others may need to slow down to match their pace. They are, by nature, the most gentle and sensitive group. Women and men from this group prefer comfortable and relaxed clothing over dressing provocatively. Comfort is their top priority. They are highly devoted to their freedom and dislike feeling restricted. They are very intelligent and quick-witted, often thinking and speaking rapidly. Their favorite activities include exploring new places and making new friends. They are not known for their stability. One day they chase one goal, and the next day they quickly become bored and pursue another. Adapting to their rapid pace and sudden changes may not always be easy for those who want to have a harmonious relationship with them.

Elemental Compatibility

Earth-Earth (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo)

Two solid beings from the same world, yet they can struggle to find harmony. Both share the same rights and wrongs, strengths, and weaknesses, and both are steadfast and unchanging. When they clash, finding a middle ground can be elusive. In partnerships, they generally get along well, but if they cannot come to an agreement, the partnership may come to an end. One's weakness mirrors the other's, and they will inevitably need outside support. Both are drawn to materialism, money, and the tangible. Their direction is a common one, and they resist change while favoring stability.

Earth (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) – Water (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer)

They seem to have been made for each other. Usually, Earth is the one drawn in first because Earth always craves what Water provides. They are two complementary natures and are likely to be attracted to each other at first sight. They complement each other and fill in each other's gaps. One's weakness aligns with the other's strength, making for a harmonious partnership. Both are slow-moving elements, so there's no issue in adapting to each other's pace. In the relationship, the Earth is likely to be dominant, and Water will need to adjust to Earth's rhythm. Even if their mindsets don't match, they find a way. They become interdependent in the relationship, and parting ways can be challenging. Their motto is, "Two heads are better than one." Together, they can tackle any task or overcome any obstacle. The compatibility of dry Earth with wet Water is also perfect.

Earth (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) – Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

They are not known for their great compatibility, but they can find a common path. They are people from different worlds. Fire is impulsive and loves taking quick steps, while Earth takes slow and steadier strides. The speed of these two elements is vastly different, with Fire being the fastest and Earth being the slowest and most stable. To find harmony, either Fire needs to slow down or Earth needs to speed up to match the other's pace. Otherwise, their partnership may not work out. It will take some time for them to adapt to each other. Earth is unchanging, while Fire needs to change. Unless Fire can change itself, there won't be harmony. They have physical compatibility, but Earth cannot find the same physical harmony with Fire as it does with Water. The early stages of the relationship may involve frequent arguments as they get to know each other.

Earth (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) – Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

They are two opposing elements that don't naturally fit together. While Earth may initially be attracted to Air's intellect, it will later realize that what it truly needs is in Water, not Air. Earth and Air are people from different worlds. Air's excessive speed and Earth's slowness make it extremely difficult for these two groups to move in sync. They may have physical compatibility, but their thought processes are likely to clash. Air makes hasty decisions without much thought, while Earth weighs and measures its choices. What's right for one is wrong for the other; they speak different languages and can never truly understand each other. Air's idealism and Earth's realism do not align. In the relationship, Earth is unchanging and stable, while Air has no choice but to adapt to Earth. Even if Air adapts, their compatibility will be challenging. They will only deplete each other's energy, and it is not recommended for them to work together.

Fire – Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

They are people from the same world who enjoy moving in the same direction. Both love living fast and making quick moves, so there are no compatibility issues. However, the biggest problem in this relationship is that both Fire signs enjoy being in the driver's seat. When they get stuck in indecision, reaching a mutual agreement can take a long time, and they may never arrive at the expected conclusion. Both want to steer the ship, but when they want to go in different directions, they will face significant problems. They also have a great sexual compatibility. Both are active and use their creativity in their sex lives.

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) – Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

They establish good communication and provide each other with energy. What one lacks, the other supplies, and they understand each other well. Even if they don't speak the same language, they can progress rapidly in a common direction. Air admires Fire's determination and energy and will always be its biggest supporter. Fire, on the other hand, is fascinated by Air's intellectual qualities. They make a great duo together. Air does not see Fire's ego as a problem. When Fire makes a decision and takes action, Air must encourage and provide courage, and if it does, Fire will achieve great success and gain speed. In the relationship, Fire takes the lead, and Air needs to adapt to it. Although the leader may seem like Fire, it's Air that subtly guides Fire.

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) – Water (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer)

They are people from different worlds, and finding a way to move in the same direction is either very difficult or nearly impossible. They cannot understand each other. Their perspectives on life are entirely different. What one considers right, the other sees as wrong. Additionally, Water will never be able to keep up with Fire's speed and rapid decisions about life. Fire frequently changes its mind and moves from one place to another, while Water prefers to stay in its comfort zone. Fire is unchanging, and Water must adapt. Sometimes, Water's emotional nature can reach levels that drive Fire crazy. Furthermore, Fire's preference for speed and constant progress can be frustrating for Water. Water usually considers Fire to be selfish and unfeeling, but from Fire's perspective, it's simply being realistic. This duo will never increase each other's energy and is prone to ongoing relationship strain. High-energy Fire often works hard, while Water drowns in its own emotional quagmire and enjoys complaining.

Air – Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Despite being people from the same world, there is a possibility of this relationship hitting a roadblock at some point. They move in the same direction but lack the spiritually uplifting energy they need from each other. Their relationship involves a lot of traveling. Both talk a lot but act less. They don't have a complementary aspect in their relationship. Their striking similarities can sometimes lead to stagnation rather than progress in life. Air needs a supportive Fire partner, even though they may have a similar mindset with another Air sign; they often find themselves stuck. They may experience excessive romanticism in their relationship. Both tend to waste time on trivial matters, and it's not easy for one Air sign to provide the motivation that the other needs.

Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) – Water (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer)

Coming together is not easy for them. They are people from different worlds. They are so different that one may get angry with the other for something they don't even understand. Their worlds and the things they enjoy are different, causing problems with shared interests and hobbies. Additionally, Air is fast, and Water is slow, so they will struggle to adapt to each other's pace. Air makes sudden decisions and is always open to change, while Water remains steadfast. One may like something that the other detests. While they may be initially attracted to each other, living together will make them realize they are from different worlds. Nevertheless, Water will be fascinated by Air's intellect, and Air will appreciate Water's mysterious side. Water may require more emotion and attention than Air can provide. Sometimes, communication issues may arise, but if they put in the effort, there is still a way to make the relationship work.

Water – Water (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer)

They are naturally compatible with each other. Their likes and dislikes are similar. When one suggests doing something, the other usually doesn't object. Differences in opinions or decisions about life are rarely seen. They lose track of time when they are together and enjoy spending time with each other. They can have a long-lasting relationship without frequent arguments. They are like soulmates, but their relationship may become mundane, and after a few years, they may experience a decrease in sexual desire. The most beautiful aspect of this duo's relationship is their ability to understand each other well and speak the same language. While not as compatible as Earth-Water, these two partners can find a way to get along and maintain a long-term relationship.


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