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What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the study and interpretation of how mathematical patterns and numbers influence various aspects of our lives, including our personality, abilities, love life, career, and the events we encounter. According to numerology, the coordinates of our place of birth, the numerical values assigned to the letters in our name, and the digits in our birth date all play a significant role, much like a hidden code, in shaping our life's journey.

In the vast cosmos, an intricate mathematical order prevails. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, each one of us is an integral part of this cosmic plan, from the calories in our daily meals to the movements of celestial bodies in our solar system. Even the moment of a baby's birth is believed to be influenced by numerical and astrological values. Every newborn arrives in this world under the influence of specific coordinates, at a precise moment in time, affected by the positions of stars, planets, and numerical vibrations. Our personality and life path are believed to be shaped by the combined influences of our names, numeric values, and celestial forces. These numerical data and celestial influences are thought to have a profound impact on a person's life, allowing numerologists to provide insights into their personality, life experiences, and potential life events.

Letters and numbers are considered cosmic energy codes that underlie the fabric of existence. Cosmic Numerology enables us to understand, measure, interpret, and consequently, make informed decisions in our lives. At its core, Cosmic Numerology explores concepts such as reincarnation and the transformation of divine energy. Reincarnation is based on the idea that the soul chooses the experiences it will encounter in each lifetime. According to this belief, the soul revisits unfulfilled lessons from previous lives in subsequent incarnations. Although the soul starts each new life with a clean slate, it retains knowledge and talents in the depths of the subconscious. Everything we excel at is a result of what we have learned and mastered in past lives.

Numerology is intricately linked to the esoteric world, the subconscious mind, and the spiritual realm. Each number corresponds to an organ in the human body, a planet in astrology, or a card in Tarot. The numerical values associated with numbers and letters represent potential realities that we may encounter. While this page will focus on numbers ranging from 0 to 21, which are most relevant to Tarot, it's important to understand that Numerology is a profound field of study. The information provided here is just a glimpse into the vast world of Numerology, and those wishing to delve deeper should be prepared to embark on a dedicated journey of learning and exploration.

Numbers 1 through 9 are considered fundamental frequencies, representing the essence of all numbers. Each number from 1 to 9 possesses distinct personality traits, and the predominant number in a person's life is believed to shape their personality. The number zero, though not considered a traditional number, serves as a placeholder or null symbol with no inherent influence. The essence of all numbers can be derived by summing the digits within the range of 1 to 9. All other numbers are derived from these foundational numbers. In this context, 1 symbolizes the father figure, often likened to Adam, while 2 represents the mother figure, akin to Eve. This symbolic representation stems from the idea that man was created before woman, making Adam the first. Numerology also associates numbers 1 through 12 with various stages in human life and life processes. Just as a day begins at 1 and ends at 12 on a clock, Numerology views 1 as the start of a person's life and 12 as its culmination. Consequently, before a baby's conception, it is represented by the number 0, while 12 signifies the end of life. The number 13 signifies what comes after the completion of a life and can sometimes symbolize transition or transformation. It may also represent the conclusion of something, such as the end of a business or a chapter closing permanently.

In Numerology, each number governs a unique life energy and perspective, as well as corresponds to a zodiac sign and an organ in the human body. Here are the associations:

Numbers and Life Energy:

1 - Creativity, Confidence, Leadership

2 - Balance, Cooperation, Harmony

3 - Growth, Development, Abundance

4 - Progress, Organization, Discipline

5 - Freedom, Independence, Breaking Free

6 - Vision, Acceptance, Love, Family, Community

7 - Trust, Spirituality

8 - Empowerment, Abundance, Progress

9 - Attainment, Success 0 - Receiving Gifts, Energy Renewal


Numbers, Zodiac Signs, and Organs:

Aries: Head, Brain

Taurus: Neck, Throat

Gemini: Hands, Arms, Fingers

Cancer: Chest, Breasts

Leo: Heart, Back

Virgo: Digestive System, Nervous System

Libra: Kidneys, Lower Back

Scorpio: Reproductive Organs

Sagittarius: Upper Thighs

Capricorn: Knees, Elbows

Aquarius: Lower Legs, Calves

Pisces: Feet

0 in Numerology: The Number of the Soul

In Numerology, the number 0, although not considered a traditional number, holds profound significance as it represents the essence of existence and the pre-creation phase of all things in nature. According to ancient Hindu civilizations, it symbolizes the womb of the universe—a concept akin to cosmic motherhood. Zero embodies the infinite cycle and serves as a symbol for the atom. It has the unique property of nullifying any number it is multiplied with, and numerologically, it carries no inherent value. It signifies the absence and the pre-creation universe, the state before the Big Bang. Due to its lack of numerical value, it does not exert a direct influence on human personality. Instead, it represents the period before the formation of information and matter.

Zero is weightless, undefined, devoid of any loaded energy, pure, and directionless. Yet, it holds the greatest potential within it. Although it may seem directionless, it is, at the same time, symbolic of all possibilities, all directions, and the infinite.

The number 0 is associated with the realm of the soul and the underworld. Any number that ends in 0 carries spiritual energy. Within such numbers, you can find information related to a person's soul. Zero also signifies the stage before the soul enters the physical body and connects with the realm of souls. Consequently, encountering zero may foretell the presence of a pregnancy. At times, it represents the calm before a great event, similar to the silence before a storm, or it may signify the emergence of a significant idea. In Tarot, the only card represented by the number 0 is the Fool card, influenced by the planet Pluto and the Scorpio zodiac sign. When zero is on the left of another number, it is neutral, but when it appears on the right side, it multiplies that number by ten. This is why the only Tarot card represented by the number 0, the Fool card, is also considered the Joker card, and its placement in a Tarot spread significantly influences the interpretation.


The Messenger of Potential

Zero heralds existing potential. However, for potential to transform into achievement, it requires the energy of the number 1. Zero is the symbol of situations that have not yet begun, and sometimes, these situations are not even known to us. In essence, zero represents nothingness and can, at times, signify a yet-unseen success on the horizon. When zero appears in a person's life, it may indicate a reminder of something they lack or an area where they are weak. It points to a gap in that particular aspect of their life. In financial matters, zero can suggest financial loss or depletion of existing resources.

In summary, zero tells us, "There may be nothing visible right now, but anything can happen at any moment." It encourages us to be vigilant and prepared for unforeseen events. It also reminds us of our boundless imagination, suggesting that sometimes, what seems to have vanished through our imagination can be created anew. In the universe, every creation, every planet, every object, and even every living being has gone through the stage of zero, the womb, before coming into existence. When we look around us, we can see that all inventions, successful companies, and projects have, without exception, passed through the zero stage and were brought into being by someone. Even the universe itself emerged after the zero stage.

Numerology: The Power of Number 1

The number 1 in Numerology is associated with the element of fire and is symbolized by the Tarot card, the Magician. This number holds immense importance in numerology, as it is the pioneer, initiator, and driving force behind all numbers. Number 1 is ruled by the Sun, and it governs the Aries zodiac sign. It marks the beginning of everything in the universe and is often considered the father of all numbers. Its influence on human personality is characterized by entrepreneurship, leadership, and creativity. Individuals under the influence of number 1 are typically energetic, hardworking, and rarely experience fatigue.

Number 1 is also symbolically connected to the first human, Adam, in many belief systems, as it represents the concept of creation where man was formed before woman. This makes 1 synonymous with Adam, with 2 representing Eve. Number 1 is the progenitor of all numbers and serves as a guiding light for those who follow. It is the number of leadership and sets the stage for action rather than taking action itself. It is the highest-energy number among all numbers, and this energy is often too intense for the human mind to fully comprehend. Number 1 does not move itself; it initiates the movement. Among its characteristics, number 1 signifies the beginning of new chapters in life. While number 9 is considered the final number among single-digit numbers, number 12 holds the distinction of marking the end of cycles. Just as a year is composed of 12 months or the 12 divisions of a clock, number 1 starts the cycle, and number 12 concludes it.

Individuals influenced by number 1 are born leaders and natural creators. They generate ideas that no one else has thought of. They are entrepreneurial and pioneering, often starting projects or initiatives but are likely to pass them on to others once initiated. They do not appreciate taking orders and prefer having their own path. They tend to be self-reliant, not emulating others or trying to fit in. They make decisions about their lives without consulting others. They can become agitated quickly but can also calm down rapidly. At times, they may display excessive aggressiveness. They possess boundless energy and can work tirelessly. They may make sudden decisions about their lives, which can lead to unexpected changes. Their abrupt shifts in direction might sometimes place them in unforeseen situations.

Numerology: The Significance of 2

Number 2 in numerology is a harmonious and supportive number. Its element is water, and it is ruled by the Moon. Astrologically, it corresponds to the sign of Taurus, and it possesses a feminine and passive energy. While number 1 initiates processes, number 2 provides a pause for energy to accumulate and balance. In some cases, this number can symbolize the crucial moment of decision within an initiated process. Number 2 is where a process that started with number 1 gains momentum and begins to take shape. It is not as assertive as number 1 but is rather consistent and facilitating. The process initiated by one continues with the support of two.

Number 2 also represents the concept of Yin and Yang harmony. It signifies both a giver and a receiver, suggesting a mutual satisfaction in exchanges or decisions. Depending on the context, it can indicate progress within the ongoing process.

Characteristic traits associated with number 2 include gentleness, kindness, and a peaceful nature. It has the potential to slow down a process that is moving too quickly. In Tarot, it is represented by the High Priestess card and all two cards in the Minor Arcana. While not as pioneering as number 1, number 2 is an essential part of the mechanism, like the indispensable advisor or key supporter behind a successful endeavor.

In Numerology, 0 symbolizes the cosmic womb, 1 represents Adam, and 2 represents Eve. Hence, number 2 also symbolizes femininity. Just as all humans are descendants of Adam and Eve, all numbers originate from 1 and 2. Number 1 is considered the father of all numbers, while 2 represents the mother. Number 2 signifies the beginning of the formation stage within a creation, akin to a baby's descent into the mother's womb, signifying the inception of development. Number 2 is passive, receiving rather than initiating. It serves as a pause in the process initiated by 1. Additionally, number 2 can sometimes symbolize a romantic partner. When appearing in the context of love, it can indicate the possibility of meeting an ideal partner.

Those influenced by number 2 are not initiators but rather continuers. Unlike those influenced by number 1, they have no problem taking orders and excel at completing tasks assigned to them. They are not particularly creative but can finish tasks flawlessly and excel at keeping a project on track. They prefer working within a group and are excellent team players, often becoming a crucial part of an organization or mechanism. They are social individuals who enjoy spending time with friends. Negative traits include a lack of initiative and courage. While they may not be eager to assume leadership roles, they can provide invaluable support to leaders. They sometimes experience fear of darkness or loneliness. In relationships, they are supportive partners, standing by their significant others during challenging times.

Numerology: The Essence of 3

Number 3 is considered a lucky number by many ancient civilizations and symbolizes the initial stages of growth. Its element is air, and it corresponds to the Gemini sign in astrology, representing the eastern direction and being ruled by Jupiter. Number 3 signifies the birth of the third human child, making it a symbol of pregnancy, reproduction, abundance, and fertility. It is often associated with luck and good fortune. In Tarot, it is represented by the Empress card and symbolizes a period of success and increased prosperity.

Number 3 can indicate pregnancy, but not necessarily the pregnancy of a child. It can also signify the preparation phase for a new and favorable event or opportunity in life. Sometimes, number 3, much like the gestation period of a fetus, suggests that a new opportunity in life is in its preparatory phase. Being an outwardly directed number, 3 represents expansion and rejuvenation rather than constriction in destiny. During times when the influence of 3 is prominent, one may experience financial gains, business opportunities, relief from problems, or the resolution of longstanding issues.

Those under the influence of number 3 are creative, productive, and extroverted individuals. They are joyful and enjoy humor. They love to explore new places and opportunities, and the influence of number 3 is often associated with higher fertility in women than in others. They appreciate children and enjoy being part of a large family. Change is something they welcome, and they do not like living the same life all the time. They are not stationary and are ready to leave a bad opportunity for a better one, even if they've been in the same situation for a long time. They tend to have good luck, often encountering new opportunities frequently. Office jobs or working in closed spaces may not suit them. They are not pessimistic; they think positively and lead positive lives. Their lives are generally lively and filled with activity. They have an artistic spirit and enjoy creating and working. They are not lazy and are talkative. They are successful in making money, but they enjoy spending it and may not be great savers.

Number 4 in Numerology:


Number 4 corresponds to the zodiac sign Cancer, and its element is Earth. In Tarot, it is represented by the Emperor card. It is a number that combines the elements of fire, earth, air, and water, signifying the presence of all essential elements required to reach a goal and the discovery of the missing piece of the puzzle. Number 4 also represents the emergence of the structure within a creation. At this stage, a project or idea has been established and is ready for implementation.

Number 4 is a masculine number and symbolizes authority and rules. The foundation and infrastructure have been laid out, and the workings of the system have been determined. It can sometimes indicate real estate acquisition or the establishment of a company or institution. This stage marks the end of the preparatory phase and the beginning of the implementation phase of a project. Consequently, it can also symbolize the conclusion of a pregnancy and the birth of a baby.

Number 4 can signify tangible and financial achievements. It represents the point at which tangible results are obtained, and it's associated with stability and control. The next stage, number 5, involves stability, control, and determining the direction to follow.

Individuals influenced by number 4 are highly focused on their goals. They have everything they need to achieve their objectives, leaving no room for unattained goals. They are usually healthier and stronger than others, quick to recover from illnesses. They possess strong personalities, are skilled at hiding their emotions, and aren't quick to tears. They don't speak unnecessarily, letting their actions speak for themselves. They complete tasks assigned to them and follow a disciplined life. They believe in the importance of saving money and often invest in tangible assets like real estate.

Number 5 in Numerology:

Number 5 is ruled by the planet Mars and associated with the Leo zodiac sign. It corresponds to the heart and the element of fire. In Tarot, it is represented by the Saint card. Number 5 symbolizes independence and idealism. It signifies breaking out of one's shell, rejecting the established order, and creating one's own path. Unlike the first four numbers, 5 is a symbol of entering a phase of positive change, growth, and expansion. It represents divergence, growth, proliferation, and enlargement. It often signifies embarking on ventures independently, pursuing new adventures, branching out from a group to create one's own project, or learning to rely on oneself.

Number 5 can be seen as a catalyst for change, signaling a need to make alterations in a system that may resemble the old but is striving to become something new and independent.

This number is associated with independence and idealism. It invites us to embrace change, sometimes by making minor additions to an existing structure, thereby creating an entirely new system or adopting a different perspective within the existing one.

Number 5 falls right in the middle of 1 through 9, signifying a midpoint in our journey. It can also indicate a pause, like standing at the threshold of a door. What comes before and after 5 can be divided into distinct periods, suggesting that changes or shifts are likely to occur after encountering this number. It may also suggest the presence of an obstacle that needs to be overcome.

People influenced by the energy of number 5 tend to be idealistic, eager learners who love adventure and are open to change. They enjoy solo travel and can be challenging to partner with. They are assertive and won't readily accept whatever is presented to them. They are courageous and unafraid of taking risks. They can often differentiate between good and bad, making quick judgments about people. Their ability to sense danger or trouble before it arises keeps them away from harm. They value their independence and dislike interference. They express their thoughts openly and may sometimes come across as blunt. Number 5 in Tarot is associated with the Saint card.

Number 5 is always positioned in the middle. Before 5, there's 4, and after 5, there's 6. Therefore, it is considered a focal point and a balancing number. It reminds us that we have reached the halfway mark and underscores the importance of self-centeredness.

Number 6 in Numerology:

Number 6 is associated with the south, governed by the planet Venus, and linked to the Virgo zodiac sign. This number symbolizes harmony, unity, partnership, and control. It represents a phase where everything is going smoothly, changes are continuing, and obstacles are being overcome. While number 5 brings us to the threshold, number 6 signifies that we have crossed it and successfully completed the first half of our journey. Number 6 promises healing, learning, and growth. It represents a period of visible progress, where tangible growth is taking place. It can also indicate the beautification phase of a process, where something becomes more appealing. At times, it may symbolize the final touches or adjustments to a completed project.

Number 6, under the influence of the planet Venus, embodies elegance and romance. It can signify that a process is now more appealing or that the phase of enhancement has begun. It might indicate the finishing touches or adjustments in a completed project. The number 6 is often associated with good health and an increased ability to handle challenges, as well as with personal maturity and self-sufficiency. It brings the promise of steady growth and continuous improvement.

Individuals influenced by the energy of number 6 are successful in their professional lives, excel at their assigned tasks, and are hardworking. They are known for their politeness and elegance. Their charm is legendary, and they can negotiate skillfully with their sweet words. They are disciplined, do not waste their lives, and have a knack for turning a difficult situation into a positive one. They can often catch people's attention with their appearance in the workplace. They welcome change and are known for encouraging it. In terms of financial matters, they are often lucky, particularly when it comes to making investments. They are usually savvy enough to double their money. Although they value saving, they can also indulge in extravagant spending, which can sometimes lead to financial instability. Number 6 in Tarot is associated with the Lovers card.

Number 7 in Numerology:

Number 7, ruled by the planet Neptune and influenced by Scorpio and Aquarius, represents the subconscious mind and the sixth sense. Considered mystical by ancient civilizations, the number 7 serves as a reminder that our external world reflects our inner world. It indicates that the source of our problems often lies within us and that solutions are found in the depths of our inner selves. Sometimes, this number symbolizes unknown or hidden truths, suggesting that a person may lead a life oblivious to secret matters taking place behind the scenes.

Number 7 is also associated with rapid processes occurring in the subconscious. It can indicate rapid healing or maturation within, resulting in external changes. While these processes may seem to happen quickly within us, they eventually manifest in our external world. Number 7 is a mystical number that reminds us that if we seek change, it must begin within ourselves.

Individuals influenced by number 7 have an intuitive ability to read people and often make accurate judgments about others' personalities and actions, even when they don't know them well. They possess a keen sense of danger and can sense impending trouble before it arrives. They experience vivid, meaningful dreams. They may excel in fortune-telling, dream interpretation, and work related to the subconscious mind. They are emotionally expressive and may shed tears easily. They may be introverted or enjoy spending time alone, finding solace in their own company. Number 7 is associated with the Chariot card in Tarot.

Number 8 in Numerology:

Number 8 is governed by both Mars and Pluto, influenced by the Scorpio zodiac sign. This number represents reconstruction, healing, and transformation. It's twice the value of the number 4, signifying the second stage of a structure, its double, or a major overhaul. It can also symbolize abundance and prosperity.

In astrology, the 8th house represents death and rebirth. The number 8 signifies the recycling of energy and the potential for increased power. It represents the growth and expansion of experience and self-confidence. Additionally, 8 is associated with reproduction and sexuality.

Individuals influenced by the energy of number 8 are fond of innovation and continuous progress. They work diligently and enjoy achieving success. They appreciate accumulating wealth and assets but should be cautious about excessive spending. In their professional lives, they are often risk-takers who enjoy making bold moves. They are generally fortunate in financial matters, often managing to double their investments. They have a strong work ethic and are excellent at turning unfavorable situations around. They may have the opportunity to inherit real estate. Number 8 in Tarot is associated with the Strength card.

Number 9 in Numerology:

The number nine is associated with the planet Mars, the west direction, the Sagittarius zodiac sign, and the Tarot card "The Hermit." Nine symbolizes a peak or the symbol of something before it comes to an end. As the last single-digit number, nine is a number that opens the door to the universe and is sometimes a symbol of the final move to be made for success, followed by a significant change or turning point in one's life. It's not inherently proactive but promises success. Success and fortune come to those influenced by this number, even without significant efforts; success and blessings seem to fall into their laps. Number nine embraces the energy initiated by the number one. Nine is the heaviest among numbers and is a problem solver, focusing on solutions rather than problems. It signifies the final stage of major issues or burdens, indicating closure.

Additionally, nine is 3 multiplied by itself, which is why it embodies abundance, prosperity, and numerical increase. Those under the influence of this number are unlikely to be without money and rarely face adversity; their luck always seems to be open. Sagittarius is considered the luckiest sign in the zodiac due to the influence of the number 9 and Jupiter. As the last single-digit number, nine can symbolize the announcement of the last move or the final point for some individuals. It can signify graduations, finishing lines, marriages, or new beginnings. Nine is the symbol of great closure, representing the greatest, highest, and topmost. It is the heaviest among single-digit numbers, and the personality traits and characteristics of numbers 1 through 8 are all consolidated within the number 9.

Individuals under the influence of nine are capable of bringing success to completion or finishing tasks left incomplete by others. Sometimes, they acquire opportunities that others miss. Rather than being a forward player, they prefer to be goal-oriented and enjoy receiving appreciation for their achievements. Even if they don't always make the biggest contributions to team sports, they are often recognized as the ones who put the final touch on success. They are capable of achieving great things and taking on heavy responsibilities, and they have high self-confidence. They can work long hours without getting tired and are extremely intelligent, with their mathematical intelligence surpassing that of other numbers. They make good negotiators or intermediaries, and they are finishers and catalysts for success. Due to the heaviness of being the last single-digit number, those under the influence of nine are often prone to having a large build or weight issues.

Number 10 in Numerology:

The number ten represents the closing and opening point between two significant phases. This number is associated with the element of fire and is influenced by the sun. Since ten is derived from the number one, it is similar to its child and carries the characteristics of the number one within it. Just like one, ten is a turning point and a fresh beginning. It is a proactive number, signaling the start of the second series rather than the first. It signifies the beginning of the numerical order that began with one. This means that the number ten represents the continuation of something already initiated or the beginning of a new phase. In a sense, ten indicates the completion of a series, the establishment of a group, or the achievement of a goal. It marks the boundary between the elements of fire and air among the four elements of nature.

The number ten is the first two-digit number and marks the beginning of a new phase after the completion of a process represented by numbers 1 to 9. It is the first number of the second series. Sometimes, it can indicate skipping a step, getting promoted, advancing, or an increase in income. After reaching the peak with the number 9, the new phase begins with the number 10. The number 10 contains the energy of the number 1, but it is never as energetic or fast-paced as the number 1. The presence of zero in the number 10 connects it to the subconscious and the spiritual realm. The zero in 10 also slows down and intensifies the energy of 1, but it still promises progress, growth, and expansion. This number signifies completion and the time to reap rewards after the number 9's conclusion.

Individuals under the influence of the number ten are gifted with innate talents. They are pioneers and leaders at heart. They are initiators of groups or large organizations, and they possess the inner strength needed for success from the very beginning. Those influenced by this number are not content with the existing order; they either want to establish their own order or believe that significant reforms are needed in the current order and are willing to fight for it. Impatience is a negative trait associated with the number ten. They may try to jump from the first step of the ladder to the second without taking the initial step. In Tarot, the number 10 is associated with the Wheel of Fortune card.

Number 11 in Numerology:

The number 11 represents equality, justice, harmony, and the first entrepreneurial move toward a new beginning. Since the sum of the digits in 11 is two, the characteristics of the number two are also felt strongly. The zodiac sign associated with this number is Gemini, and its nature is airy.

Eleven is the number of balance and a determined direction. It signifies decisiveness, with the individual knowing which direction to go without being swayed left or right. In the second series that begins with 10, 11 indicates the planning and decision-making phase. Sometimes, it can symbolize equal distribution, division, or a decision to part ways through mutual agreement. While some numerology enthusiasts may disagree, 11 can symbolize the end of a partnership or the partners going their separate ways, and this is due to the fundamental nature of the number, which is 2, and its division into 1-1.

The two ones in the number 11 can represent either two souls coming together anew or two souls that have recently separated. In contrast to the dissolution of a partnership or divorce mentioned earlier, this number is closely related to reaching a turning point in life, meeting a life partner, or a soulmate suddenly appearing in one's life. If this number appears frequently in one's life, the events mentioned earlier are more likely to happen. Sometimes, the number 11 can also indicate an agreement in a partnership or dispute resolution.

The number 11 is also closely associated with divine justice and equality. In situations where this number appears, there is a possibility of rewards for good deeds or the punishment of wrongdoing. It is related to karma and reminds us that what goes around comes around, encouraging patience. In Tarot, the number 11 rules the Justice and Balance cards and is also the ruler of all the Prince cards in the Tarot Minor Arcana.


Number 12 in Numerology:

The number 12 is the completion of a cycle. It represents the 360-degree rotation of the zodiac circle, a year with 12 months, an hour with 60 minutes, and, in essence, the completion point of one cycle before the beginning of another. This number heralds the completion of a journey, reincarnation, and rebirth. It is the symbol of the end of a cycle of repetition, marking the successful closure of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. It also signifies reaching the pinnacle and achieving one's goal. This number has low energy, and at times, it can indicate a state of stagnation. In the zodiac, it is associated with the last sign, Pisces, and points north. In Tarot, it is the ruler of the Hanged Man card.

The number 12 shares similarities with the number 9, even though it is the last number, representing closure and the end. Despite the challenges and ups and downs, it signifies the successful completion of a process and achieving one's goal through a final move. Therefore, it can symbolize graduation, marriage, or the attainment of a significant achievement. It also represents the approach to the end of something physical or tangible because the number 13 that follows it signifies death and entry into the spiritual realm.

Reincarnation views human life as a process from 1 to 12. Hence, the number 12 can also signify the end or disappearance of something physical, as it paves the way for something new to enter. Just as you cannot build a new building on top of an existing one, the complete demolition and removal of the old structure is necessary to make room for the new one. The idea of destruction or ending should not always be seen negatively because it makes way for something newer and better. The core number of 12, which is 3, reminds us that this completion and ending lead to growth, increase, and elevation.

The number 12 represents the coming together of 1 (Adam) and 2 (Eve), symbolizing the union of masculine and feminine energies and the union of lovers. The possibility of meeting one's soulmate or getting married is also high under the influence of this number. The juxtaposition of Yin and Yang energy occurs only in the numbers 12 and 21. Therefore, these numbers are also associated with harmony and balance. Additionally, this combination leads to multiplication, reproduction, and increase. While 1 is predominant in the number 12 because it comes first, 21 reverses the situation, with feminine energy being more dominant.

Number 13 in Numerology:

The number 13 has long been viewed as an unlucky number. It is considered a disruptive number that breaks the cycle (or circulation) completed by the number 12, which symbolizes a dozen, a year, and the completion of one hour. While it is often seen as an unlucky number, not everyone interested in numerology agrees on this. Some ancient civilizations believed that this number was not unlucky but rather sacred. In Tarot, the number 13 is associated with the Death card and represents the entry into the underworld after completing a cycle that ends with 12.

This number also signifies rebirth, the dismantling of the old system to make way for the new. This transition can be painful and may knock on our door when we are unprepared, which is why the number 13 has been found ominous by many civilizations. It is both reformist and innovative but also serves as a reminder that the process will be challenging. It represents the period after a major event or a great ending, often characterized by a period of adjustment and darkness. With its core number being 4, 13 also heralds the acquisition of authority and power at the end of this process. It symbolizes the transition from the tangible to the abstract and often involves adapting to a new beginning after a significant loss or the shedding of the physical.

The numbers 0 and 13 share some similarities. Both are ruled by the planet Pluto, and their zodiac sign is Scorpio. While 0 represents the pre-birth realm, 13 symbolizes the post-death realm. Numbers 1 through 12 represent ongoing processes or life, but the key difference between these numbers and 13 is that 0 represents unformed energy and untapped potential, while 13 represents completed and exhausted energy and the symbol of terminated potential. In essence, 0 represents pre-birth, 1 (transition from the spiritual realm to physical life), and 13 (transition from physical life to the spiritual realm). When you look at a wall clock, you see numbers from 1 to 12, and when the clock reaches 12, one hour is complete. The number 13, as the disruptor of this cycle and balance, signifies an end, sometimes symbolizing life coming to an end, a business going bankrupt, or energy being depleted.

For some individuals, 13 represents a dead-end or an unsolvable problem. This is because 13 cannot be divided evenly by any number other than 1. Some numerology enthusiasts believe that this number indicates getting stuck in a swamp or facing an insurmountable challenge. The number 13, representing the gap between the end of something exhausted and the beginning of something new, is akin to zero, signifying emptiness or the absence of energy. In some cases, 13 can also indicate infertility, unproductiveness, or having nothing left after an ending or depletion.

Number 14 in Numerology:

The core number of 14 is 5, and it is represented by the heart in the Tarot cards. In the context of numerology, 14 is the number that marks the rise and establishment of the new system initiated by 13. It signifies the transition to a new order and the acceptance of change, embodying the energy of both 1 and 5. It is a dynamic and energetic number that brings change along with it.

The number 14 is known for turning dreams into reality. Like all numbers that begin with 1, it contains masculine energy and entrepreneurship. When the creative and pioneering energy of 1 combines with the authoritative and organizing energy of 4, 14 symbolizes the potential for the birth of a new project. As the heart represents the organ associated with this number, 14 is also a symbol of the indispensable core of any organization. Due to the influence of the number 4, it combines the energies of the elements of fire, earth, air, and water. While 14 contains the energy of 1 like all numbers that begin with 1, the most significant difference between them is that while 1 has the highest energy among all numbers, it passes on success to the numbers that follow it, whereas 14 both initiates success and embraces it. Because its core number is 5, it also promises change and progress. It is a number of freedom and has the ability to create its unique system using the materials at hand. In ancient Babylon and Egypt, the number 14 was considered lucky.

Individuals influenced by the number 14 are always on the move, energetic, and positive. They are goal-oriented and successful individuals because of their entrepreneurial spirit. They are both initiators and result-oriented workers who don't leave a task unfinished. They serve as an inspiration to both themselves and the people around them. They are playful and energetic, and they dislike standing still. They constantly generate new ideas and are the perfect individuals to turn these ideas into concrete projects. They have a love for luxury and comfort and are often drawn to material possessions and wealth.

Number 15 in Numerology:

The core number of 15 is 6, and it is represented by the Devil card in Tarot. It combines the energies of 1 and 5, representing the beginning of a new system similar to the old one but with its unique characteristics. It symbolizes freedom and the ability to break free from constraints, representing a period in which one can make independent decisions.

The number 15 also signifies the removal of boundaries and obstacles, allowing for an expanded field of action. The experience, confidence, and knowledge required to achieve one's goals are present in this number. It marks an important pinnacle and a stopping point. Individuals reaching this number should look back at both the past and the future, conducting a quality control check. By leveraging past experiences and making updates or additions, they can create a completely new and independent project.

This number also indicates renewed energy and the potential for radical changes due to gaining a fresh perspective. Since it starts with the number 1, it contains masculine energy and suggests that male influence or male-dominated processes will continue for a while. The number 15 is highly charismatic and attention-grabbing, thanks to its combination of the energies of the Sun and Venus. The Sun is the brightest during the day, while Venus is the brightest object in the night sky. Consequently, individuals influenced by this number are captivating with their grace and beauty.

Individuals under the influence of the number 15 are not only entrepreneurial and confident but also inclined toward art and aesthetics. They have something about them that attracts attention from a distance. Both of these planets, being warm and dry, contribute to their warm and friendly nature. They easily endear themselves to others. Furthermore, they often win competitions they enter, and they have a chance of receiving awards after at least one first-place finish.

Please note that numerology is a belief system and should be taken as a form of entertainment rather than a science. The interpretations provided here are based on traditional numerological principles and are not guaranteed to be accurate or predictive of specific events or outcomes in a person's life.

Number 17 in Numerology:

The core number of 17 is 8, and it is represented by the Star card in Tarot. This number combines the entrepreneurial and pioneering energy of 1 with the spiritual energy of 7. It has been considered a lucky number by many civilizations. Like all numbers that start with 1, 17 is influenced by the energy of the Sun and entrepreneurship. Additionally, due to the sum of its digits being 8, it carries the energy of Pluto. In astrology, the 8th House is associated with death and rebirth, so the essence of 17 lies in the recycling of energy.

With its first digit being 1, 17 possesses the energy of the Sun. It is a highly dynamic number that heralds the approach of an end but also signals the need to address a few challenges. After a period of stillness, it signifies a new climb and the imminent final push towards a goal. The total of its digits also brings in the characteristics of the number 8. The number 8 is associated with change, reform, and the beginning of a new phase. It indicates that an old system is being reformed, restructured, or completely torn down to make way for a second construction. This transition may be challenging, and 18 signifies that the period ahead may be tough. Nevertheless, it reminds us that after overcoming this phase, there will be relief, and every darkness will be followed by light.

Number 18 in Numerology:

The core number of 18 is 9, and it is represented by the Moon card in Tarot. It combines the entrepreneurial and pioneering energy of 1 with the energy of reincarnation and transformation represented by 8. Therefore, 18 can symbolize renewed energy and new beginnings. Since the sum of its digits is 9, it also signifies reaching a peak. Additionally, the influence of the Sun and Mars can be seen in 18. The Sun represents entrepreneurship, while Mars is the warrior. Individuals under the influence of 18 are accustomed to overcoming obstacles in their endeavors and are prepared to fight their rivals. In astrology, the 8th House, which is associated with sex and sexuality, falls under Scorpio's influence. Therefore, those influenced by 18 may place great importance on sexuality in their lives.

18 also signifies the end of an old order and the transition to a brand-new one. The total of its digits, 9, reinforces this idea that a pinnacle has been reached. 9, as the last single-digit number, signifies that nothing will be the same anymore. This transition process may be difficult, as 18 implies, but it also underlines that after this challenging phase, there will be freshness and a reminder that after every dark night, there is a bright day.

Number 19 in Numerology:

19 is the last two-digit number that begins with 1, and, as such, it exhibits some characteristics of the number 9, much like 9 itself. Like 9, 19 represents the last peak reached before a conclusion, the final step climbed, and the moment when a significant goal is achieved. 1's entrepreneurial spirit combines with 9's ability to finish things, making 19 one of the most promising numbers in all of numerology. This is because it combines the drive and pioneering spirit of 1 with the ability to see things through to completion.

With the sum of 1 + 9 equaling 10, the energies of both 10 and 1 are present in this number, signifying an entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit. While it includes the entrepreneurial energy of 1 and the spiritual energy of 0, it is also the last step before a series is completed. Like all numbers starting with 1, 19 is influenced by masculine energy, but it also marks the end of a male-dominated system. Therefore, 19 can sometimes indicate upcoming innovations and reforms initiated or supported by women.

Number 20 in Numerology:

The core number of 20 is 2, and it is represented by the Judgment card in Tarot. It marks the beginning of a brand-new series. While it may resemble the previous order, it signifies the start of a unique, independent process. Unlike numbers starting with 1, where masculine energy is dominant, numbers beginning with 2 feature feminine energy. This suggests that a woman may initiate or support the new process initiated under the influence of 20. Being an even number, it may sometimes indicate group work or partnership, but feminine energy remains dominant.

Unlike the series that starts with 10, the series that starts with 20 is more passive. Instead of actively pushing towards a goal, it signifies a period of awaiting the goal's approach. 20 is also associated with harmony and balance. It represents a stage where the goal is getting closer without the need for aggressive action. Additionally, 20 is a number with a strong connection to the subconscious, much like all numbers ending in 0. It reminds us of the power of the subconscious mind.

Individuals influenced by 20 are often facilitators rather than initiators. They don't enjoy working alone and excel in group activities and tasks. They can provide excellent service as an integral part of an organization or machinery. They are social individuals who enjoy socializing with their friends and often have a supportive role within their circle. However, they may sometimes experience fear of darkness or loneliness. Those influenced by this number can be excellent and supportive partners, always standing by their significant others during challenging times. It may also signify being the driving force behind someone else's success rather than being the primary figure.

Number 21 in Numerology:

The core number of 21 is 3, and it is represented by the World card in Tarot. This number symbolizes the coming together of the masculine (1) and feminine (2) energies, representing the harmony of yin and yang, male and female. It is also associated with lovers reuniting, reconciling, or someone returning from afar. There is a high likelihood that this number indicates meeting one's soulmate or marriage. The combination of yin and yang energies in this two-digit number is unique, and 12 and 21 are the only two-digit numbers where this harmony and balance is found. Therefore, these numbers are also considered numbers of harmony and balance. The multiplication, reproduction, and increase that arise from this combination are part of what this number promises.

The World card in Tarot, which is the ultimate closing card, is influenced by the energy of 21. This makes 21 a significant number of closure. It suggests the possibility of graduation, marriage, or the fulfillment of a long-desired wish. Both 12 and 21 are two-digit numbers where the masculine (1) and feminine (2) numbers are combined, signifying harmony and balance. However, the difference between the two lies in the masculine nature of 12 and the feminine nature of 21. In 21, the female is the boss and the leader, while the male is the one who has the final say. The presence of the 1 to the right of the 2 signifies that the energy required for the opening of a brand-new page is available.

Individuals influenced by 21 are often seen as harmonious and balanced. They possess both feminine and masculine qualities, allowing them to navigate life with a sense of equilibrium. The possibility of reuniting with a lost love or finding one's soulmate is strong when 21 appears. It signifies that both partners bring unique qualities to the relationship, contributing to a balanced and harmonious connection. This number suggests that the energies of yin and yang are in perfect harmony, and this balance leads to personal and spiritual growth. It encourages individuals to embrace both their feminine and masculine sides, recognizing the power of unity and balance in all aspects of life.


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