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Eight of Cups


Card Information:

Numerical Value: 8

Element: Fire


  • Escape

  • Journey

  • Farewell

  • Giving up

  • Rejecting

  • Moving abroad

  • Change of heart

  • Loss of enthusiasm

  • Sorrowful departure

  • Changing decisions

  • Leaving the old for the new


  • Indecision

  • Lack of foresight

  • Directionless

  • Cancelling plans

  • Inability to see the future

  • Cancellation of a journey

  • Uncertainty about desires

  • Needing guidance

  • Searching in the wrong place

  • Floundering between options

Eight of Cups Meaning:

In the Eight of Cups card, we see a man walking away from eight cups towards the mountains. His demeanor appears melancholic, carrying only his staff and wearing a red cloak on his back. These cups symbolize what the man has accumulated and achieved in the past, as well as what he has now left behind or must leave behind. The mountains represent the uncertain future or what awaits the person who draws this card.

The Eight of Cups is one of the Tarot cards associated with spiritual journeys and farewells. Just like the man on the card, the person drawing it has decided to leave the past behind in pursuit of a brighter future, without looking back. This journey is essentially a spiritual one, and even though there's sadness about what's left behind, the determination to embark on this journey remains strong. The decision to let go of everything accumulated in the past, including achievements, is resolute and clear.

In general, the Eight of Cups signifies a change of direction and the necessity to let go of something due to this change. It's a card that often represents a bittersweet shift in course. It involves moving away from the known or breaking free from what's familiar, even if it's done with reluctance. Sometimes, it may indicate embarking on a journey to seek a better life. This card can signify both an escape and a resignation. The individual has decided to move away or change direction and is unwavering in that decision.

This card is one of the Tarot's farewell cards. This farewell can be to a person, a system, or even a place. The person drawing the card believes that this farewell is necessary, and it's their own choice because, just like the man on the card, they believe there's a better life waiting beyond those mountains. In essence, this farewell is leaving the old behind to find something better. The cardholder is on a quest for something new and believes they will find what they seek.

The Eight of Cups can also be a card that appears when one says no. It can indicate an abrupt change of direction and the rejection of an offer. It signifies leaving the familiar and seeking something new. Sometimes, it can point to a sudden decision to go one's own way while in the company of someone else. Therefore, this card can sometimes suggest separation or divorce. It involves leaving something behind or giving up on something. Sometimes, this letting go can pertain to things one has worked hard for or accumulated, or even things started but left unfinished. The pursuit of a new life or a weariness with the old is also a theme of this card.

Person Represented by the Eight of Cups:

The person represented by the Eight of Cups is someone who has undergone emotional and directional changes. They have grown tired, lost their enthusiasm, and decided, "Enough is enough." This individual has ventured into new pursuits, made progress in life, and committed to breaking free from their comfort zone. Much like the figure on the card, they have turned their back on the past and are moving towards something new, initiating a process of change. This person could be someone relocating from one place to another, even from one company to another.

The Eight of Cups represents a person who has made a new decision. Despite the sadness associated with this change, they have made this choice themselves and have no regrets. This individual is emotionally and passionately committed to their new goals, even though they have let go of their previous ones. The card can sometimes signify someone saying yes to an entirely new project or deciding to change locations, just like the person on the card who is turning away from the old and moving toward the new.

The person represented by the Eight of Cups has fully let go of the past and is solely focused on the future. They consider what's done is done and no longer dwell on past emotions. This person has chosen to look ahead and has metaphorically shattered the rearview mirror. They are committed to their decision to move forward and will not waver. This card can also represent someone saying goodbye to an old relationship and embracing the uncertainty of the future while still being willing to take the risk.

When the Eight of Cups appears reversed, it indicates someone who is stagnant. They resist change and refuse to leave their comfort zone or embark on a journey. Perhaps there are better opportunities or fortunes awaiting them elsewhere, but they cannot let go of the past, preventing them from making the necessary changes. This person is not making progress in life. They cling to what they have, are hesitant, and can't let go of the old to make way for the new. They are unaware of the fact that they can't see the road ahead because they are fixated on the rearview mirror.

Reversed Eight of Cups:

The reversed Eight of Cups serves as a warning against making no progress and being stuck in one place in life. When it's upright, there is a man moving from one place to another, but when reversed, there is no movement. Instead, there is a fixation on the past, unable to see the opportunities ahead. When the Eight of Cups appears reversed, it suggests that the person needs to understand that a change is necessary for progress. This change could involve moving from one job to another, or even relocating to a different city or country.

In some cases, the reversed Eight of Cups reminds us that despite all the effort we've put into something, we might have to say goodbye to it suddenly. Even when we think we've reached the finish line and achieved success, we may still have to part with something. 

Sometimes, even when we say, "It's perfect," and see the finish line, we may lose something due to a final opponent's move or an unexpected obstacle that fate presents. In short, the reversed Eight of Cups is about letting go of a success that was so close to being achieved. However, since this card also suggests that this letting go will be done voluntarily, it reminds us that if we hold on tightly to what we don't want to lose and what we are close to achieving, we may not have to experience this farewell.

When the reversed Eight of Cups appears, it also emphasizes that there's a silver lining in every situation. Something might be taken from us forcibly or against our will, but it's only making space for something new that destiny has in store for us. When we embrace the new, we might say, "I'm glad I lost that," but we often only realize this when we have the new in our hands. The reversed Eight of Cups appears when we haven't yet embraced the new, reminding us to patiently await the entry of this novelty into our lives.

Eight of Cups in Love:

When the Eight of Cups appears in the context of love, it signifies a farewell or parting in a relationship. Many Tarot readers interpret this card as indicating a breakup, a crossroads, or even one of the partners distancing themselves. This distancing could lead to a breakup, or it could mean moving to a different city or country. In general, the Eight of Cups in the love context signifies going one's own way, but sometimes, it might be related to a decision made by one of the partners alone.

When the reversed Eight of Cups appears in the context of love, it suggests getting stuck in a repetitive cycle in the relationship. When it's upright, there's a man moving forward or making progress, but when reversed, it indicates a standstill. For some, the reversed Eight of Cups advises making radical decisions in love, while for others, it invites them to focus on the future rather than the past of the relationship. Significant decisions about the relationship's future should be made promptly when this card appears.

Eight of Cups in Career:

When the Eight of Cups appears in the context of a career, it can indicate letting go or bidding farewell to a job or career path. This card can suggest leaving an old workplace or career behind and choosing a new career path, or it can imply embarking on a journey for a better career or opportunity. When this card appears, the person is willing to let go of something they've been pursuing and make room for something new, and this decision is entirely their own. This card may also suggest the possibility of being called to work in distant places.

When the reversed Eight of Cups appears in the context of a career, it may indicate a situation where no progress is being made professionally. For some, this card may be a message that a change of location is necessary. This change could mean changing jobs or even relocating to a different city or country. Progress is only possible if the old is let go to make way for the new. Those who cling to the past will find change impossible. If someone is being called to work in distant places, they should carefully consider these offers before refusing them.

Eight of Cups in Finances:

When the Eight of Cups appears in the context of finances, it suggests impending changes in financial matters. Past actions and financial decisions will be left behind, and new financial choices will be made for the future. The person drawing this card might consider traveling for the purpose of increasing their income, changing their location, job, or investments for better financial prospects. This card also implies that there's a new project on the horizon that requires leaving behind past financial ventures for better prospects. It may also indicate the possibility of being called to work in distant places for financial gain.

When the reversed Eight of Cups appears in the context of finances, it serves as a reminder that change is necessary to make progress financially. Doing the same things will yield the same results. Therefore, if you want different outcomes financially, you must adopt different methods or approaches, just as you would in other aspects of life. Sometimes, the reversed Eight of Cups suggests that one's fortunes might be better in a different location, and a change of country or city is needed for financial improvement. If you're being called to work in distant places, you should seriously consider these opportunities.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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