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Eight of Wands


Card Information:

Numerical Value: 8

Element: Fire


  • Action

  • Change

  • Air travel

  • Inevitable conclusion

  • Rapid development

  • Arrival of results

  • Awaiting news

  • Visitor on the way

  • Imminent news

  • Arrow released from the bow

  • Significant progress en route


  • Obstacle

  • Waiting

  • Postponement

  • Delay

  • Laziness

  • Stagnation

  • Halt in progress

  • Unknown barriers

  • Canceled air travel

  • Negative influence of a third party

Eight of Wands: Rapid Progress

In the Eight of Wands card, we witness eight newly sprouted wands rapidly descending toward the ground. In the background, there's barren land, the sky, and a still river. These wands, although not yet touching the ground, symbolize that something is on the verge of happening.

The Eight of Wands, in its most general sense, represents the commencement of a period when what has been sown is about to be reaped. In this card, it speaks of three fundamental stages in the process:

  • The wands being launched (the start button is pressed).

  • The time the wands spend in the air (developing events).

  • The wands hitting the ground (reaching the outcome).

This card indicates that in a process set in motion by someone, the outcome is now imminent and inevitable. When you see this card, the arrow has already been released from the bow and the result is just a matter of waiting to see what comes because the wands, once launched by someone, will soon hit the ground. This card doesn't provide information about whether the outcome will be good or bad; it simply signifies that an outcome is approaching.

These wands that haven't touched the ground yet represent news or events that haven't happened yet. This card emphasizes that something is about to happen, but it doesn't provide information about whether the forthcoming events will be good or bad. It may suggest that for those who have made impulsive decisions in the past without much thought, this card could indicate that they have yet to experience the consequences, whether positive or negative. 

The Eight of Wands is connected to the past and the decisions made in the past, emphasizing the significance of events that will occur in the near future. The energy, whether positive or negative, from the past has the power to influence what we experience today. 

Sometimes, the Eight of Wands may suggest unexpected news or an unexpected visitor. This card is also a symbol of nearing the end of a sequence of events. It can even represent air travel.

For some, the Eight of Wands may indicate a move or a change of residence. These wands that are still in the air symbolize something new, and the process may be just beginning.

The Eight of Wands can also be a sign of a swift move toward a goal and intense concentration on a single objective. Just like these eight wands moving in one direction, the person represented by this card is entirely focused on one thing, moving at full speed, with no apparent obstacles in their way. The person seeing this card has no distractions at the moment, and their life has a single focal point.

Sometimes, the Eight of Wands represents a group effort and a group of individuals moving in the same direction. When this card appears, it may suggest a race, competition, or a high-action environment where everyone is heading towards a common goal. For some, it could be a journey to the same destination. A group of industrious people is swiftly progressing toward a goal, and they have come very close to the outcome. The fact that these wands are still in the early stages of growth indicates that the project is still in its infancy or has recently begun.

Another possible interpretation of this card is that it represents air travel, a visitor, news, or the anticipation of a baby. These wands that haven't touched the ground yet may symbolize those who have not yet set foot on the ground or those whose plans have been postponed and are still pending. While this card is generally positive in its meanings, it can also have negative aspects. Sometimes, not hitting the ground yet can indicate a downturn in a previously favorable situation, the approach of a fall or an ending, or even the possibility of bankruptcy. When interpreting, the person's current life situation should be taken into account.

In the Eight of Wands, the direction of the wands' movement is southeast, and their past is northwest. To gain a deeper understanding of the current situation, past, and future details, please interpret the cards in the southeast and northwest positions as well.

Person Represented by the Eight of Wands:

The person represented by the Eight of Wands is goal-oriented and determined to be the first to achieve success. For them, second place is just a defeat. This person has conditioned themselves so much for a goal that it has become the center of their life, and if they fail, they have no Plan B and will experience a great disappointment. 

They believe they have no choice but to win. This person knows they must work hard and take a step every day to reach their dreams, and they understand that if they don't take the necessary steps, their dreams won't simply fall into their lap. They have a clear and definite decision, and no one can persuade them to change it.

This person can be impatient and eager to reach a conclusion. They are practically yearning to reach the finish line. They want something so badly that they won't listen to anyone or care about anything else. They won't relax until they get what they want. They have made a decision that is final and absolute, and no one can talk them out of it.

Sometimes, the Eight of Wands represents a group of people working towards the same goal or individuals competing against each other. Destiny has a race in store, and multiple individuals want something desperately, but only one will obtain it. The Eight of Wands represents one of those who want to be the first. They are highly competitive and nothing will deter them. They are making progress every day and are in motion.

The Eight of Wands can also signify a person undergoing rapid changes and significant transformations in their life. Something is adapting with difficulty, and the person represented by the Eight of Wands is caught up in this whirlwind of change. This transformation not only affects them but also a group of people who have no choice but to adapt. Sometimes, the Eight of Wands can indicate air travel or a journey from one place to another.

Reversed Eight of Wands Meaning:

The reversed Eight of Wands represents disruption and consequently, a slowdown in the progress toward a goal. For some, it can symbolize delays in the process due to obstacles or interference from an external source. When upright, the wands are moving swiftly, but when reversed, their direction has changed, their speed has decreased, and their balance has been disrupted. When this card appears reversed, there are likely some issues that need to be resolved and actions that must be taken.

When upright, this card signifies a focused effort toward a goal, but when reversed, the situation has taken a turn for the worse, and the person may be moving away from their intended goal instead of towards it. This card may suggest that, rather than concentrating on their goal, the person has become distracted or their attention has shifted to another aspect of life. The reversed Eight of Wands can indicate a sudden shift in direction when there was previously steady progress. When the Eight of Wands reverses, it might mean that someone is getting sidetracked from their objective.

The reversed Eight of Wands may also imply unexpected delays in an otherwise progressing situation. Although it may be disheartening for the person seeing this card to put in a lot of effort without any results, the situation is merely symbolic of an obstacle that needs to be overcome before progress or improvement can occur. The person who sees this card reversed must carefully consider whether they are facing a temporary setback or whether they need to reassess their goals and strategies.

In a group or team setting, the reversed Eight of Wands may indicate a loss of momentum or cohesion among the members. There could be internal conflicts or misunderstandings that are hindering progress. The energy that was once propelling the group forward may have dissipated.

Overall, when the Eight of Wands appears reversed, it serves as a reminder to reevaluate your goals, assess any obstacles or distractions, and take action to get back on track if necessary. It suggests that you may need to address issues that are impeding your progress before you can move forward with your plans.

Eight of Wands in Love:

When the Eight of Wands appears in the realm of love, it signals unexpected news or developments on the horizon. While this card's presence in the love domain suggests that the forthcoming news is related to your relationship, it doesn't reveal whether the news will be positive or negative. It simply tells us that "something is about to happen." All you need to do is wait and see. If you spot the Eight of Wands in the love reading, a significant development in your relationship will likely take place soon.

On the flip side, when the Eight of Wands appears reversed in the realm of love, it may indicate that the anticipated news or development is delayed or stalled. Seeing this card reversed might be disheartening for some, as it could mean putting in a lot of effort without seeing any results or progress. However, this situation merely symbolizes hitting a temporary roadblock, and without overcoming this obstacle, there won't be any improvement or positive changes.

Eight of Wands in Career:

In the context of your career, the Eight of Wands is a sign of rapid developments and progress in your work. If you come across this card, you are very close to achieving your goal, and all you need to do is patiently await the outcome. The Eight of Wands also represents a focused and efficient team effort, where everyone is aligned with a common goal and the process is moving swiftly. If you're working alone or in a group setting, you're on the right track, and your path forward is clear. Stay committed to your current work strategy, be patient, and await the fruition of your efforts.

Conversely, when the reversed Eight of Wands appears in the career sector, it signifies a potential hurdle or an unfavorable move by someone that disrupts the swift progress you've been making. This card may suggest that an opponent or a few individuals in a team project are negatively impacting the overall process. Until these issues are resolved or obstacles overcome, progress may be hindered in your career or work-related endeavors.

Eight of Wands in Finances:

In the realm of finances, the appearance of the Eight of Wands suggests that significant financial developments are on the verge of happening. Financial matters are about to reach a conclusion, and all you need to do is patiently wait for the outcome. While this card doesn't provide information on whether the news will be positive or negative, it underscores that the steps and decisions made so far have led to this result. If you desire different outcomes, you may need to explore alternative strategies or approaches to your financial situation. For some, this card may herald the end of a debt or the realization of a financial goal, while for others, it could signify a downturn or the approach of financial difficulties.

On the contrary, when the reversed Eight of Wands appears in the financial sector, it implies that despite a strong desire to reach a financial goal or conclusion, progress is hindered by an obstacle or negative influence from an external source. While the desired outcome is close, it cannot be achieved until the obstacle is addressed. For those who encounter this card in the reversed position, reaching a financial goal may require overcoming a particular challenge or removing individuals or factors that are impeding progress.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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