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Five of Pentacles


Card Information:

Numerical Value: 5

Element: Fire


  • Hardship

  • Poverty

  • Financial loss

  • Isolation

  • Rejection

  • Hard times

  • Illness

  • Suffering

  • Struggle

  • Misery

  • Despair

  • Abandonment

  • Alienation

  • Material loss

  • Lack

  • Poverty consciousness

  • Exclusion

  • Financial crisis

  • Feeling left out

  • Financial struggle


  • Recovery

  • Improvement

  • Overcoming hardship

  • Assistance

  • Support

  • Healing

  • End to suffering

  • Relief

  • Turning point

  • Reconnection

  • Community

  • Gratitude

  • Acceptance

  • Receiving help

  • Finding resources

  • Releasing fear

  • Hope

  • Overcoming adversity

  • Financial stability

  • Rising from rock bottom

Meaning of the Five of Pentacles:

In the Five of Pentacles card, we see a crippled and impoverished child walking with crutches next to a stained glass window of a church. The weather appears cold and snowy, indicating the child's poverty and homelessness. Next to the child, there is an elderly woman walking barefoot in the snow, trying to stay warm by wrapping herself in a shawl. The fact that neither of them has shoes suggests that both figures are living in poverty and with very few possessions.

The Five of Pentacles presents us with a stark contrast to the apparent wealth and abundance symbolized by the man on the Four of Pentacles card, who seems to have secured his riches. How is it possible that after achieving financial stability, we suddenly find ourselves losing it all, as if we're homeless and even lacking shoes in the cold? What does this card remind us of? The Five of Pentacles serves as a reminder that the journey from financial wealth to poverty, and vice versa, is possible for everyone. Today, we may have everything, but sometimes, due to poor decisions or not living within our means, we can lose it all. Bankruptcy and poverty can be just around the corner from wealth.

The Five of Pentacles appears when we feel deprived, either because we have lost our sense of stability and order or because we have never truly attained it. This card indicates that material resources are far below what is needed. These resources are so insufficient that, just like the two figures in the card cannot even afford shoes, the person seeing this card will feel a severe sense of lacking something. This deficiency doesn't always have to be financial; it can sometimes be a lack of love, the absence of someone needed, or even just a lack of self-confidence. In short, when this card appears, the person invariably feels a need for something but cannot attain what they need.

The Five of Pentacles also represents a journey from one extreme to another in financial terms. How did we encounter these two impoverished figures immediately after seeing a man with a castle, money, and apparent wealth on the Four of Pentacles card? Therefore, this card may sometimes symbolize a journey from wealth to poverty or from poverty to wealth. When a person with wealth experiences this journey, they may briefly find themselves in the life of the poor, a life they have never known before. Conversely, if someone is poor, they may find themselves in the life of the wealthy for a while. This journey will teach them something valuable. Life is perceived differently by everyone, and wealth and poverty can be seen very differently by different people. Money may be easy for some to come by, right at their feet, while others may find it extremely difficult to access, or it may seem nonexistent. The Five of Pentacles emerges when we find ourselves dwelling on such thoughts about finances and being caught between wealth and poverty.

The Five of Pentacles also relates to a malfunction in the system, where only one part of the machinery is faulty and needs repair. In short, it signifies that a cog in the wheel is damaged and needs fixing. For a business owner, this card could indicate that one department of the company is problematic or that one employee not doing their job is causing harm to the whole system and slowing it down. When this issue is resolved, the system will start working smoothly again. Sometimes, the only solution is a bit of cleaning and getting rid of the non-performing elements. Saying goodbye to the mechanism or individuals causing the dysfunction can fix the problem.

The Five of Pentacles signifies lack, financial hardship, poverty, or loss of resources. Sometimes, the deficiency is not monetary but related to bodily functions. Temporary illness can also be a factor. Life has stalled due to this illness or a similar condition. When the Five of Pentacles appears, a person may be unemployed or feel a sense of inadequacy. They may lack financial resources due to unemployment, making it impossible to meet their needs, or they may feel lonely because they can't find someone to support them emotionally. They may feel abandoned or neglected.

Person Represented by the Five of Pentacles:

The person represented by the Five of Pentacles is an individual who feels inadequate and lacking. However, this deficiency exists only in the person's mind and their perception of the world. The person feels a need for something deep within their soul but can't seem to find it. This person is truly someone who depends on others, but this help doesn't always have to be financial. Sometimes, a small piece of information, advice, or someone showing them the way can help them overcome this situation. This card signifies a lack of self-confidence and self-assurance, a feeling of being less capable or insufficient compared to others. The person seeing this card may feel like the impoverished child walking with crutches. They may wonder if their life would have been different if they could walk like everyone else. Is their extreme poverty due to their body not functioning like others, or is it because they feel inadequate? Perhaps their legs don't work, but they can still do something with their hands and lift themselves out of this situation. However, their biggest obstacle is the mindset that says, "I am inadequate." They must first break free from these thought patterns in their mind.

The person represented by the Five of Pentacles is also someone struggling with financial difficulties, living below their means. This person has a negative outlook on life and has experienced financial loss. Sometimes, this card can represent someone who has gone bankrupt or lost everything due to poor decisions. This person is struggling financially and facing hardships. Sometimes, this card can also represent a sick or injured individual who has taken a short break from life due to their condition.

When the reversed Five of Pentacles appears, it signifies a person who carries the scars of the past but has begun to heal. This individual is overcoming a significant challenge, and the light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible. They regain the self-confidence they lost, and all they need to do is reach that light. In the reversed Five of Pentacles, there is a more positive meaning, as the card's presence indicates that the person recognizes there is still a glimmer of hope. The process of overcoming difficulties has begun.

Reversed Five of Pentacles Meaning:

The reversed Five of Pentacles is about the emergence of new sources of income after the depletion of an existing one. It appears when we suddenly realize that just when we thought we were hopeless and nothing would ever work, a door that fate had closed behind us has opened to reveal a new opportunity. Yes, one door of fortune may have closed, and the resources from that door may have run dry, but a new job offer or opportunity has appeared, and a new ray of hope has finally dawned. The reversed Five of Pentacles signifies that when we find ourselves in the dark, we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The reversed Five of Pentacles doesn't always indicate hope in a financial context. Sometimes, it can appear when we are in despair in a situation unrelated to money, and it signifies that there is still hope when we experience an event that reveals a silver lining. The worst has already happened, and from now on, everything will only get better. The sense of deficiency or inadequacy experienced by the Five of Pentacles is limited only until the appearance of the Six of Pentacles.

Five of Pentacles in Love:

In matters of the heart, the Five of Pentacles underscores a sense of lacking in a relationship. When this card appears, the person may feel as though something is missing or that their love life isn't progressing as desired. This symbol of scarcity and inadequacy can represent unrequited love or a relationship where only one person is making sacrifices. Perhaps the individual is physically distant from their loved one, leading to feelings of loneliness. Regardless of the relationship's nature, there's a sense that something is lacking, and it deeply affects the person. When the Five of Pentacles appears, one may express dissatisfaction with the indifference or the partner's inability to allocate time to them.

Reversed Five of Pentacles in Love:

In matters of the heart, the reversed Five of Pentacles heralds the emergence of a glimmer of hope. This card signifies that the light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible for those experiencing relationship hardships. Everything will improve in matters of the heart. For those experiencing the pain of love, this card may indicate a lessening of that pain or the possibility of a new relationship easing the pain of the past. When the reversed Five of Pentacles appears in the love department, the person will soon regain whatever they've been deprived of in their love life. The scarcity and deprivation depicted in the Five of Pentacles only last until the appearance of the Six of Pentacles.

Five of Pentacles in Career:

In the realm of career, the Five of Pentacles signals dissatisfaction with the current work situation. The person who encounters this card may find themselves not where they want to be in their career or may have plunged into a state of joblessness. This card is also associated with a feeling of lacking and deprivation. The individual keenly feels that something is missing in their work life, and this can impact their self-esteem significantly. The bare feet of the figures in the card can symbolize that income falls short of what's necessary. The person isn't where they deserve to be or where they aspire to be, but patience is required because the darkness of the Five of Pentacles only extends until the appearance of the Six of Pentacles.

Reversed Five of Pentacles in Career:

The reversed Five of Pentacles in the career domain can represent a return to work or the sighting of a glimmer of hope after a prolonged period of unemployment or career hopelessness. For someone who has faced rejection in every job interview, this card may finally herald a positive response from somewhere. The reversed Five of Pentacles is the card that appears just before the darkness of the Five of Pentacles begins to disperse. The person should know that the most challenging times are behind them, and they have reached the end of their obstacles. All they need to do is follow the light at the end of the tunnel.

Five of Pentacles in Finances:

In financial matters, the Five of Pentacles speaks of the inadequacy of material resources. Here, there is an imbalance between income sources and the needs that must be met. Income sources are insufficient to cover expenses, and during this period, cutting back on expenditures becomes a necessity. However, the person shouldn't perceive this as an entirely negative piece of news and must exercise patience because the darkness of the Five of Pentacles only lasts until the appearance of the Six of Pentacles. After overcoming these difficulties, the individual will earn more than they need and may even be in a position to help those in need. Therefore, during this period, it's crucial to reduce spending as much as possible and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Reversed Five of Pentacles in Finances:

In the financial domain, the reversed Five of Pentacles heralds the sighting of light at the end of a long period of financial darkness. For individuals facing unemployment issues or lacking financial resources, this card signifies that they will finally break free from this situation and find ways to increase their income. The reversed Five of Pentacles is related to the emergence of new income sources after the depletion of an existing one. It appears just when we believe we're hopeless and nothing will work, signaling the opening of a new door behind the one fate had closed.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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