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20 - Judgement


Card Information:

Numerical Value: 20

Element: Air

Astrological Association: Pluto

Upright Keywords:

  • Inspiration

  • Awakening

  • Sensation

  • News

  • Scandal

  • Change

  • Deliverance

  • Freedom

  • Release

  • Rebirth

  • Obstacle removal

Reversed Keywords:

  • Captivity

  • Ignorance

  • Barriers

  • Presence of unknowns

  • Restricted freedom

  • Endless waiting

  • Missing awaited news

  • Concealed secrets and scandals

  • Growing need for change

  • Yearning for a new beginning

The Meaning of the Judgment Card:

The Scene Unfolds:

In the Judgment card, we witness the resurrection of souls as the angel blows the trumpet of the Last Judgment, calling them forth from their graves. The figures, representing a woman, a man, and a child, extend their arms toward the angel, prepared to receive their judgment. In the backdrop, towering mountains and vast oceans signify the grandeur and gravity of the moment. Pluto, the ruler of the underworld, governs this card.

A Profound Awakening:

The sounding of the trumpet heralds a momentous event or revelation capable of completely altering one's life. This celestial call is not merely a message but a profound awakening, a pivotal moment marking the beginning of a new era. Those who encounter the Judgment card are poised to undergo significant transformations, reshaping not only their circumstances but also their perspectives. For some, it signifies a sudden awakening or inspiration that sets the stage for profound changes in their lives.

Revelations Unveiled:

The shrouded or hidden truths hinted at by the sounding of the trumpet are about to come to light, paving the way for significant changes in one's life. For some, the Judgment card may indicate the repercussions of a scandal, gossip, or public revelation that reverberate through their lives. It serves as the first domino in a chain of events, precipitating subsequent developments. As the penultimate card of the Major Arcana, preceding the World card, it may also symbolize the beginning of an end, signaling the onset of a transformative period.

Liberation and Redemption:

The Judgment card embodies a profound liberation, a release from constraints, and the breaking free from obstacles that hinder progress. Like awakening to a new life, individuals may find themselves in a different world, liberated from past limitations. Sometimes, this liberation is merely an awakening to the realization that things are not as they seemed, a realization powerful enough to alter one's life trajectory. For some, it represents healing, the emancipation of the soul, and the acceptance of an end, paving the way for a new beginning.

Parallel with Justice:

The Judgment card shares parallels with the Justice card in Tarot. Just as Justice symbolizes the reaping of what has been sown, the Judgment card signifies the commencement of the distribution of rewards and punishments. While it may bring good tidings for some, it also serves as a reckoning for wrongdoers, ensuring that they face the consequences of their actions.

The Judgment Card in Reverse: Seeking Liberation

When the Judgment card appears in reverse, it suggests that the necessary change isn't unfolding as expected. Hidden or concealed matters continue to remain shrouded when this card assumes a reversed position. The anticipated change hinges upon the occurrence of a specific event. While the need for change is emphasized when this card appears in reverse, the transformation itself remains elusive. The reversed Judgment card also underscores the necessity of healing the soul and concluding what needs closure, as persisting in the current state yields no benefit.

The reversed Judgment card may also imply voluntary captivity, akin to the themes found in the Devil card. An individual might feel trapped within a particular lifestyle or system, perceiving no viable escape. Nevertheless, with momentous decisions and a powerful shake-up, liberation from this predicament becomes attainable. The reversed Judgment card invites us to experience a profound awakening and encourages us to adopt a fresh perspective. It is possible that, when this card is in reverse, we are burdened with harboring a hidden secret within our emotional life.

The Judgment Card and Matters of Love:

In matters of love, the Judgment card signifies a significant event or revelation that will usher in profound changes within our emotional realm. The angel's trumpet, rather than presaging separation, heralds a transformative development, one that may signal the closure of a chapter in our love life and the dawning of a new one. While some may interpret this card as denoting parting ways in matters of love, it more accurately signifies that nothing will remain unchanged. For some, it may indicate a transformation within the relationship rather than its dissolution.

When the reversed Judgment card makes an appearance in matters of love, it underscores emotional barriers and limitations present in our lives. The individual may perceive themselves as a voluntary captive, ensnared in circumstances with seemingly no way out. However, with resolute decisions and a profound wake-up call, they can liberate themselves from this predicament. The reversed Judgment card invites us to experience a significant awakening and encourages us to adopt a fresh perspective. It is possible that, in its reversed state, we find ourselves grappling with a hidden secret within our love life.

The Judgment Card in the Realm of Career:

In the sphere of career and professional pursuits, the Judgment card signifies significant changes on the horizon in a work-related context. Following its appearance, nothing will remain the same within the professional realm, marking a turning point, even a milestone, in one's career. For some individuals, the Judgment card may symbolize changes initiated by news, events, inspiration, or a sudden decision. This card might indicate a change of job or the introduction of an entirely new system into one's work life. Rather than resisting this change, it should be embraced.

When the reversed Judgment card emerges in the context of career, it urges us to make profound decisions regarding our work life. While the need for change is evident, it falls upon the individual who draws this card to initiate the initial push. Otherwise, the status quo will persist. The Judgment card reminds us that we must shake ourselves awake and be prepared to dismantle the old system entirely before the new one can be established. It conveys the message that to welcome the awaited good news, the old must be utterly deconstructed.

The Judgment Card in Matters of Finances:

When the Judgment card graces the realm of finances, it heralds an event that paves the way for the beginning of the end in financial matters. Those who draw this card will experience significant changes in their financial situation. While some may interpret this as a harbinger of bankruptcy, for others, it signifies the commencement of a more favorable phase. Judgment also signifies the removal of obstacles and everything that hinders progress, potentially leading to swifter financial decision-making.

In the reversed position, the Judgment card underscores the urgency of effecting change in financial matters. However, this change must be instigated by the individual drawing the card; otherwise, the financial situation will remain stagnant. Judgment reminds us that to embark on a new phase, the old structures and systems must be entirely deconstructed. This card advises us to "destroy the old to make way for the new." Without this transformation, fate will not deliver the long-awaited good news.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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