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11 - Justice


Number: 11

Element: Air

Astrological Value: Libra, Venus


  • Equality

  • Karma

  • Divine justice

  • Harvest time

  • Establishing balance

  • Reaping what is sown

  • Receiving outcomes

  • Making a crucial decision

  • Arrival of awaited news

  • Dealing with a legal process

  • Distribution of rewards or punishments

Reversed :

  • Injustice

  • Imbalance

  • Encountering an obstacle

  • Failure to compromise

  • Being penalized

  • Delay in legal proceedings

  • Not learning from mistakes

  • Not receiving expected reward

  • Failure to achieve expected outcome

  • Paying the price for past mistakes today


Symbolism and Imagery

In the Justice card, ruled by the Libra zodiac sign and the number 11, a judge in a red cloak sits between two columns representing positive and negative energy, one black and the other white. With his right hand, he raises a sharp sword into the air, while holding a scale in his left hand. The space between these columns marks the threshold of divine justice, and the scale in the judge's hand symbolizes divine justice itself.

Meaning and Interpretation

The Justice card represents the beginning of a process where rights will be restored, and rewards and punishments will be distributed by divine justice. The main theme of this card can be summarized by the phrase "you reap what you sow." It signifies the time to reap the consequences of past actions. For those who have worked hard in the past, it heralds the receipt of their efforts' rewards, while for those who have done wrong, it indicates that the time for punishment has come. This card reminds us that whatever we are experiencing today is the result of the decisions we made in the past. It also reminds us to pay attention to the seeds we sow today for a better future. We must also consider the long-term consequences of the steps we take today. The result brought by divine justice is always fair, and there is no need to complain about it because Justice is impartial.

Representation of Divine Justice

The judge in the Justice card is, in essence, the highest judge, and the raising of his sword signifies the victory of justice. This card gives us signs that divine justice will prevail. The sharpness of both sides of the sword reminds us that there will be both material and spiritual effects of our actions. While the sword being in the judge's right hand indicates that we should act with logic, the scale being in the left hand suggests that justice will also be found through our intuition. The Justice card is also a reminder of equality and harmony. In the face of divine justice, everyone is equal, and divine justice does not take anyone's side. The Justice card also serves as a reminder of a situation where we must act fairly.

Practical Applications

This card may sometimes bring news related to facing legal issues, appearing in court, or dealing with a lawsuit. When this card appears in such a situation as marriage, divorce, dealing with the court, or signing some agreements, it reminds us that justice will prevail. The person who sees this card must know that regardless of the outcome of the legal process they are dealing with, they have been given this result by divine justice.

Reversed Justice Card: Lessons from Past Actions

When the Justice card appears in reverse, it serves as a potent symbol of the consequences of past missteps and transgressions shaping our present circumstances. It suggests that one may perceive an injustice in their current situation, a reminder that our actions of yesteryear influence our current reality. However, this card encourages us to be mindful of our present actions, recognizing that they sow the seeds for the future.

The reversed Justice card may also hint at legal proceedings working against you, signaling that the outcome may not align with your expectations. While Justice typically heralds fairness, when reversed, it raises the possibility of the opposite.

Love and the Justice Card:

In matters of the heart, the Justice card introduces a period of contemplation and decision-making. It may signify a choice between two paths or options within a relationship. When the Justice card graces the realm of love, it serves as a reminder that our present circumstances are the offspring of past decisions and actions. Regardless of the outcome, there is no room for complaint. This card can also signify legal aspects intertwined with relationships, such as marriage or divorce.

Should the reversed Justice card appear in matters of love, it may suggest undesired outcomes within relationships. It might indicate one partner excessively giving while the other contributes minimally, leading to an imbalance. This dynamic can create a push-and-pull effect, with overeagerness from one partner causing the other to withdraw, disrupting the equilibrium of the relationship. In such instances, the reversed Justice card encourages action to restore balance.

Career Insights from the Justice Card:

In the realm of career, the Justice card reminds us that the seeds sown in the past are now bearing fruit. Whatever transpires in your professional life, this card underscores the idea that you are reaping the rewards or facing the consequences of your previous actions. For those who have diligently labored, it signifies a season of rewards, while for those who have not invested earnest effort, it may portend challenges ahead. This card eloquently conveys the concept of karma—our actions today shape our long-term career outcomes.

If the reversed Justice card appears in your career reading, it suggests receiving undesired outcomes or encountering injustice in your professional life. This card offers insight into issues stemming from the past resurfacing in the present. When Justice is reversed, it may be too late to rectify certain matters. The key lies in learning from past mistakes and avoiding their repetition in your current endeavors. Your present actions are the seeds that will ultimately bear fruit in your future career.

Financial Implications of the Justice Card:

In matters of finance, the Justice card signifies that the consequences of past financial decisions and actions are manifesting today. Whether the outcome is favorable or unfavorable, it is a direct result of past financial choices. The card urges individuals not to lament their current financial circumstances, for they are the fruit of past decisions.

When the reversed Justice card graces financial matters, it suggests that the repercussions of past financial issues are surfacing in the present. While some issues may be irreparable, the key lies in learning from past financial missteps and avoiding their repetition. 

The reversed Justice card may also hint at financial losses due to legal processes, fines, or penalties, such as traffic violations.

In essence, the Justice card reminds us that our actions and decisions are woven into the fabric of our lives, influencing our present and future. It encourages us to tread the path of balance, fairness, and integrity, for divine justice, though impartial, is always just.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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