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Nine of Swords


Card Information:

Numerical Value: 9

Element: Fire


  • Anxiety

  • Fear

  • Worry

  • Nightmares

  • Stress

  • Guilt

  • Despair

  • Overthinking

  • Insomnia

  • Mental anguish

  • Self-doubt

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Regret

  • Hopelessness

  • Darkness before dawn

  • Psychological distress

  • Anguish

  • Needing to talk

  • Seeking help

  • Mental health issues


  • Recovery from anxiety

  • Overcoming fears

  • Relief

  • Release from worry

  • Inner peace

  • Letting go of guilt

  • Healing from despair

  • Seeking solutions

  • Seeking help

  • Facing fears

  • Breaking free from stress

  • Finding closure

  • Releasing negative thoughts

  • Healing sleep

  • Light at the end of the tunnel

  • Seeking therapy

  • Acceptance

  • Moving forward

  • Emotional healing

  • Regaining balance

Meaning of the Nine of Swords:

In the Nine of Swords card, a woman awakens from a nightmare, covering her face with her hands as she weeps. This woman appears as if she has just emerged from a terrible nightmare, and the card is dominated by a dark and negative atmosphere. Behind the woman, nine swords are displayed, all parallel and facing the east on a pitch-black wall. The woman's bed is adorned with roses and astrological symbols.

The Nine of Swords is the card of fears and nightmares. The bed is a place where we should feel most at ease, where we connect with the subconscious through sleep. However, in this card, we see that the anxiety and fears have crept into our bed. The woman either wakes up from sleep or never truly falls asleep. The Nine of Swords is a card dominated by negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, and sorrow, primarily represented by the color black. It signifies the peak of worry and fear about a situation. The number 9, being the last of the single-digit numbers, represents culmination and heaviness, making the fear in the Nine of Swords extremely intense.

The nine swords hanging on the wall, all facing the same direction (east), remind us of the inevitability of the Ten of Swords, which comes next. All the swords point in one direction, meaning that the outcome is solely in that direction, and there is no second option. However, what lies in the direction indicated by the swords is uncertain. By interpreting the card that follows in that direction, the reader can offer insights into what awaits the person. The swords may be pointing to a beautiful and bright card, or they may signify the direction of the exit. The individual must incorporate this direction into their interpretation.

Since the number 9 is the last of the single digits, it also represents the culmination of a cycle, but the emotions felt at 9 are intense and heavy. All 9-numbered cards convey a sense of weight and slowing down because the number 9 is the heaviest among all single digits. Thus, the intense emotions felt in this card are emotions that are difficult to carry. However, it should never be forgotten that this card is on the brink of completion, and patience is required.

The Nine of Swords also indicates being stuck in a mechanism of denial, refusing to accept a truth and instead attempting to escape from that truth. This is a highly incorrect behavior; even though it may be painful, the truth must be accepted, and the person must free themselves from this mechanism of denial. This card is one of the saddest and most melancholic cards in the Minor Arcana, and the person who sees it must be patient because every darkness has an end. The person who sees this card must patiently await the arrival of this light.

The Person Represented by the Nine of Swords:

The person represented by the Nine of Swords is a depressive and seemingly trapped individual. For them, there appears to be only one inevitable outcome, which lies in the eastward direction indicated by the swords. To better understand the situation, the reader should look at the card in the east. The eastward direction is the only and inevitable exit for this person, but the individual may not want to move in that direction.

The Nine of Swords can sometimes symbolize a person who feels imprisoned or unwillingly stuck in darkness. This person is not content with their current situation and feels an extreme sense of sadness and sorrow. They perceive their situation as an absolute dead-end. The black wall beside them represents the void and symbolizes the deep pessimism and negativity that this person feels, even if it's temporary.

The person represented by the Nine of Swords is also trapped in a mechanism of denial. The woman covering her face with her hands cannot accept her current situation. A similar situation may exist for the person this card represents. They know that the inevitable Ten of Swords is approaching, but they cannot accept this end. All the swords are pointing in the same direction, and denying this outcome or preventing it will only result in remaining in the darkness.

Nine of Swords Reversed:

When the Nine of Swords appears reversed, it heralds the emergence of a glimmer of hope and the first steps toward freedom from a depressive or dark situation. For some, this card indicates the appearance of a small ray of light in a seemingly dark situation. Although the individual may still be in a challenging position, the remedy and solution to the problem are now available, and all that needs to be done is to take the necessary steps. While a culmination is inevitable, the reversed Nine of Swords suggests that the solution to the problem or the antidote required for the situation will be obtained.

In essence, when the Nine of Swords appears reversed, it signifies a shift in the situation. While the individual may have been in a difficult situation, there is now a way out or a solution at hand. The reversed Nine of Swords represents the beginning of emerging from depression and entering a phase of healing.

Nine of Swords in Love:

In matters of love, the Nine of Swords suggests that you may be in a dark and challenging period in your romantic life. You might feel trapped by your fears and anxieties about your relationship, causing emotional distress. This card encourages you to confront your fears and anxieties head-on and seek solutions to the challenges you are facing in your love life. It's essential to communicate openly with your partner and address any issues that are causing you distress.

In reverse, the Nine of Swords indicates that there is hope for improvement in your romantic life. You may start to see a way out of the difficulties and fears that have been plaguing your relationship. This reversal suggests that with open communication and a willingness to confront your fears, you can overcome the challenges and move toward a more positive and harmonious romantic relationship.

Nine of Swords in Career:

When the Nine of Swords appears in a career reading, it signifies a period of intense worry and stress related to your work or career. You may be experiencing sleepless nights and anxiety about your professional life. This card urges you to address the issues causing you distress and seek solutions to improve your career situation. It's essential to confront your fears and anxieties head-on rather than allowing them to overwhelm you.

In reverse, the Nine of Swords suggests that there is hope for improvement in your career. You may begin to see solutions to the challenges you've been facing at work. This reversal indicates that with a more positive mindset and a proactive approach, you can overcome the difficulties and move toward a more fulfilling and successful career path.

Nine of Swords in Finances:

In financial matters, the Nine of Swords indicates a period of financial worry and anxiety. You may be feeling overwhelmed by financial challenges and unable to sleep due to financial stress. This card encourages you to take a closer look at your financial situation, confront your fears and anxieties about money, and seek solutions to improve your financial stability. It's crucial to address financial issues head-on and explore options for financial relief.

In reverse, the Nine of Swords suggests that there is hope for improvement in your financial situation. You may start to see ways to overcome financial challenges and alleviate your financial worries. This reversal indicates that with a more positive and proactive approach to managing your finances, you can work toward financial stability and security.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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