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Page of Cups


Card Information:

Numerical Value: 11

Element: Fire


  • Inspiration

  • Opportunity

  • Innovation

  • A messenger

  • Renewal

  • A new project

  • A new process

  • Apprenticeship

  • Creative beginning

  • Situation analysis

  • Unexpected situation


  • Melancholy

  • Delays

  • Childishness

  • Unrequited love

  • Lack of inspiration

  • Bad timing

  • Missed opportunities

  • Resisting change

  • Acting on emotions

  • Lack of expected change

The Meaning of the Page of Cups:

In the Page of Cups card, a young person appears wearing a peculiar outfit in shades of yellow, red, and blue. The Page holds a cup in their hand, and a fish suddenly leaps out of the cup. The Page gazes at the fish in astonishment, and the sea in the background also captures our attention in this card. The Page wears a hat with white flower patterns on it. It's essential to notice how the colors of yellow, red, and blue, where all colors are obtained in nature, harmoniously coexist in this card. This reminds us that creativity and different combinations can give rise to various colors and works of art.

The Page of Cups is the first palace card in the Cups series, representing a newcomer or a messenger. They can represent someone who opens the door, the first person you encounter, or the messenger who brings a message. At times, they symbolize the initial steps or the beginning of a new process after the successful completion of a previous one. When you encounter the Page of Cups, you may come across someone who presents you with an opportunity that could change your life or an opportunity that will lead to a significant change.

The Page of Cups also represents sudden developments and surprising opportunities. Just like the Page's astonishment at the fish jumping out of the cup, the cardholder might be taken aback by unexpected news or an offer. In some cases, this card doesn't indicate receiving news; instead, it symbolizes a sudden inspiration from within or a spontaneous change of decision. This card appears when you have an impromptu inspiration, make a new decision, or change direction unexpectedly. The situation is exciting and exhilarating, and if pursued, it can lead to a rewarding outcome.

Sometimes, the Page of Cups represents a situation where you encounter something for the first time, and you are a novice. When this card appears, it doesn't provide information about how you will react or what you should do in response to this intriguing situation. It simply represents the fact that something unusual or unexpected has emerged. The Page of Cups also points to a period of introspection and examination in emotional, artistic, or love-related matters. When you see this card, you are ready to open a brand-new page after closing one, but you are in the process of conducting a brief examination and research before making the final decision.

About the Pages:

The Pages represent youthful and idealistic energy. They are individuals who want to follow their own path and have taken steps towards independence. They are like the sheep that separate from the herd. Sometimes they represent the young person who takes the first step towards freedom, sometimes the beginning of a student's journey, and sometimes the indication of an individual who will start standing on their own feet after graduation. In the series from 1 to 10, the knowledge acquired will be applied here, but the person has moved to an independent order where they can use their free will independently of the previous system.

The Pages are cards of thought, knowledge, and communication. The knowledge acquired from cards 1 to 10 is connected to the Palace cards through this card. They are like the individuals who open the door to the palace when we enter. The first palace figure we encounter on the way to the King, who represents the goal, is the Page card. Therefore, they do not represent individuals with ranks yet. They represent individuals at the lowest rank in the palace or individuals who have not yet built their careers. They can also be seen as important milestones that connect us to our goal, the King, or as the first step that must be taken to reach our goal, like the first step on a staircase. A Page card can sometimes be an intermediary who will lead us to a goal, or it can represent a test that we must pass to reach a goal. Sometimes, the Pages can represent the diploma we receive at the end of the education and learning process completed in the 1-10 series.

The Pages also represent the concrete application of knowledge and the beginning of a new process after completing the 1-10 series. Therefore, they do not always represent a person but can instead symbolize inspiration or important decisions. Pages may appear when ideas and theories are shared with someone, when the outline of a major project is drawn, or when a feasibility study is conducted. In short, they can symbolize the first important steps taken to materialize knowledge or ideas.

The Person Represented by the Page of Cups:

The person represented by the Page of Cups is emotional and youthful. They are about to try something for the first time in their life, and their self-confidence may not be very high yet. This person trusts their feelings deeply and is ready to embark on a journey for their ideals and dreams. The Page of Cups can also represent someone who has received an unexpected message or offer. There is a high likelihood that this person could be a messenger or the bearer of news.

The person represented by the Page of Cups is essentially a colorful individual but may initially keep this colorful personality hidden when meeting new people. They are highly romantic and positive, valuing aesthetics and diversity. They also have respect for differences in opinions. They are both talkative and good listeners. They dress very vibrantly, keep up with fashion trends, and have a high level of creativity. This person has a vivid imagination and a creative mind, capable of generating new ideas and projects seemingly out of thin air. They have the soul of an artist.

The person represented by the Page of Cups is also quite lucky. Their perpetual positivity means they frequently encounter new opportunities. While not overly assertive, they are not passive either. They are open to innovations and new ideas. Sometimes, this card may represent a recent graduate or someone taking their first steps in their career after completing their education. If they work in professions where they can utilize their materials and emphasize their creativity, they are likely to be highly successful.

When the Page of Cups appears reversed, the person it represents may not have discovered their potential, and they may experience creative challenges. They are indeed talented enough to work on excellent projects, but for some reason, they are not using their talents or are not allowed to do so. Sometimes, it's because they were not in the right place at the right time, or they are attempting to make a wrong start in a situation that has not matured yet.

Reversed Page of Cups Meaning:

When the Page of Cups appears reversed, it emphasizes that conditions are not yet ripe for a new beginning. Everything necessary for a fresh start is available except for one thing. Moving forward without addressing the missing piece will only lead to failure. Sometimes, the reversed Page of Cups indicates an unexpected obstacle that suddenly appears in your path just when everything seems ready for a new beginning. It might imply that progress toward a goal could temporarily stall due to an unexpected obstacle or a lack of approval or permission.

The reversed Page of Cups also suggests an obstacle to creativity. The three primary colors in nature, yellow, red, and blue, are highlighted in this card. While the raw materials and components required to create a project are present, there may be underlying issues or problems stemming from the subconscious that disrupt progress in the project. When you see this card reversed, it means you should first focus on removing the obstacle to success before continuing on your path.

In a career context, the reversed Page of Cups can indicate delays or obstacles in a work-related matter. The person may have been preparing to open a new chapter in their career, but the conditions have not yet matured, or the expected news or assistance has not arrived. Seeing the reversed Page of Cups reminds you to be patient and to address whatever is missing before moving forward again. It can also serve as a reminder to overcome a lack of inspiration or motivation.

Page of Cups in Love:

When the Page of Cups appears in the love sector, it signifies sudden changes in a relationship or a sign of pleasant news or gestures. The person seeing this card may hear beautiful words from their partner or receive a proposal or gift. There is also a possibility that this card may indicate a messenger or a matchmaker. For those experiencing troubled relationships, it can suggest that someone will play an important role in mending the relationship. For those without a relationship, when the Page of Cups appears in the love sector, it could point to surprising developments or an unexpected proposal from a new partner or someone offering an unexpected invitation.

When the reversed Page of Cups appears in the love sector, it signifies unexpected problems in a relationship or the emergence of sudden obstacles. For the person seeing this card in reverse, while everything in their love life may have been going well, the sudden appearance of an obstacle or a decision made by one of the partners that affects the relationship negatively is highly likely. The reversed Page of Cups acts as a decelerator, slowing down a rapidly advancing process. Third-party interference in the relationship could also be a possibility.

Page of Cups in Career:

In the career sector, the Page of Cups indicates unexpected surprises or developments related to work. The Page of Cups is the card of new beginnings. Therefore, it may symbolize the first job offer or the first step toward a career entirely unrelated to your previous experience. With its use of three different colors, this card also reminds you that you can create a beautiful project by combining different skills and showcasing your creativity. When you see this card, you may come across a new opportunity or experience significant career developments thanks to a sudden inspiration.

When the reversed Page of Cups appears in the career sector, it suggests delays or obstacles in a work-related matter. The person seeing this card may have been preparing to open a brand-new chapter in their career, but the conditions are not yet mature, or the expected news or support hasn't arrived. The reversed Page of Cups reminds you to be patient and complete whatever is missing before moving forward again. It also serves as a reminder to address a lack of inspiration or motivation.

Page of Cups in Finances:

In the finance sector, the Page of Cups represents a sudden and unexpected piece of good news or development related to money. Just like the fish jumping out of the cup in the card, the person seeing this card could receive money unexpectedly from an unexpected source or encounter a new job offer or project that will bring financial benefits. Sometimes, this card also represents a sudden idea or inspiration that can lead to financial rewards when pursued to its conclusion.

When the reversed Page of Cups appears in the finance sector, it can indicate unexpected financial losses or last-minute obstacles. The person may find themselves having to spend money unwillingly or may miss out on an expected sum of money. The reversed Page of Cups serves as a warning to focus on the areas where your talents can bring financial rewards. If you use your skills wisely and emphasize your creativity, you can earn more money.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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