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Queen of Cups


Card Information:

Numerical Value: 13

Element: Fire


  • Love

  • Motherhood

  • Femininity

  • Sensitivity

  • Affection

  • Anticipation

  • Clarity

  • Trustworthiness

  • Support

  • Guidance

  • Reassurance


  • Grief

  • Confusion

  • Insensitivity

  • Struggle

  • Betrayal

  • Obstacles

  • Hindrance

  • Negativity

  • Interference

  • Jealousy

  • Blame

The Queen of Cups Meaning:

In the Queen of Cups card, a queen sits on her throne by the sea, holding a cup and gazing into it. The cup she holds is shaped like a chalice with handles resembling hands, a notable feature of this card. The silver throne upon which she sits is surrounded by stones and adorned with fish patterns. The sea and the fish are symbols of the subconscious, and the Queen of Cups is the queen of the subconscious.

The Queen of Cups is emotional, tender, and compassionate. At times, she can be like a mother, a healer, or a wise counselor. When this card appears, it advises us to pay attention to all the women who approach us with advice filled with pure and genuine emotions. Within their advice lies love and intuition. If the queen of the emotional realm is offering advice, it's because she trusts her intuition and knows what she's talking about. Listening to her advice is the card's recommendation. The Queen of Cups is also exceptionally skilled at distinguishing right from wrong. If she says, "Don't do it," there's likely a good reason. No one's intuition is stronger than the Queen of Cups. She has a deep connection to the subconscious and can sense what's happening in the hidden depths of events.

In emotional matters, the Queen of Cups can represent the precursor to achieving a goal that will bring us happiness. Sometimes, this card symbolizes the final hurdles or the last step to overcome in reaching a major goal or fulfilling a passionate desire. The grand reunion or meeting is now approaching, but this meeting will only happen once this process is successfully completed.

This card can also signify news or assistance coming from an emotional woman or a woman's guidance. The assistance provided by this woman is most likely not financial but rather moral support and encouragement. Sometimes, the Queen of Cups is a loyal and caring spouse, sometimes a mother, and sometimes a partner. Whatever this woman offers should be accepted, or her advice should be heeded. When the Queen of Cups represents a person, that person is influential or holds a significant position. Sometimes, they may be a manager or the most important assistant to a notable figure. They are protective and advisory.

The Person Represented by the Queen of Cups:

The Queen of Cups is an emotionally mature and highly intuitive woman. On rare occasions, she can also represent an emotionally mature and intuitive man. This person is deeply connected to their inner world and creativity. Their artistic side is dominant, and they are filled with emotion, making them capable of creating masterpieces and significant works of art. If representing a woman, she is feminine and knows how to dress attractively, drawing attention with her attire and demeanor. She is often a favorite of the opposite sex.

The Queen of Cups has a vivid imagination and is truly the queen of the subconscious. Her intuition is equally strong, and her advice should always be taken seriously. Sometimes, what she says may contain psychic messages. With strong psychic abilities, if the Queen of Cups says, "Don't do it," she definitely knows something. She places minimal value on the physical realm and money, as her strength lies in her connection to the subconscious and her psychic abilities. She is the queen who cares the least about earthly matters and is the least concerned with them.

Although she may not have as much control over the physical realm as the other queens, the Queen of Cups excels at achieving success in the physical realm through the power of her subconscious. A project that seems impossible today can be brought to life tomorrow through the Queen of Cups' imagination and creativity. Unborn ideas and projects that no one else has thought of are hidden in the depths of the Queen's subconscious. When she wishes, she can bring these projects to life, enriching herself in the physical realm. She always has ideas and works that can bring her material benefits and wealth. For her, money is not as important as it is for the other queens.

The Queen of Cups is associated with the element of water, governing matters of the heart, love, relationships, and happiness. Her own happiness and the happiness of her loved ones are of utmost importance to her. She is not ruthless or judgmental but rather nurturing and protective. At times, she observes her loved ones from afar to ensure their safety, offering assistance from a distance when needed. She is highly sensitive to meeting the needs of her loved ones. Due to her passive and quiet nature, she is an excellent listener and a wise individual.

When the Queen of Cups appears in reverse, the person she represents may be so immersed in their subconscious and psychic powers that they seem disconnected from the physical world. They may have lost themselves in their emotional realm and struggle to find a way out. While their intuition is strong, they have delved far deeper into the depths of the subconscious than necessary. When the Queen of Cups appears reversed, it suggests that this person is not paying much attention to the physical world. However, this situation may be exaggerated, and they have truly withdrawn their attention and effort from earthly matters. Overcoming this mindset would be beneficial for them.

Reversed Queen of Cups Meaning:

When the Queen of Cups appears in reverse, it indicates that the queen of the emotional realm has disappeared, replaced by a queen who has fallen from her throne into the sea, suppressing her emotions. This queen grapples with emotional insecurity and depression. She has created a false emotional realm and turned it into a realm of pure fantasy. Consequently, she has become disconnected from reality and may even misinterpret events. Her emotional realm is unhealthy and tumultuous, affecting both her romantic relationships and her interactions with others.

In the upright position, the Queen of Cups is associated with strong intuition, but when reversed, the situation is reversed as well. The reversed queen makes mistakes in her intuitions and is consistently proven wrong. Her inner world is marked by fluctuating moods and melancholy. She is filled with constant worry, insecurity, and discomfort. The reversed Queen of Cups is unhappy and emotionally fragile. She is also prone to paranoia, perceiving even positive situations as negative. She is perpetually sulky and complains about her circumstances.

In the upright position, the optimistic and compassionate Queen of Cups, when reversed, becomes a woman battling unhealthy dependencies, a pessimistic outlook, and cruelty. She may use her emotions as weapons to hurt others. In some cases, she may be involved in relationships that society views negatively or considers unhealthy. The artistic queen, when reversed, has had her creativity stifled, and her potential blocked. She lacks imagination and may simply copy the efforts of others.

Queen of Cups in Love:

In the love category, the Queen of Cups represents progress in the relationship and brings news of positive developments. When this card appears, it suggests the possibility of a woman's positive influence on the relationship or that the development is initiated by a woman. For a single man, the Queen of Cups may indicate the sudden appearance of an attractive and charming woman. This woman is loyal and makes an excellent partner. For those preparing for marriage, this card suggests that the wedding day is approaching, and another step toward the wedding is possible. For those facing relationship issues, the Queen of Cups signals the end of conflicts and arguments. Most likely, the woman will be the one to extend the olive branch.

When the Queen of Cups appears reversed in the love category, it may suggest the addition of new problems in the relationship, such as discord or differences in opinions. Instead of harmony, there may be discord or disagreements. When this card appears reversed, it could imply that finding a common solution is impossible, and an agreement must be reached to move forward. Sometimes, the reversed Queen of Cups may indicate an unsympathetic and emotionally selfish woman negatively affecting the relationship. She can be a female partner, but at times, an external woman affecting the relationship or even a love triangle situation might be at play. In short, problems seem never-ending due to a woman's influence.

Queen of Cups in Career:

In the career category, the Queen of Cups signifies positive developments and good news related to work. For some, it may represent a step closer to reaching the peak, just one step below the king. This card could be relevant to women and careers traditionally associated with women. For those waiting for career-related news in nursing, hospitality, or social services, the awaited news is on its way when the Queen of Cups appears. The Queen of Cups in the career category may also suggest a job offer or assistance from a woman. When the owner of a company is a woman, this card appearing could indicate the possibility of getting hired.

When the Queen of Cups appears reversed in the career category, it may indicate that a woman might cause trouble or harm concerning work. It could be losing a job to a woman or being terminated by a woman. For some, the reversed Queen of Cups might indicate a failure to reach the desired pinnacle in their career or receiving a job offer at a lower level than expected.

Queen of Cups in Finances:

In the finances category, the Queen of Cups appearing in a reading is a positive sign that suggests approaching financial success. There may be one final hurdle to overcome, and once that's successfully done, pleasing financial outcomes await. If you're expecting money or a loan from somewhere, when the Queen of Cups shows up, it indicates that the awaited result is close. The Queen of Cups in the finances category might also point to financial assistance or a job offer that positively impacts your income, particularly when it involves a woman. It could imply the possibility of entering a job at a company owned by a woman.

When the Queen of Cups appears reversed in the finances category, it signifies financial problems or a downturn in financial matters. There could be issues related to money not coming through as expected or financial assistance being delayed. If you've asked a woman for a loan or financial help, this card reversed might suggest that the help won't come through. The reversed Queen of Cups may also indicate a woman's negative response in financial matters.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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