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Seven of Cups


Card Information:

Numerical Value: 7

Element: Fire


  • Choice

  • Indecision

  • Disorganization

  • Imagination

  • Hallucination

  • Perception deception

  • Confusion

  • Attempting to understand

  • Endless desires

  • Floundering between options

  • Overthinking multiple things at once


  • Finding a solution

  • Organizing

  • Lack of options

  • Waking up from sleep

  • Lack of imagination

  • Absence of creativity

  • Realizing the truths

  • Subconscious cleansing

  • Needing more

  • End of confusion

The Seven of Cups Meaning:

In the Seven of Cups card, a man is gazing at mysterious cups within the clouds. These cups, representing ideas, dreams, and thoughts, are filled with various objects. Among the items in the cups are a human figure, a laurel wreath symbolizing success, a tower representing reaching new heights, a treasure symbolizing wealth, and a dragon representing supernatural powers. The fact that the man has his back turned to the viewer and is focused solely on these thoughts is noteworthy. The objects in the cups are actually rewards offered to us by desires, wishes, and choices we make. Some Tarot readers see this card as representing a person who is confused and doesn't know what they want, while others see it as someone caught between attractive options.

The Seven of Cups, a highly symbolic card in Tarot, signifies a departure from the physical realm into the realm of emotions and dreams. When this card appears, it suggests that the individual has become lost in the world of desires and dreams, unsure of what they truly want or what they should pursue. It also points out that the person's desires and dreams may be beyond their capacity. Chasing dreams that exceed one's material means or power can be emotionally draining and lead one away from reality.

Additionally, the Seven of Cups is a card of emotional indecision. The person who sees this card is not focused on one thing and is lost in their own emotional realm, unsure of which direction to take. Therefore, the Seven of Cups also indicates emotional confusion or indecisiveness. It warns against the excessive pursuit of desires, which can lead to a detachment from real life. In this situation, the Seven of Cups calls for a return to reality. Perfectionism or an endless stream of desires, insatiability, and unrealistic dreams will not bring us any real fulfillment. Those who see this card should set more realistic goals in their lives.

Another possible interpretation of the Seven of Cups is finding oneself at a moment when many choices are simultaneously presented by fate. Each of these choices will lead to a different outcome, and making a decision may be challenging or time-consuming. The Seven of Cups does not provide guidance on how to make the choice or which one to choose. Listening to our feelings will help us find the right path. At the same time, this card is a warning about the importance of setting clear goals and not being overly idealistic when setting them. Those who see this card should be more realistic in their dreams, avoid creating overly rosy fantasies, and refrain from setting unreasonably high standards, as life may not always be as idyllic as it seems.

The Person Represented by the Seven of Cups:

The person represented by the Seven of Cups is focused on their desires and dreams, but the card doesn't provide information about whether steps have been taken to achieve those goals. Sometimes, it can indicate a person who does nothing but wish for things without taking any action. The person represented by the card may often live in a world of dreams and set the bar very high. While achieving their desires is possible, it may require a lot of time.

The person represented by the Seven of Cups is also someone immersed in emotions and thoughts. At times, they may not know what they want or in which direction they want to move. They may have various thoughts or projects they want to bring to life, but they need to be more organized and put long-term plans into action to make them a reality. This person has many options ahead of them, and each option will lead them to a different life.

Simultaneously, the person represented by this card wants to have all these dreams and desires fulfilled at once. Their desires are both material and spiritual. The treasure in the cups confirms their material desires, while the female figure represents their desires related to love. This person is not focused on just one thing; they want to fulfill multiple desires at the same time. However, there is also a snake appearing in the cups, indicating their fears. Despite their desire to achieve these goals, they may struggle with their fears.

When the Seven of Cups appears in reverse, it represents a person who envies others' successes or possessions and only watches from afar. Instead of working hard for success, they may be seeking shortcuts to become rich or earn a lot of money with minimal effort. They are also greedy, and their desires are insatiable. This person is never completely happy and may experience concentration problems due to constantly jumping from one thing to another.

Reversed Seven of Cups Meaning:

When the Seven of Cups appears in reverse, it signifies chaos and a warning against ignoring reality. It also serves as a reminder not to make the wrong choices. The person who sees this card may be overly indecisive about which direction to go or which option to choose, increasing the likelihood of making a mistake. Making decisions too quickly and without sufficient thought can lead to disappointment even when things initially seem promising. When this card is reversed, the person should make decisions about their life more thoughtfully and deeply.

Reversed Seven of Cups is a card of attraction and illusion. Reality may be perceived very differently from how it actually is. When this card appears, it suggests that all seemingly attractive offers should be thoroughly researched. Nothing is as it seems from the outside, and mistakes may become evident once you've committed to something. The reversed Seven of Cups also serves as a warning against scams or financial traps.

Seven of Cups in Love:

When the Seven of Cups appears in the realm of love, it indicates emotional turmoil in our love life. This card suggests that a relationship may have lost its direction or that one's feelings are still uncertain. When this card appears, it may imply a lack of progress in the relationship or the potential for problems. The person who sees this card should think deeply before making decisions about their future. The Seven of Cups in the realm of love signifies uncertainty and confusion in relationships.

When the reversed Seven of Cups appears in the realm of love, it brings the promise of a period when the confusion in the relationship will finally be resolved. For some, this card may indicate a decision to either progress or end the relationship. The person who sees this card knows what they need to do about their emotional life and is on the brink of making an important choice. The outcome will be determined after this decision is made.

Seven of Cups in Career:

When the Seven of Cups appears in the realm of career, it signifies uncertainty and illusions in work-related matters. Some offers may seem exceptionally tempting, but you won't know what's inside the box until you open it. The person should refrain from accepting any offer without thorough consideration. The Seven of Cups also indicates that an important career decision is looming. There are many options, but only one is right for the person who sees this card. For students, this card may appear when they need to choose the field of study, and they should carefully weigh all options and select the one in which they have more skills and motivation.

When the reversed Seven of Cups appears in the career realm, it indicates confusion and perception errors in work-related matters. Nothing is as it seems from a distance. Some offers may be overly enticing, leading the person into a world of dreams. It's essential to be cautious in this regard. The reversed Seven of Cups can also suggest a lack of concentration or focus on too many things at once. Instead of trying to do everything simultaneously, the person should focus on tasks one at a time, and most importantly, they should create a good plan or organization.

Seven of Cups in Finances:

When the Seven of Cups appears in financial matters, it warns against being overly idealistic or having unrealistic financial goals. Offers or investments may seem too good to be true. The person who sees this card should reevaluate their approach to finances and aim for more achievable goals. Seeking advice from experts may also be helpful before making significant financial decisions.

When the reversed Seven of Cups appears in financial matters, it suggests a clearer understanding of one's financial situation. The confusion and illusions surrounding finances are lifting, allowing for a more realistic view of financial goals. The person may also be more focused on a specific financial objective and able to work toward it with greater determination. It's essential to have a solid financial plan in place to guide actions and investments.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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