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Six of Cups


Card Information:

Numerical Value: 6

Element: Fire


  • Jest

  • Gift

  • Nostalgia

  • Getting closer

  • Positive energy

  • An old friend

  • Reaping what is sown

  • Good news from the past

  • The arrival of awaited news

  • Meeting with an old friend

  • Hearing good news or kind words


  • Hearing bad words

  • Guest not arriving

  • Delay of the expected

  • Stuck in the past

  • Cancellation of a trip

  • Someone from abroad not returning

  • Negative energy from the past

  • Needing more time

  • Paying the price for a mistake

  • An old issue resurfacing

Six of Cups: Nostalgic Bliss

In the realm of Tarot, the Six of Cups is a card that exudes a sense of sweet nostalgia and positive energy. It paints a picture of a child extending a cup filled with flowers to another child, who joyfully accepts it. When we gaze upon the flowers inside the cups, we notice they are white and shaped like five-pointed stars. The white color evokes purity and goodwill, while the stars herald the arrival of a fortunate period. The children on this card are symbolic of energies from the past, carrying positive vibrations forward. In the background, a castle represents wealth and a life free from material concerns, while a figure facing away signifies that future worries are currently distant.

The Six of Cups signifies a transfer of positive energy and inspiration from the past to the present and sometimes even the future. It may imply the reaping of rewards sown in the past or the fruition of efforts initiated long ago. Unexpected surprises, gifts, or gestures may also be on the horizon. If such a situation arises, it could come from an old friend or someone who has been a part of your life for a long time. This card can also allude to the rekindling of memories or spending quality time reminiscing about the past.

The Six of Cups is one of the most favorable cards in the Tarot, often associated with good news or joyful moments. It is also considered a card of reunions, suggesting that someone or something from the past may come back into your life. Whether it's an old friend or a return to a familiar place, the possibility is high.

At its core, the Six of Cups represents a return to the past and the infusion of positive energy from bygone days. Therefore, when this card appears, there's a chance that a past love may rekindle, or a long-lost hope may revive. Encounters with what was thought to be a farewell or someone who was long gone can fill you with great enthusiasm. This card often signifies the return of a person or place that holds special significance.

The Six of Cups personifies someone who is cheerful, hopeful, and lucky. This card may sometimes refer to a traveler or someone who has temporarily embarked on a journey. This person is likely to bring a gift or good news to their destination, bringing joy to the people they encounter. They have an energetic and optimistic outlook on life, and their optimism is contagious. They are social and friendly, with a penchant for doing good deeds and helping others. It's also possible that this person comes from a distant place or has a long history with you, be it an old friend or an old flame.

In some cases, the Six of Cups may represent a messenger. This card can sometimes signify the postman or delivery person who brings the long-awaited letter or package. Inside that package lies the news or message you've been patiently awaiting. Your life will start to change significantly after opening that package. It may have come from a distant place or be related to the results of a past endeavor. The person delivering this package has brought good fortune with them.

Reversed Six of Cups:

When the Six of Cups appears in a reversed position, it suggests delays in receiving expected news or awaited developments. It may even indicate that the anticipated news won't arrive at all or will be postponed indefinitely. In essence, the reversed Six of Cups symbolizes negative energy stemming from the past.

When this card is reversed, it can also point to unpleasant words, hurtful remarks, or even rude behavior from someone. Instead of receiving the gestures or kindness you expected, you might encounter negativity or harsh words. It's possible that you'll experience the consequences of a past mistake when this card appears in reverse.

In the realm of career, when the reversed Six of Cups shows up, it may indicate delays in anticipated news or positive developments. You might not receive the good news you were hoping for, or the outcome of a past job application or exam could be unfavorable. In short, the reversed Six of Cups symbolizes the negative energy from the past. This negative energy might relate to a past financial issue resurfacing and needing to be resolved.

In the realm of finances, the reversed Six of Cups may suggest that expected developments are delayed or that positive financial news may not materialize as anticipated. It could indicate that a sum of money you were expecting won't be received, or a past financial problem could resurface, requiring your attention and resolution. In summary, the reversed Six of Cups signifies the emergence of negative energy from the past, possibly related to financial matters or missed opportunities.

Six of Cups Love:

When it comes to matters of the heart, the Six of Cups in an upright position signifies beautiful news and the presence of positive energy from the past in your romantic life. This card can sometimes imply the return of an old flame or the rekindling of a previous relationship. It might also signify a long-distance partner coming closer, hearing sweet words from your significant other, receiving gifts, or even a proposal of marriage. The person who draws this card can expect something lovely from their partner, whether it's a heartfelt gesture or a gift, and they are likely to be thrilled about it.

On the flip side, the reversed Six of Cups can suggest disappointment or the absence of the anticipated romantic news. If it appeared upright, you might have expected a loving gesture or an expression of affection, but when reversed, it may not occur as expected. In some cases, it could signify that someone from the past you hoped to reconnect with doesn't re-enter your life as you had hoped. Instead, you might encounter complications or misunderstandings.

Six of Cups Career:

In matters of career, the upright Six of Cups heralds positive developments in your work life. It signifies the receipt of favorable news you've been waiting for in your professional endeavors. The seeds you sowed in the past are now ready to be harvested when this card appears, and you may expect positive responses to job applications, interviews, or exams. Sometimes, the Six of Cups can bring unexpected financial rewards or a promising job opportunity that fate has presented to you.

On the contrary, the reversed Six of Cups may indicate delays in receiving anticipated news or developments in your career. The good news you were hoping for might not materialize as expected, or a job application or exam you've taken could yield unfavorable results. In essence, the reversed Six of Cups symbolizes the resurgence of negative energy from the past, which might relate to a past issue resurfacing in your professional life.

Six of Cups Finances:

When it comes to financial matters, the upright Six of Cups suggests that a sum of money you've been waiting for is on the way, and this financial gain has its roots in past efforts or investments. It could manifest as an unexpected windfall, an inheritance, or income from investments made in the past. The Six of Cups is a harbinger of reaping the rewards of past financial endeavors and efforts.

On the flip side, the reversed Six of Cups may indicate delays or setbacks in receiving the expected financial news or developments. The positive financial outcome you were anticipating might not materialize as planned, or a financial issue from the past could resurface, demanding your attention and resolution. In essence, the reversed Six of Cups signifies the resurgence of negative financial energy from the past, possibly related to financial matters or missed opportunities.

In conclusion, the Six of Cups is a card that bridges the gap between the past and the present, offering a glimpse into the positive energies and nostalgia of bygone days. Whether it brings reunions, fond memories, or long-awaited news, its message is clear: embrace the positive energy of the past and allow it to brighten your present and future.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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