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Six of Wands


Card Information:

Numerical Value: 6

Element: Fire


  • Fame

  • Victory

  • Success

  • Applause

  • Pride

  • Overcoming difficulties

  • Receiving a reward

  • Standing out

  • End of chaos

  • Resolution of competition

  • Achieving harmony


  • Shame

  • Defeat

  • Cowardice

  • Hiding

  • Giving up

  • Missing an opportunity

  • Inability to accept loss

  • Withdrawing into oneself

  • Non-receipt of expected reward

  • Opting to flee rather than fight

Six of Wands: Victory and Recognition

In the Six of Wands card, a young man proudly rides his horse in front of a cheering crowd, adorned with laurel leaves. He carries a wand embellished with laurel leaves and wears a crown symbolizing victory on his head. His white horse represents simplicity and the recognition he has gained from society after a significant achievement.

The Six of Wands represents the matured and successful phase of the process indicated by the Five of Wands. The competitive environment depicted in the Five of Wands has now given way to success and triumph in the Six of Wands. In this card, we see the individual who emerged as the victor and received recognition and applause from society after overcoming the competition and challenges. The Six of Wands symbolizes the triumph over a significant obstacle and reaching a turning point in destiny. When this card appears, it signifies that one has proven themselves, gained respect from society, and been applauded. It often indicates winning a crucial test, eliminating all competitors in a job interview, or emerging victorious in a significant competition or challenge.

The Six of Wands also suggests a period when the attention is on you, and success has been proclaimed to the world. The rewards have been received, and it's time to focus on preserving what you have achieved, as this card is followed by the Seven of Wands, which warns of encountering another challenge and the risk of losing what you've gained.

The Six of Wands' forward-facing nature signifies looking towards the future, while the past is behind us in the west. To gain deeper insights into the current situation, its causes, and consequences, consider the cards to the right and left of it. The reasons behind the current situation can be found in the card to the left, while the outcomes are indicated by the card to the right.

Person Represented by the Six of Wands:

The Six of Wands represents a person who is both proactive and one who has celebrated victory after their previous efforts. The number 5 associated with wands combines with the card's number 6 to create the personality of the Six of Wands. This card portrays someone who is not only self-confident but also exudes the pride of their accomplishments. Number 5 marks a turning point, where all difficulties are left behind, and number 6 signifies a time to announce that success to society, earning respect and applause. The person represented by the Six of Wands is someone who has faced and triumphed over challenges, resulting in increased self-esteem. They have also learned how to achieve future successes and defeat their competitors.

The Six of Wands represents a person known and talked about in their environment. They are charismatic, attention-grabbing, and a public figure. In any gathering, they are the one who stands out the most. Such a person has achieved something so remarkable that others admire and envy them. They have attained something that many people dream of, and they are at the pinnacle of their field. There is currently no rival to bring them down, and they will continue to shine at the top until one emerges.

In the reversed Six of Wands, however, we find a person who is mourning a loss or setback. They may still be carrying the sadness of defeat or have not yet moved on from it. Perhaps they made bold claims before achieving anything concrete and now face disappointment. Their leadership qualities are lacking, and their self-esteem is shaken.

Reversed Six of Wands Interpretation:

When the Six of Wands appears reversed, it suggests the inability to recognize one's potential and a lack of self-confidence. The person who sees this card has likely experienced a recent defeat or disappointment, which has negatively affected their self-esteem. The reversed Six of Wands symbolizes the need to shake off the disappointment and get back on track in life. Regardless of the circumstances, this card advises rising above the challenges, embracing a sense of pride, and continuing the journey from where one left off.

The reversed Six of Wands often indicates the sorrow of not receiving recognition or rewards after a loss or failure. It might suggest losing out on a job opportunity or a significant project. While the upright Six of Wands represents public applause and recognition, the reversed Six implies the absence of these accolades, which can be disheartening.

Due to its numerical value of 6, the reversed Six of Wands also relates to the negative aspects of number -6, which involve fleeing or withdrawing from a challenge rather than confronting it head-on. When this card appears reversed, the individual should avoid blaming others and instead focus on self-reflection and personal growth.

Questions to Ask When Seeing the Reversed Six of Wands:

  • How can I regain my self-confidence after a setback?

  • Have I been too focused on seeking external recognition instead of internal fulfillment?

  • What have I learned from my recent challenges and losses?

  • Am I allowing past failures to hold me back from future success?

  • How can I move forward with my head held high and regain my sense of pride and accomplishment?

Six of Wands in Love:

When the Six of Wands appears in the context of love and relationships, it signifies that a significant relationship challenge or obstacle has been overcome. This card brings good news that the difficulties in your relationship are beginning to fade away, and you're reaching a turning point. If you've been struggling in your relationship, the Six of Wands suggests that you'll soon enjoy a period of harmony and recognition for your efforts to make things work.

In a committed partnership, the Six of Wands represents overcoming a rough patch and emerging as a stronger and more united couple. It's a time to celebrate your achievements together and receive acknowledgment from friends and family for your commitment to each other. For singles, this card can indicate that you've successfully overcome past heartaches or challenges in your love life and are now ready to move forward with a renewed sense of confidence.

However, in its reversed position, the Six of Wands can suggest ongoing relationship challenges or unresolved issues. It may indicate that despite your best efforts, you haven't been able to conquer the obstacles in your relationship, and recognition or success in your love life has been elusive. In this case, it's essential to address the issues causing disharmony and work together to find a resolution.

Six of Wands in Career:

In the context of career and work, the Six of Wands heralds recognition, success, and accomplishment. This card signifies that your hard work and efforts are paying off, and you're receiving acknowledgment and praise for your contributions. It may also suggest that you're reaching a career milestone or achieving a significant goal that elevates your professional status.

The Six of Wands can indicate public recognition, such as receiving an award, promotion, or accolades from your colleagues or superiors. This recognition may boost your confidence and motivate you to continue striving for excellence in your career.

On the other hand, when the reversed Six of Wands appears in a career reading, it may suggest that despite your efforts, you're not receiving the recognition you deserve. You might feel overlooked or undervalued at work, leading to a sense of disappointment or frustration. In such cases, it's essential to communicate your achievements and contributions to your superiors or seek opportunities where your talents are acknowledged.

Six of Wands in Finances:

When it comes to finances, the Six of Wands in an upright position indicates financial success and stability. You may be enjoying the fruits of your labor, reaping financial rewards, or receiving recognition for your financial achievements. It can represent a period of prosperity, where your financial situation is secure, and you have the means to pursue your goals and desires.

The reversed Six of Wands in a financial context can suggest financial setbacks or difficulties in achieving financial recognition. You may feel like your financial efforts are going unnoticed, or you might be facing unexpected expenses or challenges that hinder your financial progress. In such cases, it's essential to reassess your financial strategies and seek ways to regain control over your finances.

In Conclusion:

The Six of Wands is a card of victory, recognition, and accomplishment. When it appears upright, it signifies overcoming obstacles, receiving acknowledgment, and enjoying a period of success. However, when reversed, it may indicate ongoing challenges or difficulties in gaining the recognition and rewards you desire. In either case, the key is to maintain confidence, address any issues that arise, and continue striving for your goals and aspirations.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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