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14 - Temperance


Card Information:

Numerical Value: 14

Element: Air

Astrological Association: Sagittarius


  • Balance

  • Harmony

  • Moderation

  • Unsaid

  • Suppressed feelings

  • Untapped energy

  • Middle ground

  • Uncried tears

  • End of excess

  • Inner turmoil

  • Ongoing issue


  • Excess

  • Disquiet

  • Overindulgence

  • Lost balance

  • Accepted loss

  • Chaos ends

  • Overcoming trouble

  • Controlled emotions

  • Letting go

  • Speaking out brings relief

Understanding the Meaning of the Temperance Card:

In the Temperance card, we notice a winged angel attempting to mix warm and cold water in the golden and silver cups in their hands to obtain lukewarm water. One foot of the angel is on the ground, while the other is in the water, symbolizing the connection between matter and spirit.

Signaling the Process of Finding Balance:

This card signals the beginning of a process where lost balance will be regained. It also heralds the control of emotions and signifies the harmony, unity, and synergy within our inner selves. Being the card immediately following Death, the Temperance card could also symbolize the transition into the phase of adapting to and accepting change after a period of adversity. For the individual seeing the Temperance card, lost balance will begin to be restored, and whatever has spiraled out of control will be reined back in.

Finding Perfect Balance Amidst Extremes:

Temperance is also about finding the perfect balance between two extremes, just like the woman in the card blending warm and cold, or two opposite ends, to create the most excellent adjustment. Temperance is not fond of excesses and extremes, reminding us that everything should be done in moderation. The mixing of warm and cold water by the angel's hand reminds us that opposites are created not to clash but to be harmonized, and a beautiful combination can emerge from their mixture. 

Avoiding extremes and finding the middle ground is always possible. Sometimes, this can also signify reaching a compromise or agreement in a negotiation or disagreement where both sides do not get exactly what they want but meet halfway. This card can indicate reaching a compromise or agreement in a negotiation or disagreement through mutual sacrifice.

Symbolism of Unshed Tears and Unused Energy:

The undisturbed waters in the card symbolize suppressed emotions and unshed tears within our inner selves. This card often appears when we feel overwhelmed and in need of a release. Temperance is also linked to the Star card in the Major Arcana. In the Star card, the young girl pouring the waters into a pool is the same girl in the Temperance card, and these waters will continue to bother us until they are poured out. When the Star card appears, there will be relief within our inner selves as these waters are poured out.

Representing Unused Energy and Unresolved Issues:

Temperance can also symbolize unused energy and everything within us that bothers us. Failing to harness existing potential and utilize talents will lead to the postponement of goals. The individual seeing this card must realize their potential and move towards their goals as soon as possible.

Reflection of Unresolved Fears and Persistent Thoughts:

This card is also a reflection of our fears or persistent thoughts that continue to unsettle us. An unresolved issue or something that refuses to leave our minds disrupts our balance and consequently disturbs our inner selves. The individual seeing Temperance must delve into the source of the problem that unsettles their inner selves and find a solution, bidding farewell to this problem. Temperance reminds us that we need to bid farewell to whatever is disturbing our inner selves. We should bid farewell to whatever needs to be let go and allow it to leave us.

Temperance Reversed: Restoring Equilibrium

In the realm of Tarot, when the Temperance card reverses its gaze, it serves as a poignant warning against the perils of excess. It beckons the seeker to veer from the treacherous precipice of extremity, as straying too far from moderation may usher vulnerability and inner turbulence. Instead of courting the fringes, the reversal beseeches us to seek balance along the middle path. It may suggest that a compromise, with both parties yielding ground, holds the key to resolution.

Reversed Temperance also emphasizes the imperative of accepting losses. In the face of denial, this card signals the dawn of acceptance—an indispensable threshold in the journey toward healing. It reminds us that, after acceptance, peace shall follow, bringing emotions back under control.

Harmonious Love: The Temperance Card in Matters of the Heart

In the realm of love, the appearance of the Temperance card bodes well for relationships. Discord and incongruity in a union will gradually dissolve in the presence of this card. Temperance shuns the extremes, propelling love to find its home in the middle ground. When two hearts pull in divergent directions, this card ensures that neither attains their desires; instead, a compromise arises in their midst.

Temperance in matters of love may also symbolize repressed emotions or concealed thoughts, weighing heavily on one's soul. The seeker may feel inundated by emotions toward their partner, perhaps yearning to reveal some long-kept sentiments. The Temperance card suggests the time has come to communicate these emotions to their beloved—a heartfelt conversation, the untangling of unspoken sentiments, or shedding the veils that obscure genuine feelings.

However, when the reversed Temperance card graces matters of the heart, it raises a cautionary flag. Something amiss may haunt the relationship—an inclination toward excess or the loss of emotional equilibrium. One partner's unrestrained emotions or excessive self-sacrifice may compel the other to step back. Hence, the call to tread the middle path in emotional matters echoes resolutely—regardless of the course of action.

Temperance at Work: Navigating the Professional Realm

Within the professional sphere, the Temperance card may manifest during periods of uncertainty or indecision. Significant decisions may loom on the career horizon, demanding careful consideration. A moderate approach to problem-solving is advocated, for Temperance abhors extremes. Whether confronting dilemmas or negotiating critical career matters, the middle ground serves as the key to resolution.

However, should the reversed Temperance card cast its shadow across the professional realm, it serves as a signal of discord. A predicament may be significant enough to disrupt the individual's overall balance, rendering them preoccupied and ineffectual. Restoration of equilibrium assumes paramount importance—a resolution that will upend inner peace. Toils at the office may encroach on personal time, warranting a swift restoration of equilibrium.

Balancing the Coffers: Temperance and Finances

In the realm of finances, the Temperance card signifies a quest for fiscal solutions. Its presence hints at a search for financial escape routes or an endeavor to broker a favorable deal. Occasionally, this card may allude to engagement in negotiations with financial ramifications. It underscores the importance of avoiding financial extremes and cultivating fiscal prudence.

Nevertheless, when the Temperance card inverts its gaze within the financial sector, it issues a warning against imprudence or recklessness in fiscal matters. The individual may overextend themselves financially or make decisions that destabilize their financial equilibrium. This reversal admonishes the seeker to swiftly regain control over their financial situation—a return to fiscal balance paramount.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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