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7 - The Chariot


Element: Water

Astrological Correspondence: Cancer, Moon


  • Compromise

  • Determination

  • Harmony of opposites

  • Direction setting

  • Balance achievement

  • Taking control

  • Situation assessment

  • Potential discovery

  • Power acquisition

  • Problem resolution

  • Elimination of crossroads


  • Separation

  • Indecision

  • Wrong decisions

  • Uncontrolled power

  • Hitting an obstacle

  • Balance disruption

  • Reaching a crossroad

  • Loss of control or power

  • Failure to compromise

  • Unrecognized potential


The Chariot card depicts sphinxes, one black and one white, being controlled by the charioteer. Notably, the charioteer maintains control not with reins but with a wand, similar to the Magician card. This signifies a connection with the Magician, suggesting that control is established not through physical means but through spiritual and mental power. One sphinx represents positive energy while the other symbolizes negative energy. The charioteer stands fully equipped and ready for battle, awaiting the moment to move forward. The crescent moons on the charioteer's shoulders and the castle in the background draw attention. The fact that the charioteer's back is turned to the castle signifies his disregard for earthly temptations.

Transition to Adulthood

Our protagonist (The Fool) has transitioned from childhood to maturity and adulthood by drawing this card. The Fool, now fully equipped with a wand and a sack hanging from its tip, is more knowledgeable and confident. The Chariot symbolizes the attainment of maturity and strength, reaching a point where we take charge of our own lives and determine our own direction. The individual who sees this card has now assumed the driver's seat of the chariot and is in control of their life's direction. Therefore, The Chariot essentially represents the first step toward freedom. Additionally, the posture of the charioteer and the equipment of the chariot indicate that we have everything we need for the journey ahead in life.

The Chariot heralds conquest, seizing, and gaining power. When this card appears, it indicates that a goal has been achieved, and something is now fully possessed. Additionally, this card signifies regaining control over whatever has gone out of control and resolving differences of opinion, thereby determining the direction. The individual who sees The Chariot now sees the future more clearly and knows which direction to take. Therefore, this card is also related to the replacement of indecision with determination and the transition from multiple leaderships to the control of a single individual. The black and white sphinxes, like horses desiring to move in two different directions, have now come under the control of the warrior and are waiting to move only in the direction he desires.

The Chariot appears when we feel the power and potential to achieve our goals within ourselves. It also indicates that we have obtained everything we need to reach our goal, including the missing piece of the puzzle. All the individual needs to do is press the start button. This card is also a symbol of overcoming fears and feeling courage at its peak. Plans have now been made, and progress is inevitable.

The Chariot symbolizes the end of contradictions, indecisions, and polarizations, and the direction to be taken is now determined. Everything that has gone out of control will begin to come under control when this card appears. The end of disputes or differences of opinion and the finding of a common solution are also indicated by this card. One of the black and white sphinxes symbolizes our emotions, while the other represents our thoughts. The individual who sees this card has now learned to control their emotions and thoughts and look at events from a more rational perspective. Harmony between opposites is finally achieved when this card appears.

The Chariot signifies the end of times when we were undecided. Sometimes the times of "should I do it like this or like that?" or "should I choose this or that" come to an end, and now the choice is made definitively and clearly, bringing with it a sense of relief. Only one of the two options has been chosen, and a decision to move forward has been made. This card also signifies the restoration of lost balance and an increase in self-confidence. It also marks the beginning of a period when we take control of our lives and make our decisions ourselves.

The Chariot Reversed Meaning: Restoring Balance

When the Chariot card appears in a reversed orientation, it signifies a period of discord and a halt in the flow of life. Progress can only resume when common ground is found and mutual understanding achieved. At times, the reversed Chariot serves as a reminder to assume control over our emotions and thoughts. Essentially, this card prompts us to ponder, "Am I truly steering the chariot of my life, or am I merely a passenger in my own journey?" Those who encounter this card in a reversed state should assess their life's direction and infuse it with purpose.

In the reversed position, the Chariot may make one feel as though they lack control over a situation, as if someone else is in charge, potentially evoking feelings of helplessness and a reliance on external assistance. It may also signal an underestimation of one's inner strength and untapped potential. When the Chariot appears reversed, it's an opportunity to reassess the situation and recognize the inherent power within.

The reversed Chariot can also symbolize inner conflicts or a struggle between conflicting emotions or thoughts. Sometimes, it may represent a clash of directions in life. Progress can come to a standstill due to being ensnared in a dilemma, and forward movement can only recommence once this quandary is resolved.

Chariot Love Meaning: 

In matters of love, the Chariot card foretells the end of disputes and uncertainties, marking the onset of a more decisive phase in the relationship. When this card appears in the context of love, the individual has already made a significant decision concerning the relationship. It might denote either the continuation of the relationship or a choice to part ways—a breakup. Crucially, the person encountering this card has arrived at this decision deliberately and willingly, prepared for the consequences. The Chariot also symbolizes the resolution of conflicts and uncertainties within a relationship, signifying a clearer perspective on events.

Conversely, when the Chariot is reversed in matters of love, it indicates dilemmas, indecision, or a crossroads in the relationship. The situation may involve a disagreement or a choice to diverge. Many Tarot readers interpret the reversed Chariot in love matters as an indication of a breakup. This interpretation stems from the fact that the sphinxes, once moving harmoniously in the same direction, now wish to venture in separate paths when reversed. This disharmony points to relational challenges that must be addressed for progress to ensue.

Chariot Career Meaning: 

In the realm of career, the Chariot card ushers in highly positive news. It signifies a period when one feels ready to take a momentous step in their professional life. The individual encountering this card has made a significant career decision and is mentally prepared for the ensuing consequences. The Chariot also signals the cessation of dilemmas, contradictions, and indecision within the professional sphere, welcoming an era of control and authority. It often pertains to reaching an agreement and can even denote the signing of contracts or forming partnerships.

However, when the Chariot is reversed in the context of career, it indicates hesitation or conflicts stemming from indecision or disagreements. The situation may involve a dispute or a decision to pursue different paths. When the Chariot appears reversed, it often symbolizes an incongruous professional situation, where something impedes progress and requires resolution.

Chariot Money Meaning: 

In financial matters, the Chariot card suggests that one is gearing up for a significant financial move. The individual encountering this card may be on the cusp of making an important financial decision or embarking on a new financial venture. The Chariot materializes when we feel most empowered and poised to initiate action. Even when this card appears, the steps taken tend to yield positive outcomes. 

The Chariot also symbolizes the end of dilemmas, contradictions, and indecision within financial affairs, marking a period of complete control and authority. It can also indicate favorable developments arising from a substantial financial agreement or transaction.

Nonetheless, when the Chariot is reversed in financial matters, it suggests hesitancy or being ensnared in dilemmas due to indecision. The individual witnessing this reversed card may grapple with uncertainty or reluctance to make financial decisions. While the upright Chariot represents unwavering determination, in the reversed state, it may signify a lack of direction or impulsive choices. Even in the reversed position, the Chariot reminds us of our vast financial potential, encouraging us to recognize and harness that power.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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