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15 - The Devil


Card Information:

Numerical Value: 15

Element: Earth

Astrological Associations: Capricorn, Saturn


  • Dependence

  • Illicit Love

  • Willful Bondage

  • Lingering Shadows

  • Temptation of the Forbidden

  • Vain Activities

  • Constraints on Movement

  • Dominance of Hidden Forces

  • Obsession with Material and Wealth

  • Life Hindered by Trivial Pursuits

  • Enslavement to Materialism


  • Breaking Free

  • Light after Darkness

  • Triumph Over Adversity

  • Release from Shackles

  • Addiction Recovery

  • Awakening to Truth

  • Dissolving Barriers

  • Initiation of Cleansing

  • Choosing Benevolence

  • Removal of a Major Hindrance

Understanding the Devil Card: Meaning of the Devil Tarot Card:

In the Devil card, we see a creature with the lower body of a goat and the upper body of a human, blessing the couple we saw in the Lovers card, who are chained around their necks. However, it's noticeable that these chains are quite loose and could be easily removed. One of the darkest cards in the Tarot, the Devil also features wings resembling those of a vampire. This reminds us that the consumption of human energy into unhealthy areas and futile endeavors is being warned against. The Devil is a black and ominous card, indicating that we are on the wrong path and heading towards dark territories.

Interpreting the Devil Card:

Upon first glance at the Devil card, it seems as though the couple from the Lovers card are imprisoned by the devil. However, upon closer inspection, the loose chains around their necks suggest that this enslavement is voluntary, and with a bit of effort, they could free themselves. This card reminds us that the desire and motivation from within are all we need to break free from this enslavement. The Devil card is black, signifying that a decision must first be made to step out of the darkness. The longer this couple remains in the darkness, the more dependent they become on the devil and his dark path. Therefore, when this card appears, it's a reminder that now is the time to move towards the light, as delaying will only make liberation more difficult.

The Devil's Influence:

The Devil also represents the hidden forces that cripple our lives. When this card appears, we may feel trapped in a victim mentality, as if there is nothing we can do to escape the darkness we're in. The Devil symbolizes individuals who have become addicted and infatuated with evil, to negative habits and darkness. Even though we may dislike this darkness and want to escape it, sometimes we inadvertently do more to entrench ourselves further into it, making escape seem even more impossible. The Devil appears as a reminder of this enslavement in the depths of our subconscious. His weapons to keep us in the darkness are our fears, addictions, and impulses. Unbeknownst to us, we've become his captives through these emotions.

Finding Liberation:

Upon encountering the Devil card, one should not feel like a hopeless case. Instead, they should identify the factors limiting their progress and work to eliminate them one by one. Despite feeling powerless or having exhausted all avenues for escape, the journey out of darkness begins with removing the chains around the neck. Cowardice and pessimism should be set aside, and the search for light should commence immediately.

The Ruler of Evil:

The Devil is the ruler and eternal supporter of evil and all that is opposed to good. When our hero, the Fool, encounters this card, they face evil and injustice for the first time and learn that evil is also a part of life. Every evil in the universe has been sown by the Devil. Feelings such as lust, selfishness, egoism, pride, hatred, revenge, and violence can steer life in a negative direction. Therefore, this card serves as a warning against these emotions taking root in our souls. As they grow and multiply with nourishment, they must be removed from our inner world.

A Gateway to Darkness:

The Devil is one of the cards that mark the entry into the underworld of Tarot, hence its black color. Unlike the Sun card, it has a negative and pessimistic impact on the reading. It may signify people or habits that have a negative impact on our lives, as well as thoughts and beliefs that poison our souls. This card warns us to leave this darkness as soon as possible and cleanse our souls.

Emergence in Darkness:

The Devil may appear when we find ourselves in the dark. It represents the hidden whispers of the devil within us and signifies that it's time to distinguish between right and wrong. Sometimes, it serves as a warning against viewing money as the sole object for success and adopting a mindset where anything is permissible for money. While individuals with such a mindset may achieve material success for now, in the future, this success will be taken away by divine justice, as one of the subsequent cards is the Justice card. And when Justice appears, all wrongs will be righted.

Symbolism of the Chains:

The chains placed on the lovers in the Devil card are mainly mental and represent all habits and thought patterns that hinder our development and enslave our souls. The person who sees this card may find themselves in a natural system of slavery or lifestyle and may not know how to get out of the darkness they're in. In the most modern interpretation, this card may also refer to being trapped in credit card debt, internet or smartphone addictions, or similar traps of the new generation lifestyle, completely halting personal development or future efforts. 

Those who see this card are highly likely to have unwittingly fallen into hidden slavery and must free themselves from this system of slavery to build their future as soon as possible. In summary, the Devil card is a reminder that we are on the wrong path and should refrain from engaging in wrongdoings when we see this card.

The Reversed Devil Card and Matters of Love

In the realm of love, the reversed Devil card signifies a relationship shrouded in unhappiness or ensnared within the confines of darkness. It may hint at a forbidden love or a relationship characterized by addictive tendencies but devoid of progress. The relationship depicted by the Devil card is seemingly endless, leading nowhere, and it is best for both parties to consider parting ways promptly. In some instances, even if the situation does not align precisely with this scenario, the card may point to an unresolved issue or darkness within the relationship that necessitates attention and resolution.

When the reversed Devil card graces the realm of love, it carries a message of optimism. It may herald a period marked by more practical approaches and signifies the possibility of a new chapter in the relationship. It serves as a reminder that issues within the relationship must be addressed, allowing both parties to distance themselves from the darkness that once enveloped their union. For some, it may also signal the need to break free from the bonds of addictive or painful love. When this card appears, it underscores the importance of addressing concerns within the relationship, fostering healing, or parting ways without causing unnecessary suffering.

The Reversed Devil Card and Professional Endeavors

Within the professional arena, the appearance of the reversed Devil card may signify entrapment in a job or career path that stifles growth, potentially jeopardizing one's future. It serves as a cautionary note to willingly extricate oneself from this situation, as the Devil symbolizes a form of voluntary enslavement driven by the fear of change. On occasion, the Devil card may indicate involvement in unethical practices, illegal activities, or the pursuit of financial gains through shortcuts.

However, when the reversed Devil card graces the career sector, it suggests that a significant and correct decision has been made concerning one's work. This decision holds the potential to transform a negative professional situation into a positive one. The reversal of the Devil indicates an individual's recognition of the darkness shrouding their career path and their quest for illumination. This decision is pivotal, heralding a promising future.

Financial Implications of the Reversed Devil Card

In matters of finance, the presence of the Devil card often signifies significant errors in financial affairs. It serves as a stark warning against becoming ensnared in darkness—engaging in unproductive or unethical pursuits such as illegal or unjust financial gains. Swift cessation of such actions is imperative. In some cases, the reversed Devil card may suggest financial challenges arising from overspending or unnecessary expenses, necessitating bold decisions. The current approach to financial matters is fundamentally flawed, destined to deepen the shadows. By renouncing these detrimental behaviors, resolution of financial issues becomes attainable.

Nonetheless, when the reversed Devil card emerges in the realm of finances, it ushers in a glimmer of hope amid what may have appeared as a bleak financial predicament. This glimmer must be pursued with unwavering determination, for continuous effort promises a path to resolution. At times, the reversed Devil card in financial matters represents a significant and correct decision capable of transforming a negative financial situation into a positive one. It serves as a testament to individuals who have emerged from financial darkness, ready to embrace the light.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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