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3 - The Empress


Element: Earth

Astrological Correspondence: Venus


  • Inspiration

  • Harmony

  • Mother Nature

  • Fertility

  • Good news

  • Abundance and prosperity

  • Reproduction and growth

  • Artistic developments

  • Positive cycle beginning

  • Good news from a woman


  • Infertility

  • Barrenness

  • Lack of love

  • Decrease in numbers

  • Lack of inspiration

  • Pregnancy issues

  • Limited options

  • Unlucky period

  • Absence of elegance

  • Damage and financial loss


The Empress card in Tarot depicts a woman with flowing blonde hair seated on a throne in a lush, green, and fertile garden, symbolizing abundance and prosperity. She wears a garment adorned with pomegranate patterns and a crown with twelve stars, representing the twelve zodiac signs. Next to her throne is a heart-shaped symbol of love, with the Venus symbol within it.

The Epitome of Generosity

The Empress is the most generous card in Tarot, appearing during times when abundance and harmony with life are keenly felt. It belongs to Tarot's cards of luck, abundance, and grace. Simultaneously, it symbolizes the boundless fertility and creativity of nature. In nature, everything exists in abundance, and The Empress reminds us that whenever something is lacking, new things can always be created. The Empress embodies nature's feminine and renewing aspect, reminding us of the infinite nature of energy and the assurance that what ends will be replenished.

Symbolism of Fruits

The fruits depicted on The Empress card are symbolic, representing the fruits of creativity and the boundless capacity of the human mind to create something out of nothing. Ideas and projects that do not exist today can be created tomorrow through the power of creativity and the human mind's infinite capacity. The Empress underscores the importance of cultivation, leading to abundance and prosperity in our lives, sometimes resulting in richness through these newly created projects.

Growth, Expansion, and Development

The Empress is also a card associated with increase, growth, and development. When this card appears, everything may take a turn for the better, with problems being resolved, and even financial gains being observed. Additionally, it is associated with femininity, fertility, and motherhood. The Empress is a pregnant woman, but sometimes this pregnancy is symbolic of the seeds of thought. It heralds the arrival of new ideas and projects. She appears when we feel positive about ourselves. The likelihood of receiving great news in the very near future is also high for someone who sees The Empress.

Contrast with The Emperor

The Empress is the complete opposite card of The Emperor and belongs to Tarot's nurturing cards. She is not a warrior like The Emperor, but rather a more peaceful, soft, and sensitive personality. She is giving rather than receiving, and generous. This is because she is the goddess of pregnancy, reproduction, increase, abundance, and prosperity. She is the spreader of aesthetics and beauty, the source of inspiration for the artist within us. Everything beautiful and aesthetic finds reality in the physical realm through Venus and her Tarot counterpart, The Empress.

Nature's Essence, Feminine Power, and Beauty

The Empress embodies Mother Nature, feminine power, elegance, beauty, and the symbol of Aphrodite, and her ruling planet is Venus. Sometimes, she represents the positive energy that enters our lives through the touch of a woman. This card is also related to bringing out our artistic spirit. When The Empress appears, we may find ourselves more interested in hobbies such as art and music, as if a muse has entered our lives, inspiring us with these hobbies.

The Empress Reversed: Channeling Inner Feminine Energy

In its reversed position, The Empress card suggests a decrease in life energy and inspiration, which may lead to difficulties in generating new ideas and projects. While The Empress typically signifies abundance, in reverse, it indicates loss rather than gain, taking something away from us. It points to unproductive periods and challenges in yielding expected outcomes, signifying dead-end situations and a suspension of progress. However, time remains the remedy for this situation, and better prospects may await in due course.

In the reversed position, The Empress invites us to connect with our inner feminine energy and explore its potential. It underscores the absence of Venusian energy and elegance, urging women to focus more on self-care and elegance and encouraging men to embrace the feminine aspects in their lives.

Love Meaning of The Empress: Harmony and Positive Developments

When The Empress appears in matters of love, it signifies harmony and positive developments in a relationship. It may even hint at the possibility of pregnancy, thanks to its association with femininity and fertility. Expect each day to bring improvement and the resolution of past issues, dispelling doubts in the relationship.

Conversely, when The Empress is reversed in love matters, it signals setbacks or negative news in the relationship. It signifies a regressive phase or the arrival of unfortunate events, possibly even indicating the end of a relationship. The reversed Empress can also hint at problems related to pregnancy.

Career Meaning of The Empress: Blossoming Creativity

In a career reading, The Empress heralds a period of increased life energy and inspiration, positively impacting one's professional life. It signifies the potential for generating new ideas and projects, often leading to career success. The Empress is a card of abundance and prosperity, indicating the possibility of material gains during this period. Expect advancements, problem resolutions, and potential financial improvements. It suggests a fortunate phase with significant progress, harmony, and balance in the workplace.

However, when The Empress is reversed in the career context, it signifies setbacks or unwanted developments that may negatively impact one's professional situation. It can suggest financial losses due to unexpected expenses or poor financial decisions.

Financial Meaning of The Empress: Abundance and Prosperity

In financial matters, The Empress represents a period of abundance and prosperity, promising increased material wealth and potential financial windfalls. It may even suggest receiving money from expected or unexpected sources. Expect resolution of financial problems and improvements in financial matters. The Empress symbolizes financial good news and a period of financial harmony. It may even indicate the potential for new ideas, projects, or opportunities leading to financial success.

Conversely, when The Empress is reversed in financial matters, it indicates financial losses or unexpected expenditures that can negatively impact one's financial situation. It signifies the existence of a financial gap that needs to be addressed before progress can be made. However, this period is seen as temporary, with better financial prospects awaiting in the future.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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