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12 - The Hanged Man


Number: 12

Element: Water

Astrological Value: Pisces, Neptune


  • Serenity

  • Sickness

  • Obstruction

  • Stasis

  • Surrender

  • Deceleration

  • Sacrifice

  • Pause

  • Upheaval

  • Neediness

  • Perspective shift


  • Resolution nears

  • Unblock

  • Fruitless efforts

  • Barrier removal

  • Awaited aid arrives

  • Victim mindset exit

  • Uncertainty clears

  • Normalization begins

  • Rectification

  • Process accelerates

The Hanged Man: Understanding the Meaning

In the Hanged Man card, a man hangs upside down from a T-shaped tree, appearing calm and resigned to his fate. Rather than displaying pain or distress, his face exhibits only patient acceptance. With his hands bound behind his back, this young man seems to wait patiently, acknowledging that there is nothing he can do to free himself from his current situation, but instead, he patiently awaits someone to rescue him.

The Mystery of the Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is one of the most mysterious cards in the Tarot deck. It signifies a temporary halt in life and a suspension of activities. When the Hanged Man appears, feeling immobilized and in need of external assistance is natural. Additionally, this card can indicate significant changes or a complete reversal of fortunes in one's personal or professional life. During this period, gaining a different perspective on events is possible. While the waiting, pause, and suspension of life's activities may be frustrating, it's essential to remain patient and refrain from making any moves to hasten this suspension. Sometimes, the Hanged Man may signify inertia due to illness.

Inviting a Pause and Reflecting

The Hanged Man also invites us to halt or suspend a busy process. Refraining from making significant decisions or increasing the pace of events during this period can be beneficial. The waiting indicated by this card is a recommendation from the Hanged Man. In short, the Hanged Man advises us to "stop, wait, and refrain from rushing." When this card appears, if we can afford ourselves some time and make these delays, we should. It's because it's not yet the time to achieve what we desire, and the Hanged Man reminds us that the process of maturation isn't yet complete, and our goal isn't ready. Sometimes, waiting is the wisest course of action.

Symbolism in the Hanged Man

The cross-legged position of the Hanged Man signifies obstruction, indicating that during this period, all avenues and doors will be closed to us. This card may sometimes represent voluntary surrender or sacrifice. Surrendering in this context means not resisting this situation. At times in life, we may feel trapped or in need of external help due to our restricted movements. There's nothing to do during this period of effortlessness and wasted efforts other than to remain patient. The sum of the Hanged Man's numbers is 12, signifying the completion of a cycle. Therefore, the slowdown and suspension indicated by this card stem from the completion of a cycle. When this card appears, it's essential to recognize that after the completion of this cycle, a new cycle and reincarnation will begin.

Reversed Hanged Man Card: Embracing Positive Change

While in Tarot, an upright card is typically considered more favorable, the Hanged Man card is an exception. In its reversal, the young man hanging upside down, viewing the world from an inverted perspective, returns to a more conventional vantage point. Reversed, the Hanged Man heralds the restoration of normalcy to what was once askew, replacing stagnation with forward momentum.

When this card appears reversed, it indicates that situations that had taken a downturn will improve, and lost equilibrium will be restored. It suggests entry into a period where previously suspended matters can now progress. The problems and obstacles responsible for stagnation have dissipated. The reversed Hanged Man encourages us to shake off inertia and take decisive action.

Reversed Hanged Man may also suggest that a sudden change of heart or swift decision could yield positive outcomes. After this abrupt shift in perspective, progress or improvement in previously stagnant areas becomes increasingly likely. This situation underscores the power to break free from the inertia and bring about meaningful change. Reversed Hanged Man reminds us that we possess the capacity to take charge of our lives and dismantle stagnation.

Love Interpretation of the Hanged Man Card:

When the Hanged Man card graces the realm of love, it signals a period marked by stasis in the relationship. Resolving issues or making progress may prove challenging during this phase. When this card emerges, it advises against excessive interference or overanalysis. Instead, it encourages patience as the unfavorable period gradually dissipates. Additionally, the letter 'T' in this card serves as a cryptic signifier, possibly linking to a person or situation with a name or description commencing with this letter.

In matters of love, the Hanged Man underscores the importance of waiting and cultivating patience. It cautions against attempting to forcibly rectify a situation and instead advocates letting events unfold organically.

If the Hanged Man appears reversed in matters of love, it signifies the gradual resolution of relationship issues and the arrival of anticipated developments. When reversed, what was once awry begins to right itself, and lingering relationship concerns commence their journey toward resolution. When upright, the card advises against proactive interference in relationship issues, but when reversed, it offers the opposite counsel—address the problems and actively work toward their resolution.

Career Implications of the Hanged Man Card:

In the realm of career, the Hanged Man card indicates a period marked by workplace stagnation or significant hindrances within ongoing projects. This card suggests a disruption of the norm, where established processes become erratic. When the Hanged Man surfaces in your career reading, it advises a shift in perspective. Non-intervention and the passage of time are key to resolving the situation.

When the Hanged Man card appears reversed in the career sector, it heralds the return of control over a situation that had spiraled out of hand. What was once abnormal now regains its equilibrium, and previously persistent issues begin to find resolution. Reversed, the Hanged Man provides a clearer understanding of events, allowing for the resolution of problems that plagued recent history. Reversed Hanged Man underscores the need for proactive steps and signals your moment to take action.

Financial Implications of the Hanged Man Card:

In financial matters, the Hanged Man card warns of significant obstacles and challenges that will impact your financial stability. This card may suggest a disruptive event that upends your financial situation negatively. It reminds us that intervening in such situations won't yield results. Time is the only remedy.

When the Hanged Man card appears reversed in financial matters, it heralds the gradual resolution of financial issues and an improvement in your financial situation. Previously disrupted circumstances begin to regain normalcy. Reversed, the Hanged Man indicates that it's the right time to make important financial decisions.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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