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9 - The Hermit


Element: Earth

Astrological Correspondence: Virgo, Moon


  • Inner search

  • Concentration

  • Reaching the summit

  • Attaining wisdom

  • Withdrawal

  • Introverted approach

  • Turning inward

  • Guiding others

  • Need for solitude

  • Delving into the core and source

  • Message or advice from a figure at the summit


  • Loneliness

  • Loss of direction

  • Introversion

  • Concentration issues

  • Seeking solutions in the wrong place

  • Ignoring truths

  • Unawareness of potential

  • Delaying solutions instead of solving problems

  • Superficial approach instead of depth

  • Wasting time searching outside what needs to be found within


The Hermit card in Tarot is a profound symbol of introspection, solitude, and inner wisdom. In this depiction, we find ourselves atop a snow-capped mountain, where the solitary figure of the Hermit stands, holding a lantern aloft, casting its light downwards and illuminating the path below. Clad in a dark cloak, only a glimpse of the Hermit's face and hands are visible, drawing our attention to the solemnity and depth of this card. The lantern held in the Hermit's right hand contains a radiant light, shaped like a six-pointed star, symbolizing guidance and enlightenment. In his left hand, he holds a staff, representing his support and strength along the journey.

The Hermit represents the embodiment of inner wisdom and the exploration of the darkest recesses of the subconscious mind. This card signifies a retreat from worldly matters and a turn towards spirituality and inner discovery. If there is a problem, it stems from within the individual's own psyche, and therefore, the solution must also be sought from within. The Hermit emerges precisely when we seek answers within our own inner world.

The Hermit signifies reaching the summit of spiritual enlightenment. The numerical value of the card, which is 9, further strengthens this interpretation. Our protagonist, having embarked on a journey of naivety and innocence represented by the Fool card, has now attained wisdom upon reaching the Hermit. The journey from zero to nine represents a transition from inexperience to wisdom. The Fool, having arrived at the Hermit, is now wise. He will continue his journey as an experienced individual. The pinnacle he reaches may sometimes be graduation or achieving the top position in a career, but it can also symbolize reaching the peak of spirituality.

The Hermit can also herald the arrival of positive energy from the summit. It may signify a message, a warning, or a teaching from above. The Hermit has much to say and much advice to offer. When this card appears, it urges us to listen to the words of those wiser or older than ourselves. Sometimes, the Hermit signals a significant piece of advice or warning from an elderly or experienced individual that could change our lives. This advice or warning must be heeded because it represents the voice of wisdom.

The Hermit holding his lantern downwards towards those below symbolizes his readiness to use his acquired knowledge, skills, and experience to illuminate the path for those who have not yet climbed to the summit. When this card appears, it is essential to remember that the person offering advice has been to places we have not yet seen, and the voice represented by the Hermit is the voice of wisdom.

The Hermit also symbolizes the descent into the deepest and most remote corners of the subconscious mind. It signifies a departure from worldly matters and a turn towards spirituality and an inner journey. It appears when we withdraw from the external world and turn inward. It is a sign of an inward, rather than outward, approach. It is about delving into the center, the source, and the causes of a situation and seeking solutions to problems within the inner world.

The Hermit Card Reversed Meaning:

When the Hermit card appears in reverse, it serves as a reminder of untapped or neglected potential. It suggests that within ourselves lie undiscovered talents and unexplored facets. By introspecting and making changes in our inner world, we can initiate significant transformations in our lives. It's crucial to remember that our external world is a reflection of our subconscious, and by altering behavioral patterns, we can reshape our actions and, consequently, our lives. The Hermit underscores the need for inner transformation.

Additionally, this card signifies a negative form of inertia. While there is much one can do to address a problem, remaining stagnant and making no effort ensures that the issue persists. The Hermit urges us to engage in subtle and thorough self-exploration. Only by delving deep into the roots of a situation can we uncover a solution.

According to the Hermit, appearances can be deceiving. Just as the figure in the card remains partially concealed, revealing only hands and face, the situation we experience is but a fragment of the whole. The solution lies not outside but within. For better understanding, we must embark on inner exploration and explore the source of the situation. Superficial glances and quick-fix solutions won't lead to success.

The Hermit Love Meaning:

In matters of love, the Hermit, concealed in a black cloak, reminds us that hidden emotions and the influence of our inner world on our relationships may not be apparent outwardly. Just as the card's external appearance conceals the truth, the same can occur in our love lives. The Hermit may signal the presence of concealed but profound love or an inability to express emotions to a partner. Even when emotional storms rage within, we may keep them locked inside. The Hermit also underscores the discomfort that can arise from enforced solitude or the struggle to open up to a partner. When this card appears, it's time to express our feelings. Additionally, due to its numerological value of 9, signifying the culmination of emotions, the Hermit advises breaking free from secrecy as soon as possible.

In love matters, when the Hermit card appears in reverse, it suggests approaching a finish line. Its numerical value of 9 reinforces this idea. 9 represents the culmination, and this conclusion may be reached deliberately. The Hermit's 9 also implies that this ending may happen slowly.

The Hermit Career Meaning:

In the realm of career, the Hermit is a positive card. It signifies a phase where knowledge reaches its zenith and is ready to be applied professionally. This card may indicate a time when we use our accumulated knowledge to teach, guide, or mentor others in our field. The Hermit points to a period when we have truly mastered our profession and are prepared to share our expertise. It may also suggest a time when we gain respect and take on leadership roles at work.

When the Hermit appears in reverse in career matters, it can signify the approach of an endpoint. However, this finish line may mark the conclusion of one path while being the starting point for another. The person drawing this card likely makes this choice voluntarily. The Hermit's numerical value of 9 implies that this conclusion may be a gradual process.

The Hermit Money Meaning:

In financial matters, the appearance of the Hermit card indicates a phase of inner exploration and the search for solutions to financial challenges. For some, this card may mark a period of seeking improved income, while for others, it symbolizes the pursuit of solutions to financial problems. The person drawing the Hermit card is so engrossed in this quest that they isolate themselves from the external world.

Due to its numerological value of 9, the Hermit also represents a culmination and conclusion in financial matters. Regardless of the financial situation or issue, it is unlikely to progress beyond its current state. However, the Hermit does not specify whether this conclusion is favorable or unfavorable; interpretation depends on the individual's circumstances. As 9 is the final single-digit number and denotes slowness, this conclusion may unfold gradually.

When the Hermit card appears in reverse concerning finances, it suggests a lack of direction and concentration issues that adversely affect financial matters. The person drawing this card may not have discovered their potential or may not be taking the necessary steps to address financial challenges. The reversed Hermit serves as a reminder that the solution to financial problems lies within and requires introspection and action.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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