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2 - The High Priestess


Element: Water

Astrological Correspondence: Moon


  • Tranquility

  • Subconscious

  • Stillness

  • Secret

  • Feminine power

  • Passive waiting

  • Hidden emotions

  • Harmony

  • Support

  • Assistance


  • Uncertainty

  • Indecision

  • Confusion

  • Losing direction

  • Stagnation

  • Disharmony

  • Misguidance


The High Priestess card in Tarot is a depiction of profound mystery and feminine intuition. Seated between two opposing pillars, one black and one white, she is framed by the enigmatic Tree of Life behind her. The passage in which the High Priestess sits is often referred to as the gateway to great mystery, and the book she holds in her hands represents the Torah. The crescent moon at her feet symbolizes her inner world and intuitive power.

The Guardian of Subconscious Wisdom

The High Priestess embodies the card of subconscious knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Sitting between the black and white pillars, this woman is actually the guardian and protector of our inner world and subconscious mind. The High Priestess reminds us that the key to our inner world and the answers to all questions lie within our subconscious. Her role is not to control the human subconscious or to control individuals, but rather to teach this control, to be the voice within us, in short, the voice of our subconscious. The realm of the subconscious governed by the High Priestess is not a world where we can directly connect with the physical realm we live in, but rather a world where we can establish a connection by understanding the messages of our dreams and listening to our inner voice. Therefore, when we see the High Priestess card, we must pay attention to all the messages coming from our inner world and our dreams.

The Number 2 Influence

Because of its numerical value of 2, this card can also symbolize the first stop after a new beginning or an encounter with a woman. A woman's touch or advice in our lives may slow us down but make our steps more certain. The High Priestess is also the first woman encountered in Tarot, so it is quite likely that she represents our first-known woman in life, our mother. Sometimes the High Priestess is a very important advice from our mother, and this advice needs to be listened to. When this card appears, it is also possible to receive news related to our mother or a woman acting with maternal instinct.

Passive and Receptive

In contrast to the Magician card, the High Priestess is a passive card. It symbolizes the receiver rather than the giver. Instead of being proactive, she advises waiting, but at the same time, she is a great supporter of development. While the Magician tells us that it's time to act, the High Priestess says, "wait, it's not time yet." Sometimes she is the most important part of the wheel of success or the right-hand person of a leader. Because its numerical value is two, this card also symbolizes the process of balance and strengthening. It is one of the most helpful and supportive cards for a new creation. The black and white pillars on the right and left of the High Priestess symbolize the harmony of opposites.

The Passive Nature of the High Priestess

The passivity and receptive attitude of the High Priestess are part of the progression of fate. When this card appears, we find ourselves in a process of waiting for the target to approach us rather than making a move towards the target. This passive waiting is actually the advice of the High Priestess because when this card appears, moves made do not benefit, and the right time should be waited for. Another feature of the High Priestess is her indifferent attitude towards the situation. This card is a kind of card of silence and inaction, indicating situations where storms are raging somewhere but are not reflected outwardly and are kept secret. When we see the High Priestess card, someone may actually be waiting or knowing something, but may prefer to remain silent. However, the High Priestess does not provide us with information about how long this silence will last.

The High Priestess Reversed: Uncertainty and Delays

In its reversed state, the High Priestess card suggests uncertainty, indecision, and confusion. It may indicate a delay in decision-making, resulting from wavering and leading to a state of inaction. This reversed card is akin to reaching a crossroads and being unsure of which path to take, potentially causing a standstill in progress. The reversed High Priestess also serves as a warning against poor timing and ill-considered actions. Sometimes, patience and passive waiting are essential for achieving success.

With its numerical value shifting from 2 to -2 when reversed, it can symbolize entering a second phase of a deteriorating situation or a second descent into difficulty. Seeking assistance to escape the immediate predicament may be necessary. The reversed High Priestess suggests that the challenging situation may become even more complex, but the solution lies within our subconscious. Paying close attention to internal messages and those conveyed through dreams is crucial when encountering this reversed card, as the situation may be rooted in one's inner world, requiring a change in habits or behaviors to resolve.

Love Meaning of The High Priestess: Passive Phases and Balance

In matters of love, the High Priestess signifies entering a passive phase within a relationship. This card is among the most passive in the Tarot, advocating non-interference and even withdrawal. It discourages controlling or hasty behavior in relationships, which can lead to unfavorable outcomes. If the High Priestess appears in love-related matters, it advises stepping back, refraining from making significant relationship decisions, or even pausing the course of events. The guidance is to withdraw and wait. In the context of love, the reversed High Priestess suggests that the balance in the relationship has been disrupted by one of the partners. Restoring this balance may require withdrawing for a while.

When the reversed High Priestess appears in love-related scenarios, it cautions against taking unnecessary actions in the relationship. This card emphasizes patience and passive waiting. While desires may be strong in love life, they will manifest in their own time, not through active intervention. Those encountering the reversed High Priestess should avoid excessive actions and instead assume a withdrawing stance for a while.

Career Meaning of The High Priestess: Reflecting on Progress

In the realm of career, the High Priestess suggests a temporary pause or slowdown in progress in work-related matters. However, this slowdown offers a valuable opportunity to evaluate our standing and direction in our careers. The High Priestess encourages listening to our inner voice, even when crucial decisions are on the horizon. 

When the High Priestess appears, understand that although the situation may temporarily stall, this pause should be utilized for introspection. This card underscores the importance of heeding the inner voice in our professional lives, as in other aspects of life.

When the reversed High Priestess emerges in career-related matters, it advises waiting. Rushing actions or attempts to expedite slow progress are unlikely to yield favorable outcomes. The composed and immovable figure of the High Priestess indicates that our approach to work should mirror her calm waiting. This is not the time for action; patience will lead to more favorable conditions. The reversed High Priestess asserts that this passive waiting is a wise approach to our career situation.

Financial Meaning of The High Priestess: Decisions and Timing

In financial matters, the High Priestess suggests that significant financial decisions may be on the horizon, accompanied by a relatively passive period. You may find yourself having to choose between two financial options. The counsel of the High Priestess is to listen to your inner voice when making these financial decisions. Those encountering this card should focus on their subconscious, even incorporating the messages conveyed through dreams into their financial decision-making process.

When the High Priestess appears in reverse in financial matters, it serves as a reminder that the ideal conditions for achieving a financial goal have not fully matured, and patience is necessary. The tranquil and motionless figure of the High Priestess between the black and white pillars signifies that your approach to financial matters should mirror her calm waiting. It is not the right time to take action; patience will lead to more favorable conditions.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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