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6 - The Lovers


Element: Air

Astrological Correspondence: Gemini, Jupiter


  • Love

  • Partnership

  • Agreement

  • Victory of love

  • Mutual attraction

  • Harmony and unity

  • Reconciliation

  • Listening to the heart

  • Union or reunion

  • Removal of an obstacle


  • Postponement

  • Dissatisfaction

  • Separation of ways

  • Breakdown of partnership

  • Captive to emotions

  • Failure to reach an agreement

  • Lack of expected support

  • Disharmony or disagreement

  • Caught between feelings and logic

  • Stalemate, neither victory nor defea


The Lovers card depicts Adam and Eve being blessed by the an angel in the Garden of Eden. This angel symbolizes air, thus representing communication. The brilliance of the sun above the angel illuminates the surroundings, revealing both the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge, with a prominent mountain peak in the background. The shining sun represents warmth and attraction, while the fruit-bearing trees symbolize abundance, fertility, and earthly allure. The serpent coiled around the tree behind Eve symbolizes our instincts, while the twelve flame-shaped fruits on the tree behind Adam represent the energies of the twelve zodiac signs.

Beyond Romantic Love

Although Tarot readers often interpret this card as the beginning of a great love, it actually holds much deeper meanings than initially apparent. In the Marseille Tarot, one of the oldest Tarot decks, this card is named The Lover, depicting one older and one younger woman standing between two women. While the older woman faces the man, Cupid aims his arrow toward the younger woman. The older woman represents the man's mother, and the younger woman is the one he loves, leaving the man torn between the two. Thus, while it may be interpreted as love, this card can sometimes signify a situation where a choice between two options must be made, or even reaching a crossroads where one must bid farewell to one of two beloved things.

In the Rider-Waite deck, however, this card takes on an entirely new meaning. The older woman is entirely removed from this deck, leaving only the young woman and the man. 

Some Tarot readers believe that Waite's deliberate alteration caused significant damage to the Tarot deck, leading to a loss of its original meaning. In this new deck, Tarot readers have come to accept The Lovers as the beginning of a new love. Therefore, in Tarotika, we will also interpret this card based on its latest meaning.

The Theme of Unity and Harmony

The Lovers symbolizes unity, harmony, and merging. It signifies the elimination of barriers and crossroads, allowing love to prevail and the heart to follow. At times, The Lovers heralds significant reunions and unions. It can also represent achieving something you've long desired or yearned for. This card also suggests that emotions will guide us due to the triumph of love and the predominance of the heart. It expresses the exuberance of the moment of union and the tranquility and joy of the heart.

The Lovers card also represents perfection and mutual attraction. Mutual attraction can occur between two individuals or even between different objects. This card symbolizes all unions and the formation of a whole through merging. Sometimes it can indicate the approach of someone distant or the return of someone from abroad. Therefore, this card can also signify the agreement between two partners, marriage, or the merger of two companies. It is essential to note that both parties' willingness and enthusiastic approach to this merger are required. Raphael is the angel of air, and the communicative power of the air element is felt when this card appears.

The Lovers also symbolize positive relationships and connections we establish in daily life. All the endeavors we engage in with a level of commitment akin to love are under the influence of The Lovers card. This card can represent all unions that will make us happy. For some, The Lovers may symbolize the signing of an agreement, contract, or mediation aimed at merging two companies. The Lovers represent all the unifying and merging mechanisms that play a role in these mergers. The mountain in the background and its peak symbolize the joy and climax of the union we will experience due to this merging.

The Lovers card is also associated with making an important decision in life. Sometimes it can appear when we have resolved a dilemma and are ready to make our decision. This decision is likely made at a time when our heart's voice outweighs our logic, indicating a decision made based on the dominance of our hearts. Sometimes in life, we encounter two choices, and while one promises unconditional happiness, the other may only promise material gain, but we still listen to our hearts and take ourselves to where we will be happy. The Lovers card is a symbol of just such a moment of decision-making.

The Lovers Reversed Meaning: Restoring Harmony

In a reversed position, The Lovers card underscores disharmony or communication issues. While the upright card symbolizes a harmonious connection, in reverse, it's as if two opposing poles push against each other. It may indicate situations where agreements are elusive or mutual satisfaction remains out of reach. Reversed Lovers can sometimes point to separations or canceled plans, and most Tarot readers tend to interpret this card negatively when it appears reversed.

The Lovers card can also reflect internal conflicts or battles within ourselves when reversed. It may suggest struggling to make a choice between two options, with these choices often related to the struggle between listening to our logic or our emotions. One option may offer substantial benefits, while the other promises happiness without additional gains. Seeing this card reversed could indicate feeling torn between the heart and the mind.

In a reversed position, The Lovers can also imply situations where attraction is one-sided, leaving one party content while the other is not. This doesn't exclusively relate to romantic relationships but can extend to scenarios like postponed agreements or failed negotiations. When The Lovers appear reversed, making more compromises or presenting better offers may be necessary to resolve the situation.

Love Meaning of The Lovers: 

In matters of love, the presence of The Lovers card brings positive and joyful news. It signifies a harmonious and mutually satisfying relationship. Typically, when The Lovers card appears in love matters, the relationship is flowing smoothly, and challenges are resolving. This card also indicates the end of dilemmas, the vanishing of uncertainties, and the arrival at mutual agreements. The Lovers are often associated with the resolution of doubts, converging paths, and the potential return of a long-distance lover or choosing not to separate in the first place.

When The Lovers card is reversed in matters of love, it may suggest relationship problems or dilemmas. It could imply that one partner is content while the other is not, or it may indicate a struggle to find common ground or reach an agreement. In such cases, a greater effort to understand each other's needs and find better solutions may be required. For some, reversed Lovers can also point to unrequited love or one-sided attraction, in which case letting go might be the best course of action.

Career Meaning of The Lovers: 

In the realm of career, The Lovers card delivers good tidings. It suggests that previously uncertain work situations or unfulfilled opportunities may materialize when this card appears. The Lovers card can also relate to sealing significant deals or achieving long-awaited agreements in the workplace. When you encounter this card in a career reading, anticipate a period of happiness and enthusiasm in your professional life. The Lovers signify the resolution of dilemmas, indecision, and a more positive outlook on the future, often driven by following your heart, even if it may not be the most logical choice.

In a reversed position within career matters, The Lovers card can represent inner conflicts or indecisiveness affecting your work life. When reversed, you might be struggling to choose between two career options, and a decision may remain elusive. Reversed Lovers can also indicate unresolved agreements, failed negotiations, or situations where both parties involved are dissatisfied. To overcome this, you may need to make more compromises or present a better offer.

Money Meaning of The Lovers: In the context of finances, The Lovers card suggests significant financial changes following a momentous decision. It symbolizes the resolution of uncertainties, conflicts, and the formation of agreements. When The Lovers card appears, it hints at an impending financial decision that could potentially impact your financial situation. However, reaching this decision and witnessing its effects may require satisfying both parties involved.

In a reversed position, The Lovers card in financial matters can signify negative developments, unresolved conflicts, or unfulfilled agreements. It suggests that a crucial financial decision may be pending, but both parties remain unsatisfied. This situation might trigger internal conflicts or indecision. To navigate through this, you might need to make more compromises or offer a better deal to find a mutually satisfying solution.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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