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17 - The Star


Card Information:

Numerical Value: 17

Element: Air

Astrological Associations: Aquarius, Jupiter


  • Inspiration

  • Beacon of Hope

  • Farewell

  • Acceptance

  • Finding Peace

  • Renewed Energy

  • Shedding Tears

  • Expressing Inner Self

  • Liberation from Sorrow

  • Purification and Inner Cleansing

  • Beginning of Healing


  • Pessimism

  • Inability to Let Go

  • Unvoiced Words

  • Need to Cry

  • Denying Reality

  • Craving for Renewal

  • Non-acceptance of Loss

  • Lack of Motivation and Inspiration

  • Disturbed by Repressed Emotions

  • Subconscious Disturbance

The Meaning of The Star Card:

Symbolism of The Star Card: 

In The Star card, a young woman pours the water from one of her pitchers onto the earth, and the other into a pool symbolizing the universal subconscious. Her foot in the water signifies her inner strength, intuition, and subconscious, while the foot on the ground represents the manifestation of these powers in the physical realm. The prominent eight-pointed star above her is Venus, indicating the rebirth of hope, the illumination of luck, and attracting attention. The girl pouring the water echoes the figure in the Temperance card. For her, it's time to bid farewell to these waters.

Renewed Energy and Hope: 

The Star card signifies renewed energy, the birth of a new beacon of hope, and the beginning of a healing process. The shining Venus above heralds rejuvenation, sudden inspiration, the recovery of lost energy, and the dawn of a promising period. For the seeker, it's time to bid farewell to any past pain and despair, embracing an optimistic phase ahead. It's also one of Tarot's cards of relief, indicating both material and spiritual cleansing in life.

Revitalized Confidence and Belief: 

The Star card symbolizes revitalized self-confidence and belief. Despite past failures, the seeker has decided to embark on a fresh start, harnessing their inspiration and stepping confidently towards success, unencumbered by fears or negative emotions.

Peaceful Farewell and Acceptance:

The appearance of The Star card signals a serene farewell and the acceptance of something previously difficult to acknowledge, akin to the girl in the 15th Major Arcana card, The Devil, finally parting ways with the waters she's been holding onto. It represents a psychological readiness to let something go from one's life, which is more of a healing farewell than a sorrowful one.

Cleansing Tears and Emotional Release: 

The waters poured by the girl may symbolize shedding tears for relief or expressing unsaid words, signifying a release. It could also represent the long-awaited departure of a problem or illness, bringing a sense of peace. When this card appears, the seeker is psychologically prepared to leave behind pain and embark on a new beginning.

New Beginnings and Fortunate Opportunities: 

The Star card also heralds a fresh start and a period of shining luck. The glowing star symbolizes a sudden inner inspiration or positive energy. What was previously impossible or unsuccessful may now have a high chance of success. Since Venus is associated with femininity, it could also represent unexpected encounters with women or fertility news for women. The appearance of this card might also indicate receiving good news from a woman around this time.

Reversed Star Card: A Time for Release

When the Star card appears in reverse, it serves as a reminder to relinquish thoughts or habits that poison one's spirit or body. The individual encountering this card should conduct a thorough inventory of their life, eliminating anything that proves futile and detrimental to their future. For a brighter tomorrow, this separation is imperative, and delaying it will not serve their best interests.

The reversed Star card underscores that a lack of hope, inspiration, and self-confidence represents the greatest impediment to success. Even if the individual perceives themselves as a lost cause, such is not the case when this card materializes. Releasing oneself from negative thoughts marks the initial stride toward a fresh start. It should never be forgotten that life reflects back the perspective we hold. The individual must first dispel their pessimistic outlook and believe in their capacity to succeed.

The reversed Star card also spotlights the presence of emotions trapped within, unspoken words yearning to find release, and unshed tears that disturb one's inner peace. When this card appears in reverse, there may be a need to shed tears or an inclination to confide in someone, as though something has been bottled up inside. The individual encountering this card should embark on a journey within, allowing the release of burdens and discovering tranquility in the depths of their soul. Progress cannot be achieved without this inner serenity.

The reversed Star card signifies a period of diminished motivation, during which life may appear dull, meaningless, or even plunged into a state of despondency. If the individual feels lost, uncertain of where or how to commence anew, seeking guidance from a psychological counselor or life coach proves beneficial.

Love and the Reversed Star Card: Letting Go to Find Love

In the realm of love, the appearance of the reversed Star card signifies the inception of a serene phase within the relationship, where past conflicts are left behind. This card encapsulates the essence of relief and emotional release. For those who have experienced heartache, it signals the commencement of a healing process. The reversed Star card heralds positive developments and the promise that things will improve. The individual who encounters this card begins to feel as though they have finally let go, finding relief in the process. This release could manifest as divorce for some, healing from heartache for others, or the resolution of relationship issues and potential reconciliation.

When the reversed Star card emerges in matters of love, it suggests the presence of emotions that trouble one's emotional landscape. The individual seeing this card must cleanse their love life and seek solace. This purification may involve ending a relationship, shedding tears, or expressing pent-up emotions and feelings. The person must carefully analyze their situation and afford themselves the release, as it is crucial for their well-being. When this card appears, it is an indication that unresolved issues in the realm of love may be deeply affecting the individual, and instead of postponing them, they should be confronted and resolved.

Career and the Reversed Star Card: The Path to Liberation

In the domain of work and career, the reversed Star card heralds the conclusion of a challenging period. The person who encounters this card has already initiated the process of breaking free from something that has long preoccupied their thoughts. Lingering, seemingly insurmountable problems are finally unraveling, and this card symbolizes the relief of finding inner peace. The Star, a card of parting in Tarot, may also signify bidding adieu to a job or specific individuals in the workplace. Nonetheless, this separation is reassuring and healthy, instilling no sense of regret within the individual. Henceforth, professional life will improve, and the journey of healing will gain momentum. The Star also signifies a period of enhanced luck and promising opportunities.

In the reversed Star card within the career realm, it accentuates the necessity of a required farewell. For some, this may entail parting ways with an unfulfilling job that offers no prospects for a brighter future. For others, it might involve abandoning negative thought patterns or behaviors linked to their work. The individual encountering this card must thoroughly evaluate and identify aspects of their career that are not functioning optimally and need to be discarded.

Finances and the Reversed Star Card: Breaking Free from Financial Struggles

Within the realm of finances, the arrival of the reversed Star card heralds liberation from financial woes and the onset of a fortunate period. Everything will begin to improve for the individual who encounters this card. The Star card may symbolize the relief and serenity experienced upon settling a debt for some. In precise terms, the reversed Star card represents the moment when one says, "I'm finally free," in financial matters. The individual sees this card as a symbol of financial relief and the opening of doors.

However, when the reversed Star card appears in the financial sector, it underscores the presence of problems that occupy one's mind. Inner peace will remain elusive until these problems are released. For some, it could be an unpaid debt, while for others, it might involve overthinking a financial matter. The reversed Star sometimes signifies a loss of hope or a sense of pessimism concerning financial matters. Nevertheless, it serves as a reminder that even when this card is reversed, there is still hope and a path to resolution. It's all about shifting thought patterns and forging a new path to find the light and a solution.

Conclusion: Embrace Release, Embrace Healing

In the mystical journey of the Star card, whether upright or reversed, the key message resonates: release. Release negative thoughts, release burdens, and release emotions. By embracing this act of release, one paves the way for spiritual healing and renewal. The Star card offers a promise of brighter days ahead, where luck, hope, and serenity shall illuminate your path. As you bid farewell to what no longer serves you, you make space for new beginnings, embracing the transformative power of release.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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