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8 - Strength


Element: Fire

Astrological Correspondence: Leo


  • Compromise

  • Potential

  • Lucky period

  • Confidence and courage

  • Overcoming danger

  • Defeating fears

  • Taking control

  • Fearless risk-taking

  • Careful handling of a situation

  • Neutralizing or negotiating with an enemy

  • Success through spiritual and inner strength


  • Weakness

  • Loss of control

  • Lack of confidence

  • Defeat by enemy

  • Lack of courage

  • Fear of risk-taking

  • Succumbing to fears

  • Misuse of power

  • Ego hindering success

  • Unrecognized potential


The Strength card in Tarot is a powerful representation of inner fortitude, courage, and mastery over one's instincts. In this depiction, we find ourselves amidst an environment dominated by shades of orange, symbolizing warmth, energy, and creativity. Here, a serene and fearless woman stands, calmly taming one of the wildest creatures of the forest - the lion. What's notable is that she doesn't subdue the lion through force, but rather through compassion and ease. Above her head, the symbol of infinity floats, indicating the eternal nature of her strength and resilience.

The choice to portray a woman rather than a man in this card signifies that the strength being depicted is not merely physical but internal and spiritual. Her white attire symbolizes purity of spirit, while the blue mountains in the background, reminiscent of those seen in the Lovers card, represent masculinity and symbolize overcoming challenges.

The woman's interaction with the lion is striking; she uses her left arm, symbolizing mental efforts, while her right arm represents physical exertion. Though she doesn't engage in physical action with her right arm, her focus remains on mental connection, highlighting the importance of inner strength and mindset in overcoming obstacles.

The adornments on her crown and belt made of flowers serve as a reminder of the beauty and abundance present in the physical realm, accessible to us at all times.

Meaning and Symbolism

The Strength card heralds a period of courage and confidence, urging us to confront our fears and take bold steps forward. When this card appears, it signals a time when we're ready to take risks or make courageous decisions that were previously daunting. It signifies the discovery of untapped potential and the readiness to embark on new beginnings.

In astrology, the Strength card corresponds to the Sun and the sign of Leo, representing our ego and inner potentials. Its appearance assures us that nothing we face is insurmountable, and we possess the strength to overcome any challenge. It's a reminder that we're entering a phase where our entrepreneurial spirit is at its peak, and we're finally confronting our fears head-on.

Moreover, Strength also signifies seizing control of our lives and navigating through turbulent times. Its presence suggests that a previously chaotic situation has been brought under control, and tranquility has been restored. It may also indicate a period of healing, where we approach post-crisis situations with greater sensitivity and compassion.

Sometimes, the appearance of the Strength card prompts us to adopt a softer, more empathetic approach to situations. Instead of rushing into action, it advises us to handle matters with patience and grace, ensuring that once controlled situations do not spiral out of control again. It emphasizes the importance of not rushing and allowing time for solutions to unfold naturally.

Diplomacy and Collaboration

Strength also symbolizes the power of diplomacy and collaboration in resolving conflicts. Rather than engaging in confrontation, it suggests seeking common ground and forming alliances to embark on a journey toward strength and unity. Sometimes, overcoming significant challenges requires adopting diplomatic approaches, and this card encourages us to explore such strategies.

In essence, the Strength card represents a period of heightened awareness, where we navigate life with sensitivity, compassion, and strength of character. It assures us that by embracing our inner strength and approaching situations with empathy, we can achieve remarkable outcomes. It's a call to action, urging us to face our fears, embrace our vulnerabilities, and emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before.

Strength Card Reversed Meaning: When the Strength card appears in a reversed orientation, it underscores that underlying the struggle to achieve a goal is a lack of self-confidence and deeply rooted fears. The individual encountering this card is, in reality, on the cusp of realizing a significant life goal. However, they must first grapple with internal issues and confront their fears. It serves as a reminder that life demands greater courage and fearlessness.

The strength required when the Strength card is reversed is not of the physical variety; it is mental and internal. The source of the problem lies not in external circumstances but within ourselves. This card encourages us to face our fears head-on rather than evading or postponing problem-solving. In essence, it urges us to take action now, as unresolved issues only persist when ignored.

Reversed Strength may also signal unresolved emotional or mental challenges. It reminds us of the need for self-discipline or a shift in perspective. For individuals prone to anger or impulsive actions, this card cautions against such behavior, which may lead to losses or defeats. Maintaining self-control is imperative.

Furthermore, a reversed Strength card signifies that one's abilities or inner potential may be misdirected, resulting in wasted energy. Instead of focusing on one's strengths, the individual may be investing efforts where they are less proficient. It serves as a warning to adopt a solution-oriented mindset rather than fixating on problems. When this card appears reversed, it is also a gentle reminder to choose diplomacy over confrontation when dealing with stronger opponents. At times, setting aside ego and extending an olive branch or a compromise can yield significant benefits.

Love Interpretation for the Strength Card: 

In matters of the heart, the reversed Strength card signifies a phase where we must confront our deepest fears and reservations about relationships. Its appearance suggests that we may finally summon the courage to address topics we've long avoided with our partner. This moment offers an opportunity to resolve longstanding issues that become accessible when the Strength card enters the scene. It reminds us that it is time to confront our feelings and unearth the truth. Doubts about our relationships may have clouded our minds, but opening up to our partner could reveal that things are not as dire as they seem.

When reversed Strength graces matters of love, it can also indicate feelings of apprehension and uncertainty in the relationship. It signifies that something isn't quite right, and a sense of control has been lost. This card represents the journey of overcoming forthcoming challenges. To surmount these obstacles, a gentler and more empathetic approach, coupled with a shift in perspective, may be necessary. If the situation is delicate, it is advisable to refrain from overreacting and practice patience instead of scrutinizing every detail excessively. Cultivating sensitivity and compassion can prevent the situation from deteriorating further.

Career Interpretation for the Strength Card: 

In the realm of careers, when the Strength card makes an appearance, it signifies a period of self-discovery in the workplace. This card encourages us to channel our energy and abilities effectively, promising that our professional endeavors will flourish as a result. Strength also denotes a time when we take bold strides in our professional life after confronting our fears. Its presence suggests a high likelihood of achieving remarkable success. It is a period where we can address long-standing issues and regain control over previously chaotic situations. If this card emerges in your career readings, be prepared for positive developments in your professional life. Maintain your current approach, as even greater achievements may be within reach.

However, when the Strength card appears in a reversed orientation within a career context, it suggests that the individual may not have fully realized their potential or may be setting modest goals, resulting in unsatisfactory outcomes. The reversed card points to overlooked opportunities and untapped potential that remain unacknowledged. While great accomplishments are within reach, they will only manifest when fears are confronted, and self-confidence is elevated.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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