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21 - The World


Card Information:

Numerical Value: 21

Element: Earth

Astrological Association: Saturn


  • Peace

  • Success

  • Happiness

  • Beginning

  • Happy ending

  • Finish line

  • Graduation

  • Completion

  • Reincarnation

  • Time to sow

  • Right place, right time


  • Blockage

  • Delay

  • Failure

  • Vicious cycle

  • Disappointment

  • Starting over

  • Lack of focus

  • Need for a fresh start

  • Inability to conclude

  • Missing elements for success

The Meaning of The World Card:

Symbolism of Success: 

The World card depicts a naked young woman joyfully dancing surrounded by laurel wreaths, symbolizing success. The wreaths are tied with red ribbons in an infinity shape, representing the cycle of eternity. Figures seen in the Wheel of Fortune card draw our attention, representing the elements of fire, earth, air, and water, the 4 suits of Minor Arcana, the 4 seasons, and the 4 corners of the universe. The dancer holds a wand in each hand, symbolizing balance while dancing. Her crossed legs, akin to those in the Hanged Man card, are the complete opposite numerically, as 12 in the Hanged Man becomes 21 in The World, indicating a reversal. The total sum of both cards' numbers equals 3, signifying abundance, prosperity, and numerical increase at the core of these cards.

Completion of a Cycle: 

The World signifies the completion of a cycle, reincarnation, and renewal of energy. It marks the boundary between a completed cycle, successful yet closed, and the beginning of a new cycle. The success depicted in this card is earned and deserved. It is closely associated with successfully concluding ventures and finding balance in life. Additionally, it represents a happy ending, the culmination of an achievement, and the inner peace, joy, and excitement derived from that ending. Despite being the harbinger of a happy ending, it also suggests that new adventures and challenges may emerge shortly. The desired outcome has been achieved, and aspirations have been fulfilled. It could symbolize passing an exam, receiving pregnancy news, graduating, or anticipating awaited news.

Being in the Right Place at the Right Time: 

The World is about being in the right place at the right time. The figures representing the 4 elements remind us that we possess everything we need to achieve our purpose and that where we are is the right place. The World card, one of the greatest fortune cards of the Major Arcana, invites us to embark on new adventures and new beginnings. The existing conditions are sufficient for the seeds of a new success to be sown, and if the necessary steps are taken, success is inevitable.

Understanding and Solidifying One's Place in the System: 

The World card is also about understanding and solidifying one's place within a grand system. There's a sense of unity and harmony in this card, and the one who draws it has now secured a place within this system, becoming an integral part of this unity. The individual comprehends how the system operates and where everything stands, ready to utilize this knowledge for their benefit. When The World appears, it's as if destiny is charting a course, everything falls into place, and the seeds of a new formation are sown. A new phase, where success is embraced and assured, is about to begin, and it's the perfect time to celebrate this happiness.

Celebration of Life's Events: 

Furthermore, The World card is associated with celebrations in life. It could symbolize a graduation ceremony or even a wedding. Coming together to celebrate a union or accomplishment is a possibility when this card appears. The World is one of the most positive cards in the Tarot deck, assuring that whatever remains incomplete will be successfully concluded.

The Reversed World Card: Facing Unfinished Business

The Reversed World card serves as a poignant reminder that unresolved matters and lingering chapters can disrupt our inner harmony. For those who encounter this card in reverse, there is an urgent need to confront, close, and transition to a new phase. The Reversed World advises us not to procrastinate in overcoming obstacles, as avoidance merely invites their reoccurrence. The individual encountering this card must restructure their life and focus on resolving the issues that demand closure.

This card also suggests that an unexpected obstacle may materialize just as success appears imminent. Sometimes, unforeseen details that emerge at the eleventh hour can occupy our minds and delay success. If confronted with such a situation, attention to detail and a deliberate, measured approach are key. The success foretold by the World card hinges on meticulous attention to particulars, and even in its reversed state, the grand culmination remains within reach.

Furthermore, the Reversed World underscores the necessity of embracing change. However, this transformation can only commence once we bid a decisive farewell to certain aspects of our lives and definitively bring them to a close. This card underscores that if we seek something new, we must eliminate the vestiges of the old, as without this transformation, destiny cannot usher in the new.

The Reversed World Card in Matters of Love

In matters of love, the Reversed World card signifies good news and symbolizes the conclusion of chapters. For those graced by this card, significant relationship hurdles have been overcome, paving the way for clearer, more open paths in partnerships. The World may herald marriage, engagement, or a decision to take the relationship to the next level. It can also signify celebrating positive news related to unions or relationships. The individual encountering this card achieves love success.

However, if the Reversed World appears in the context of love, it suggests the need to conclude certain chapters and focus on the future. This may involve ending a relationship or leaving behind unresolved issues that should not encumber the present. The interpretation hinges on an individual's unique love experiences. Even when the World card is reversed, it emphasizes that whatever unfolds, closure is on the horizon, encouraging patience.

The Reversed World Card in Career Matters

In the realm of career and professional pursuits, the Reversed World card signifies the triumphant conclusion of a professional cycle. It indicates the overcoming of all obstacles, culminating in a state of happiness and contentment in one's career. A sense of relief and satisfaction pervades one's professional life, and the future gleams with promise. For some, the World may signify graduation, a coveted promotion, or the acquisition of a desired job. Additionally, this card can hint at celebratory moments following positive career-related news.

However, when individuals encounter the Reversed World in the career context, it suggests the presence of a last-minute obstacle or an unforeseen setback just as they approach the journey's end. This card, when reversed, accentuates the presence of one final hurdle before reaching the grand culmination, and it advises overcoming this obstacle with patience and care. The Reversed World also underscores the significance of not clinging to the past, as this can hinder forward progress. It encourages us to draw lessons from past experiences and continue our journey.

The Reversed World Card in Financial Matters

In the realm of finances, the Reversed World card points to celebratory moments following a financial matter. It suggests that a debt has been settled or that one has embraced a new job promising improved income, leading to festivities. The Reversed World underscores that a financial journey has successfully reached its closure, and the desired success has been attained. For those encountering this card, a financial opportunity awaits, or an entirely new chapter in their financial life is about to unfold.

Nonetheless, when the Reversed World card appears in financial matters, it signals the presence of recurring financial issues from the past that must be addressed rather than evaded. Ignoring problems does not make them vanish. Even in its reversed state, this card heralds the necessity to resolve an issue and close a chapter. It underscores that closure is near, even in this situation, and with one final effort, it is possible to overcome this obstacle.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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