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Three of Swords


Card Information:

Numerical Value: 3

Element: Fire


  • Heartbreak

  • Sorrow

  • Pain

  • Grief

  • Loss

  • Betrayal

  • Separation

  • Sadness

  • Disappointment

  • Anguish

  • Emotional upheaval

  • Mourning

  • Heartache

  • Painful truth

  • Endings

  • Letting go

  • Acceptance

  • Healing

  • Forgiveness

  • Releasing pain


  • Recovery

  • Healing

  • Moving on

  • Release

  • Closure

  • Emotional renewal

  • Overcoming grief

  • Reconciliation

  • Resilience

  • Emotional healing

  • Insight

  • Facing truth

  • Resolving conflicts

  • Rebuilding trust

  • Emotional clarity

  • Inner peace

  • Renewed hope

  • Growth

  • Transformation

  • Learning from past hurts

Meaning of the Three of Swords:

In the Three of Swords card, amid thunder and rain, three swords are piercing a red heart under a dark and stormy sky. These sharp swords have penetrated the heart and appear as if they intersect inside. The heart seems suspended in the air, held only by these swords. The rain represents tears, while the swords symbolize logic and intellectual powers strong enough to impact and harm the physical world. As the representative of emotions and love, this card portrays how these hidden forces can be negatively affected, causing wounds.

The Three of Swords is a card related to heartache. These three swords, descending from the heavens or the non-physical subconscious realm, represent intellect, thoughts, and emotions. These influences have emerged from the subconscious, causing pain and harm to the individual in the physical realm. The person seeing this card has been wounded in the heart and disappointed. The heart is the central organ in the human body, so this painful event deeply affects us at the core of our existence. The heart seems suspended and captive by these three swords, symbolizing that the person has become a prisoner of their circumstances.

According to the Three of Swords, pain, sorrow, and grief are emotions we must inevitably encounter on our life journey. Sooner or later, everyone will experience these emotions at some stage in life. For the person seeing this card, it's a time to experience these emotions. They are going through experiences that have deeply wounded them and caused physical harm. However, it's essential to remember that all wounds heal over time, and the Three of Swords invites patience for this healing process. The pains and wounds are still fresh, and it takes time to reach the healing phase.

The Three of Swords also draws attention to the need to let go of emotional patterns and thought structures that need to be removed from our lives. To heal the heart, the three swords must be slowly and calmly removed from it, allowing time for the wounds to heal. Without parting ways with these emotions and thought patterns, the pain in our hearts will not dissipate. Sometimes, solving a problem may require changing thought patterns alone. When the Three of Swords appears, it signals that it's time to bid farewell to thought patterns that do not serve us and negatively impact our physical lives. To bring about a change in one's life, one must start by altering thought patterns.

The Three of Swords represents three fundamental elements that poison and cause pain in a person's life. Each of the three swords corresponds to one of these elements. While these three elements can sometimes be three different thought patterns, they can also be three different people. The person seeing this card must identify these three fundamental elements or people negatively affecting their life and promptly remove them from their life. If toxic friendships and unproductive pursuits are harming one's life, it's time to bid farewell to these friendships and pursuits. The three fundamental elements that have caused the heart to be suspended in the air and helpless must be addressed, and the person needs to realize this truth as soon as possible.

The person represented by the Three of Swords is someone dealing with sorrow and troubles at the center of their life. Most likely, this individual is either in a state of depression or trapped in the darkness of their subconscious. Sometimes, this card can also represent someone caught in a love triangle or facing emotional problems in their love life. Three fundamental issues or three people negatively affecting their life exist. Without addressing these three elements, the person will not find a solution to their current situation.

This card can also indicate someone who has undergone surgery or suffered physical injuries. Just like these swords descending from the heavens and affecting the physical world by piercing the heart, the person may have physical scars or undergone surgery. While the card doesn't always signify this, sometimes it points to individuals who have been physically harmed due to their subconscious or harmful thought patterns. The harm the person experiences might have its origins in these three fundamental thought patterns or be linked to three different individuals.

When the Three of Swords appears reversed, it signifies emotional turmoil and being trapped in a state of denial. There are significant inner issues, deeply affecting the person's life. Due to these problems, the person cannot focus on their work or other aspects of life. They are metaphorically trapped in their emotional world, putting everything else on hold. To move forward, they must break free from this state of denial and confront their emotions.

Reversed Three of Swords Meaning:

When the Three of Swords appears reversed, it indicates emotional suppression and being trapped in a state of denial. To begin the healing process, one must first acknowledge the pain and recognize that there is an issue at hand. It's essential to break free from this state of denial as soon as possible. To solve a problem, you must first acknowledge that a problem exists. When this card appears reversed, the person should confront the truth, make logical and rational decisions, and make efforts to move on from their current situation.

When the Three of Swords is reversed, the swords that were piercing the heart while upright are now in a more accessible position for removal. This suggests that the problems that seemed unsolvable in the past may now have solutions available. It's always harder to pull a sword upward than to remove it when it's pointing downward. In fact, over time, these swords may come out on their own, and the situation may naturally improve. Sometimes, merely waiting and allowing time for wounds to heal can be sufficient. Normally, Tarot cards in the reversed position carry negative connotations, but the reversed Three of Swords is an exception. It reminds us that conditions for healing are more favorable than they were in the past.

Three of Swords in Love:

When the Three of Swords appears in matters of love, it suggests a period of sadness and grief in a relationship. The rain in the card symbolizes tears in the realm of love. Sometimes, this represents a situation involving three people or a complex love triangle. The person seeing this card is entering a turbulent phase in their emotional life. The Three of Swords also serves as a reminder to release certain thought patterns or people from their love life. For the heart to heal, the three swords must be removed from the heart slowly and patiently, or interference from thought patterns and individuals causing harm to the relationship must cease.

The Three of Swords can also represent conflicts and emotional distress in love life. The swords appear to intersect within the heart, suggesting that partners may have differing perspectives. However, there are two individuals in a relationship, yet three swords pierce the heart, indicating that the influence of three people and three different perspectives may be at play. This situation cannot lead to reduced pain without intervention.

When the Three of Swords is reversed, the heart is turned upside down, and the swords begin to fall. This suggests that some of the issues or obstacles causing discomfort in love life will gradually disappear. These three swords, which represent three fundamental elements or three people, may gradually leave one's life. Communication and compromise will now be possible. For couples in conflict, this reversal brings positive developments. The traces of the past and past mistakes will gradually fade away.

Three of Swords in Career:

When the Three of Swords appears in the career aspect, it signifies a period of sadness and emotionally impacting negative developments in one's professional life. The heart is the center of the human body, and these swords piercing the heart are symbolic of profound pain and sorrow affecting the core of life. While these developments affect one's professional life, they also take an emotional toll on the individual. The Three of Swords indicates that even though the situation may be affecting the work environment, the person is emotionally affected as well. The negative developments mentioned in the Three of Swords may involve three individuals or individuals pulled in three different directions, leading to indecision. Just like the heart seems suspended in the air, everything is temporarily put on hold, but progress will occur once the issues are resolved.

When the Three of Swords appears reversed in the career aspect, the heart is also reversed, and the swords begin to fall one by one. This suggests that some problems will gradually dissipate, and delayed solutions will emerge in the professional realm. The healing process will accelerate, and differences of opinion will disappear. In a situation involving three individuals or being torn between three different options, reaching a consensus on the best course of action will be possible when this card is reversed. The reversed Three of Swords heralds the disappearance of conflicts and differences of opinion in the work environment.

Three of Swords in Finances:

When the Three of Swords appears in matters related to finances, it indicates that dark clouds are gathering in the financial aspect of life. Financial troubles and misfortunes can suddenly arise when this card appears. Just as these swords descend from above, symbolizing the impact of harmful thought patterns on our physical and financial lives, it suggests that harmful thought patterns need to be removed to improve one's financial situation. By freeing oneself from detrimental thought patterns, one can improve their financial circumstances. The heart, the central organ in the human body, is currently overwhelmed by these financial issues. It's essential to take action promptly to find a solution.

When the Three of Swords appears reversed in financial matters, the heart is also reversed, and the swords begin to fall one by one. This indicates that financial issues will gradually disappear, and the healing process will begin. Sometimes, this occurs naturally, and waiting for conditions to mature and wounds to heal is enough. Just as it's more challenging to pull a sword upward, these financial problems may resolve more easily when they are no longer a threat. In many cases, the removal of financial issues will happen on its own. The reversed Three of Swords suggests that conflicts and financial disagreements will gradually dissipate.


Please remember that Tarot card interpretations can be highly personal and situational. The context of the reading and the reader's intuition play a significant role in understanding the full meaning of a card. These interpretations serve as a general guideline but should be adapted to your specific circumstances and feelings.

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