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Numerology in Tarot

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Tarot and Numerology: 


In Tarot, each card has a numerical value. While these numerical values may not be the main focus of a Tarot reading, they do influence and add a second dimension to the reading. When we pay attention to numbers in Tarot spreads, we can notice patterns forming and see how the cards interact with each other, either in harmony or disharmony. In a Tarot spread, we should ask ourselves questions like: Which numbers are more prominent? Do we see the same number's cards frequently?

Moreover, cards with the same numerical value share common characteristics. For example, all Aces are essentially the Magician card in essence. Similarly, all Twos are associated with the High Priestess. So, while the Aces represent the Magician's initiative and activeness, Twos clearly manifest the High Priestess's passive waiting.

The universe exhibits an incredible mathematical order. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all part of this mathematical order and cosmic plan, from the caloric value of the food we consume to the planets and stars in our solar system. Even a baby's moment of birth is influenced by numerical and astrological values. Each baby comes into the world under the influence of specific coordinates, at a particular moment in time, under certain stars, planets, and numbers. Our personalities and lives are influenced by our names, numbers, and the effects of these celestial bodies. These numerical data and planetary influences significantly impact a baby's life, providing insights into their personality, life, and potential situations they may encounter at specific age intervals. Numerology's influence extends not only to the stars and beings within planets but also to Tarot cards.

Tarot and the Number 0:

The only card in Tarot with a numerical value of zero is the Fool card. It is ruled by the planet Pluto and the Scorpio zodiac sign. Although not considered a number in itself, zero represents the essence of existence and the pre-formation stage of everything in nature. In ancient Indian civilizations, it symbolized the womb of the universe. It is the symbol of the infinite cycle and the atom. Zero can annihilate any number it's multiplied by and, numerologically, has no value of its own. It signifies non-existence and the pre-creation universe, representing a period before numerical value existed. Since it lacks a numerical value, it has no impact on human personality. It's the process that precedes the formation of knowledge and matter. Zero is weightless, shapeless, devoid of any energy, pure, and directionless, yet it holds the greatest potential. Despite being directionless, it symbolizes all possibilities, all directions, and infinity itself.

Zero is the number of the spirit and the spirit world. Any number ending in zero is connected to the spirit world and the underworld. Every number ending in zero carries spiritual energy. Inside every number ending in zero, there is information related to a person's spirit. Zero also represents the pre-incarnation stage of the soul and the spirit world, which is why it can indicate the presence of a pregnancy on the horizon. Sometimes, it signifies the calm before a significant event or a period of silence before a storm, and other times, it suggests the emergence of a significant idea. When zero is placed to the left of a number, it is a null element; when placed to the right, it multiplies the value of that number by ten.

Tarot and the Number 1:

The number 1 is associated with the element of fire and the zodiac sign Aries, ruled by the Sun. The Tarot cards represented by this number are the Magician and the Aces in the Minor Arcana. The number 1 holds significant importance in numerology, as it is the precursor, initiator, and instigator of all numbers. It also symbolizes masculine energy. Everything in the universe begins with this number, and it is the father of all creation. The effects of this number on a person's personality include initiative, leadership, and creativity. Individuals influenced by the number 1 are often full of energy, hardworking, and always energetic.

Those under the influence of 1 are born leaders and creative individuals from birth. They come up with projects that no one else has thought of. They are initiators and pioneers, though they often pass on their started projects to later groups. They don't like taking orders. They are self-driven and have their own paths; they don't envy others and don't try to be like anyone else. They make life decisions without consulting anyone. They can become angry suddenly but can also calm down just as quickly. They can be excessively aggressive at times. They have boundless energy and can work without rest. They can make sudden decisions about their lives, which is why they may want to do something different tomorrow from what they wanted today. Their sudden changes in direction can sometimes lead them to places they didn't intend to be.

Tarot and the Number 2:

The number 2 is a harmonious and supportive number. It is associated with the element of water, the planet Moon, and the zodiac sign Taurus. It is feminine and passive. The number 2 represents a pause in the process initiated by the number 1, signifying a temporary stop to gain energy and balance. Sometimes, this number can also symbolize a significant decision within an ongoing process. The number 2 is where a process first takes root and begins to take shape. This number is not as active as 1 but rather supportive and conducive to continuity and progression. The number 2 also represents the harmony of Yin and Yang, showing both a receiver and a giver. It can signify an exchange or decision that satisfies both sides, indicating progress in the process.

The characteristic features of this number include gentleness, kindness, and peacefulness. It can slow down a process that is moving quickly. In Tarot, the representative card for this number is the High Priestess, and all Two cards in the Minor Arcana reflect its energy. People influenced by the number 2 often have a well-developed sense of intuition and inner knowledge. They can feel the hidden, subtle aspects of life, and they often have a great capacity to understand other people's feelings and needs.

Those under the influence of 2 are diplomatic and peace-loving. They can resolve disputes and create harmony among others. They often serve as mediators in conflicts. They are sensitive, emotional, and intuitive. They are cooperative and dislike confrontation. They tend to be passive rather than aggressive. They prefer to work in partnerships or as part of a team. They are attuned to their inner selves and often have strong intuition. They are good at understanding others and are compassionate listeners. They have a calming presence and can diffuse tense situations. However, they may struggle with decisiveness and assertiveness.

Tarot and the Number 3:

The number 3 is associated with the element of air, the planet Jupiter, and the zodiac sign Gemini. It represents expansion, growth, and development. In Tarot, the cards represented by the number 3 include the Empress and the Threes in the Minor Arcana. The number 3 is often considered a lucky number, and it carries the energy of abundance, creativity, and self-expression. It signifies a coming together of two opposing forces to create something new.

People influenced by the number 3 are often optimistic, sociable, and creative. They have a natural ability to express themselves and communicate effectively. They are outgoing and enjoy social interactions. They have a strong desire to create and bring their ideas to fruition. They are often seen as charismatic and have a natural charm that draws people to them. They can be successful in artistic and creative endeavors. However, they may also struggle with scattered energy and a tendency to be overly optimistic.

Those under the influence of 3 are cheerful and optimistic. They have a positive outlook on life and tend to see the bright side of things. They are sociable and enjoy being around others. They have a natural talent for self-expression and may excel in creative fields like art, music, or writing. They are communicative and enjoy sharing their ideas and thoughts with others. They are often seen as charismatic and charming. However, they may need to work on focus and discipline, as they can be easily distracted by their many interests.

Tarot and the Number 4:

The number 4 is associated with the element of earth, the planet Uranus, and the zodiac sign Cancer. It represents stability, structure, and security. In Tarot, the cards represented by the number 4 include the Emperor and the Fours in the Minor Arcana. The number 4 is often associated with the material world and the physical aspects of life. It signifies a solid foundation and a strong sense of structure and order.

People influenced by the number 4 are often practical, organized, and reliable. They value stability and security in their lives and seek to establish a strong foundation. They are hardworking and diligent, often taking on responsibilities and fulfilling their obligations. They are disciplined and have a strong sense of duty. They are loyal and dependable friends and partners. However, they may also struggle with rigidity and inflexibility, as they can be resistant to change.

Those under the influence of 4 are practical and reliable. They are organized and value stability in their lives. They are hardworking and diligent, often taking on responsibilities and fulfilling their obligations. They are disciplined and have a strong sense of duty. They are loyal and dependable friends and partners. They are often seen as grounded and stable. However, they may need to work on being more flexible and open to change, as they can sometimes be resistant to new ideas or ways of doing things.

Tarot and the Number 5:

The number 5 is associated with the element of fire, the planet Mercury, and the zodiac sign Leo. It represents change, freedom, and versatility. In Tarot, the cards represented by the number 5 include the Hierophant and the Fives in the Minor Arcana. The number 5 signifies a period of change and transition, often accompanied by challenges and disruptions.

People influenced by the number 5 are often adventurous, versatile, and adaptable. They thrive on change and enjoy exploring new experiences. They are curious and open-minded, always seeking new knowledge and insights. They have a strong sense of independence and value their freedom. They can handle unexpected situations with ease and are often seen as resourceful problem solvers. However, they may also struggle with restlessness and a tendency to become scattered or distracted.

Those under the influence of 5 are adventurous and adaptable. They thrive on change and enjoy exploring new experiences. They are curious and open-minded, always seeking new knowledge and insights. They have a strong sense of independence and value their freedom. They can handle unexpected situations with ease and are often seen as resourceful problem solvers. However, they may need to work on staying focused and avoiding impulsiveness, as they can sometimes jump from one thing to another without completing tasks.

Number 6 in Tarot:

The number 6 in Tarot represents the south direction, ruled by the planet Venus, and associated with the Virgo zodiac sign. This number symbolizes harmony, partnership, unity, and control. It signifies a period of relaxation where everything is going smoothly, ongoing changes, and overcoming obstacles. While the number 5 brings us to the threshold, the number 6 signifies that we have successfully crossed it, marking a victorious phase. The number 6 promises healing, learning, and growth. It's a self-sufficient, mature number that heralds visible personal growth.

The number 6, though not as high-energy as the number 1, is still dynamic and forward-moving. It's proactive, offering progress and development. Rather than being destructive, it's constructive, encouraging the rebuilding of what has been broken. It also brings news of regaining control over a situation that may have gone astray. Number 6 promotes peace, not conflict. It heralds taking the necessary steps to establish partnerships or agreements. When 5 and 6 come together, they promise unity and completion. In isolation, the number 6 can also signify positive news or events that bring us closer to a desired outcome.

Number 7 in Tarot:

The number 7 in Tarot, ruled by the planet Neptune and influenced by the Scorpio and Aquarius signs, represents the subconscious mind and the sixth sense. Regarded as a mystical number by ancient civilizations, the number 7 reminds us that our external world is a reflection of our inner world. It highlights that the source of our problems often lies within ourselves and that solutions can be found in the depths of our inner world. Sometimes, this number can indicate unknown or hidden truths, suggesting that a person might be living unaware of hidden agendas or secret matters.

The number 7 is also a symbol of rapid processes occurring in the subconscious. It can represent inner healing, maturation, and improvement happening beneath the surface. These inner processes ultimately influence our external world. Number 7 reminds us that we are in control of our lives and that if we desire change, it must begin within. This mystical number grants the ability to read people, make accurate judgments about personalities and intentions, sense impending danger, and avoid those who may harm us. It often results in vivid and meaningful dreams. Those influenced by the number 7 may excel in fortune-telling, dream interpretation, and work related to the subconscious mind. They tend to be emotional and may shed tears easily. They can be introverted and enjoy spending time alone. In Tarot, the number 7 is associated with the Chariot card.

Number 8 in Tarot:

The number 8 in Tarot, influenced by the planets Mars and Pluto and associated with the Scorpio sign, symbolizes rebuilding and healing phases. Being twice the value of the number 4, this number represents the second phase, the duplication, or even a major reform. It signifies multiplication, gaining power, and the arrival of novelty and reform. It's the number of new stages, development, and progress. Additionally, it signifies abundance and prosperity.

In astrology, the 8th house is the house of death and rebirth. The number 8 represents the recycling of energy and its exponential increase. It can also indicate the establishment of an entirely new order. Number 8 suggests that growth and progress will be accompanied by an increase in experience and self-confidence. Furthermore, it governs matters of sexuality and reproduction.

Number 9 in Tarot:

The number 9 in Tarot, ruled by the planet Mars, associated with the west direction, and linked to the Sagittarius sign, is symbolized by the Hermit card. Nine signifies a peak or the prelude to a conclusion. As the final single-digit number, it opens the door to the universe, often representing the last move or action needed for success. While it may not be as proactive, it promises achievement. Even if individuals with this number don't actively seek success, it often comes to them as a result of their influence. Number 1's energy, initiated by 1, is embraced and realized by 9. Nine is the heaviest of all numbers, and it focuses on solutions, not problems. It heralds the end stage of significant issues or burdens.

Number 9 is also a multiplication of 3, implying abundance, prosperity, and growth. Those influenced by this number never find themselves without resources and rarely face difficulties. Sagittarius is considered one of the luckiest signs in the Zodiac because of the influence of the number 9 and Jupiter. As the last single-digit number, 9 always heralds a resolution or a turning point. It may indicate reaching a summit or receiving news from someone at the top. It can suggest graduations, finish lines, marriages, or new beginnings. Number 9 is the ultimate closure, the highest point, and the pinnacle of all single-digit numbers, embodying the characteristics and wisdom of numbers 1 through 8.

Number 10 in Tarot:

The number 10 in Tarot represents the culmination between the closing and opening of a significant chapter. This number is associated with the element of fire and influenced by the Sun. It is an extension of the number 1, carrying forward its qualities. Like the number 1, it marks a turning point and a fresh start. It is an active number, signifying not the beginning of the first series but the start of the second series. It indicates that a previously initiated endeavor is now moving to its next phase or a continuation of something bigger. It signifies the completion of a cycle, the establishment of a group, or the attainment of a goal. It's the border between the elements of fire and air within nature's four elements.

Number 10 is the first of the two-digit numbers, representing the beginning of a new series after the completion of 1-9. It's not the first but the second series, suggesting a leap, promotion, elevation, or increase in income. After reaching the peak with 9, the 10 signals the start of a new phase, marked by updates or reforms. Number 10 holds the energy of 1 but is not as energetic or fast-paced. The zero in 10 connects it to the subconscious and the spirit realm. While the zero may slow down and ground the energy of 1, it still promises progress, albeit at a slower pace. Like 3, it symbolizes growth and expansion and may also indicate pregnancy, abundance, prosperity, and increase. After the conclusion brought by 9, the immediate appearance of 10 can herald a time of receiving rewards and recognition.

Tarot Number 11:

The number 11 is a symbol of equality, justice, harmony, and the initial entrepreneurial step towards a new beginning. Since the sum of the digits in 11 equals two, you can feel the influence of the number 2 within this number. In the Tarot, the nature of the number 11 is airy.

Number 11 represents balance and a sense of direction. It signifies decisiveness, where a person knows which path to take without being swayed to the right or left. Starting in the second series after the number 10, 11 marks the stage of planning and setting a direction. Sometimes, it can also symbolize the division of assets, a parting of ways, or a mutual decision to go separate paths. Despite some numerology enthusiasts disagreeing, number 11 can signify the end of a partnership or the partners going their separate ways. This is because the essence of this number lies in the number 2, which is then divided into two ones.

In the context of number 11, these two ones can represent either two souls coming together anew or two souls that have just separated. In contrast to the idea of a broken partnership or divorce, this number is closely related to the turning point in life when a life partner or soulmate suddenly appears. If this number appears frequently in your life, the mentioned events become more probable. Sometimes, the number 11 can also suggest that an agreement or resolution is finally reached in a partnership or disagreement.

Tarot Number 12:

The number 12 represents completion and cycles. It signifies the completion of one full rotation, such as a full turn of the 360-degree Zodiac circle, a year with its 12 months, an hour with its 12 segments, and essentially, the point between the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. This number heralds the completion of development, reincarnation, and rebirth. It symbolizes the end of a successful chapter and the beginning of a new one. It also signifies reaching the summit and achieving one's goals. However, it can also imply a period of stagnation due to its lower energy.

The zodiac sign associated with the number 12 is Pisces, its direction is north, and it governs the Tarot card, The Hanged Man. While the number 12 bears similarities to the number 9, as both represent endings, the number 12 signifies the ultimate end and closure. Despite being marked by challenges and ups and downs, it signifies the successful completion of a journey and making the final move that leads to accomplishing a goal, such as graduation, marriage, or a significant achievement. It also indicates the approach to the end of something physical or concrete, as beyond this number lies 13, which represents entering the realm of death and the spirit.

Reincarnation views human life as a process from 1 to 12. Therefore, this number can also represent the end, disappearance, or disposal of something physical. Although the number 12 generally symbolizes success and the end of a chapter, it can sometimes indicate a major disruption or the beginning of the end. This end or termination should not be viewed negatively because it makes room for something new and more beautiful. The number 3, which is the essence of 12, reminds us that completion and endings bring growth, increase, and elevation.

The number 12 signifies the union of 1 (Adam) and 2 (Eve), symbolizing the unity of masculine and feminine energies and the coming together of lovers. The only other two-digit number where Yin and Yang energies meet are 12 and 21. Therefore, these numbers also symbolize harmony and balance. Additionally, this combination of energies leads to reproduction and increase, which is part of what 12 signifies. While 1 predominates in 12 due to its earlier position, 21 reverses the balance with a stronger feminine energy.

Tarot Number 13:

Number 13 has long been considered an ominous number. It disrupts the cycle completed by the number 12, which symbolizes a dozen, a year, and the completion of one hour. Despite its reputation, not everyone in the realm of numerology agrees that 13 is an unlucky number. Some ancient civilizations even regarded it as sacred. In the Tarot, the number 13 represents the Death card and serves as the gateway to the underworld after the completion of one cycle.

This number also signifies rebirth, the dismantling of the old system to make way for the new. This transition can be painful and unsettling, so the number 13 can be associated with challenging times. It represents the end of a significant event or project, sometimes accompanied by a difficult adjustment period. The number 13's essence is closely tied to the number 4, which signifies that after this process, there will be an acquisition of authority and power. It also symbolizes the transition from the physical to the spiritual realm.

Both 0 and 13 share some similarities, with Pluto being the ruling planet for both and Scorpio being the zodiac sign. While 0 represents the pre-birth spiritual realm, 13 represents the transition from physical life to the spiritual realm. When we look at a wall clock, we see numbers from 1 to 12, and when Scorpio reaches 12, one hour has completed its cycle. The number 13 disrupts this cycle and represents an ending, sometimes the end of life, a failed business, or exhausted energy.

Tarot Number 14:

The number 14's core number is 5, and it corresponds to the Heart card in the Tarot. It represents the rising phase in the rebirth process initiated by the number 13, signifying the establishment of a new system. It also symbolizes adapting to a new order and embracing change. This number is associated with movement and energy, bringing about transformation.

The number 14 is known for turning dreams into reality. Like all numbers that start with 1, it carries the energy of initiative and entrepreneurship. When the creative energy of 1 combines with the organizational and authoritative energy of 4, the result is the number 14, signaling the birth of a new project. As it is associated with the heart, the number 14 is also the symbol of a central component in any organization. Due to the influence of the number 4, it encompasses the energies of the four elements: fire, earth, air, and water. While the number 14 shares the entrepreneurial spirit of 1, it also possesses the power to see the project through to completion. With its core number being 5, it indicates change and progress. This number represents freedom and the ability to make independent decisions, marking a period when one can stand alone and make choices.

The number 14 is also considered auspicious in some ancient civilizations, such as Babylon and Egypt. It is a number that embodies the successful launch and execution of new projects and systems. It signifies a fusion of masculine and feminine energies, symbolizing unity, and sometimes even the meeting of soulmates or life partners. The combination of energies in 14 brings about growth, increase, and elevation. It is a number that emphasizes the balance between the two genders and their harmonious coexistence.

The Number 15 in Tarot:

The core number of 15 is 6, represented by the Devil card in Tarot. It combines the energies of 1 and 5. The initiating and pioneering spirit of 1 blends with the transformative and reformative energy of 5 in this number. It's like the lone sheep breaking away from the herd, similar to the old system but paving the way for a unique new system. The number 15 symbolizes freedom and breaking free from constraints, signifying a period of self-sufficiency and making independent decisions.

Additionally, 15 heralds a time when boundaries and obstacles are lifted, allowing for expanded horizons. It represents the accumulation of experience, self-confidence, and knowledge needed to achieve one's goals. The number 15 marks an important peak and milestone, prompting those who encounter it to conduct a quality control check by reflecting on both the past and future. It suggests that by drawing from past experiences and making updates or additions, a completely new and independent project is possible in this phase.

The Number 16 in Tarot:

The core number of 16 is 7, represented by the Tower card in Tarot. In this number, the enterprising and pioneering energy of 1 combines with the healing energy of 6. In numerology, all numbers ending in 6 signify a transition into the second half. Following the 5, which marks the midpoint of a journey, the number 6 signifies that the first radical change and upheaval occur after the process initiated by 15. Although the pinnacle is yet to be reached, 16 indicates a period of elevation.

Like all numbers beginning with 1, this number is influenced by masculine energy. Even though it has moved away from the group and is charting its own course, it is still under the influence of the number 1. Thanks to the influence of the core number 7, 16 is connected to the subconscious. Therefore, it emphasizes that the changes and developments in one's life primarily occur within the inner self. Number 16 is vibrant and attention-grabbing, as it combines the energies of the Sun and Venus. While the Sun shines brightest during the day, Venus is the brightest celestial body in the night sky. Consequently, individuals under the influence of this number tend to draw attention with their elegance and beauty.

The Number 17 in Tarot:

The core number of 17 is 8, represented by the Star card in Tarot. It combines the enterprising energy of 1 and the spiritual energy of 7. It has been considered a lucky number by many civilizations. Like all numbers starting with 1, this number is dominated by the energy of the Sun and entrepreneurship. Additionally, due to the sum of its digits being 8, it also carries the energy of Pluto. In astrology, the 8th House is associated with death and rebirth, which is why 17 signifies the recycling of energy.

Since the first digit of 17 is 1, it carries the energy of the Sun. It is quite dynamic and indicates approaching an end, but it also signals the need to address a few issues. After a period of calm, it reminds us that the time for the final push and reaching our goals is near. Due to the sum of its digits, the number 8's characteristics are also evident in 17. The number 8 is associated with change, reform, and entering a new phase. It symbolizes the reform of an existing system, its reconstruction, or even its complete demolition, signifying the beginning of a second construction. It is a sign that nothing will remain the same, indicating the advent of a new era.

The Number 18 in Tarot:

The core number of 18 is 9, represented by the Moon card in Tarot. In 18, the enterprising energy of 1 combines with the reincarnation and transformation energy of 8. Therefore, 18 can signify renewed energy and new beginnings. Because the sum of its digits is 9, it also indicates reaching a peak. Additionally, the influence of the Sun and Mars planets can be observed in 18. The Sun represents entrepreneurship, while Mars symbolizes a warrior spirit. Thus, individuals influenced by this number are accustomed to overcoming obstacles in their endeavors and engaging in battles with their competitors. In astrology, the 8th House is associated with sex and sexuality, making sexuality important in the lives of those influenced by the number 18.

Moreover, 18 signifies that the old order has reached its end, and a brand new order is about to emerge. The sum of the digits, 9, reinforces this meaning. As the last of the single-digit numbers, 9 heralds that nothing will be the same anymore. It also emphasizes that this transition period may be challenging. 18 symbolizes the end of a process that will lead to freshness and reminds us that after every darkness, there is light.

The Number 19 in Tarot:

19 is the final two-digit number that begins with 1, and as such, it shares some characteristics with the number 9. Just like 9, 19 marks the last peak before a conclusion, the attainment of a major goal, or the final step on a staircase. It symbolizes the pinnacle reached successfully from 1 to 9, the moment when a significant purpose is achieved. Like all numbers starting with 1, 19 is dominated by masculine energy. It is the most promising number among all single-digit numbers, as it combines the enterprising nature of 1 with the finisher's energy of 9.

Because 1 + 9 = 10, the number 19 also carries the enterprising and pioneering energies of both 10 and 1. While it contains the entrepreneurial spirit of 1 and 10, 19, being the last step before 20, can also symbolize the final move required to complete a series. Just like all numbers beginning with 1, 19 is influenced by masculine energy. In contrast, numbers beginning with 2 are influenced by feminine energy. 19 is the last in this series, signaling the end of a male-dominated system. Therefore, 19 can sometimes indicate innovations and reforms initiated or supported by women in the near future.

The Number 20 in Tarot:

The core number of 20 is 2, represented by the Judgment card in Tarot. It is the beginning number of a brand new series. It bears resemblance to the previous order but signifies the start of an entirely new phase. While all numbers starting with 1 are dominated by masculine energy, those starting with 2 are influenced by feminine energy. Therefore, it's highly likely that a woman initiates or supports the new phase represented by 20. Being an even number, it can sometimes indicate group work or the initiation of partnerships, but the dominant energy is still feminine.

In contrast to the series starting with 10, the series starting with 20 is more passive. Instead of taking an active approach to achieve a goal, it represents a period of waiting for the goal to approach. 20 also signifies harmony and balance. Like all numbers ending in 0, 20 has a connection to the spiritual and the underworld. It serves as a reminder of the power of the subconscious.

The Number 21 in Tarot:

The core number of 21 is 3, represented by the World card in Tarot. This number represents the union of 1 (masculine) and 2 (feminine), symbolizing the harmony between male and female energies, also known as Yin and Yang. It can also relate to lovers reuniting, reconciling, or a long-distance relationship coming to a close. There's a high probability of meeting one's soulmate or even marriage associated with this number. 12 and 21 are the only two-digit numbers where the energies of 1 (masculine) and 2 (feminine) come together, making them symbols of harmony and balance.

The World card in Tarot, which represents the ultimate closure, is influenced by this number, making 21 a significant number of closure. There's a strong possibility of graduation, marriage, or the fulfillment of a cherished desire with this number. 12 and 21, both featuring the combination of 1 (masculine) and 2 (feminine), are numbers of harmony and balance. However, the difference between these two numbers lies in the gender dynamic—12 is masculine, while 21 is feminine. In 21, the feminine energy takes the lead, but the final say is held by the masculine. The 1 to the right of 2 signifies that the energy required for the new page to open is present.

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