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The Suit of Pentacles

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The Pentacles Series (Physical Energy) – Minor Arcana

(Tarot Course - Lesson 9)

The Pentacles series, representing the earth element, is the final series of the Minor Arcana, associated with the zodiac signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. This series belongs to the earth element, the tactile element of the world, and is the slowest and most solid-moving among all the elements. However, it is the most stable of them all. Pentacles contain more information about material matters and also symbolize financial success. They are the most concrete group in the Tarot, signifying that all obstacles have been overcome, and it's time to attain success. All the challenges and difficulties faced in other series are actually meant to lead to the Pentacles.

In the Tarot deck, there are four fundamental realities: thought, emotion, creativity, and material reality. Each of these four fundamental realities is addressed by one of the series of the Minor Arcana. Thought is represented by Swords, emotion by Cups, creativity by Wands, and material reality by Pentacles. The topics discussed in Pentacles are not as abstract and emotional as in Cups or as intellectual as in Swords; they are more tangible and physical. What was once only in our minds has become a reality, taking on a tangible form within this series.

Pentacles also indicate the phase where a project that comes from one's creativity or inspiration has now taken its final shape and become tangible. That project we've longed for might have only existed in our thoughts before, but when this series appears, it has now materialized and taken a tangible form. In short, Pentacles represent the phases where the results of past work are obtained and the achievements are enjoyed. The hardest part of the job has been done in the past, and it's time to enjoy material stability. Sometimes, it symbolizes children benefiting from their parents' past efforts and enjoying financial stability. The actions of these parents I mentioned earlier were actually what was done in the first three series before Pentacles. Pentacles indicate that what has been earned and achieved is now being enjoyed.

Among all the series, Pentacles is the most concrete and physically oriented series. Therefore, it often represents tangible achievements, financial situations, and even news related to physical health. The events that happen in this series don't just stay in the mind; they have a real impact on the physical world. Whatever is happening is real and not a matter of perception.

Pentacles belong to the earthly element, which is quite different from the other elements. It's the most tangible, stable, settled, and stable element. Earth's idea is that the planet can develop and be improved. According to the earth element, abundance and prosperity are always possible. Even tiny seeds can provide us with an abundance of nourishment, plants and trees, and wealth and abundance. The earth takes in sunlight and uses this energy to sustain life. In short, the earth is the element of material gains, abundance, and prosperity in the world. If many Pentacles cards appear in a spread, it signifies abundance, prosperity, and opportunities in that person's life.

The meanings of Pentacle cards usually revolve around work, trade, financial matters, buying and selling, inheritance, career successes, and physical health issues.

Personality Traits of the Pentacles Series:

When the Pentacles series represents a person, it often signifies individuals who are fortunate in financial matters, living in abundance and prosperity, understanding economics, thinking in business terms, and being closely associated with money matters. They are practical, career-oriented, comfortable, and have a penchant for comfort and luxury. Their biggest weakness is struggling to live in financial difficulty. By nature, they enjoy spending on their pleasures and entertainment and enjoy shopping. 

Additionally, due to the influence of the earth element, they are deeply connected to nature. Most likely, they will want to live in a house with a garden. If that's not possible, they might take up gardening. They have a passionate attachment to nature and everything natural.

Reversed Pentacles:

When Pentacle cards appear upright, they bring success and positive news in financial matters, but when they appear reversed, the positive energy of the earth turns negative. Therefore, they can signify negative traits such as greed, stinginess, laziness, excessive materialism, perfectionism, and an obsession with money. They can also indicate a lack of understanding of financial matters and potential financial mistakes that could lead to bankruptcy. Sometimes, they might carry meanings like bad luck, setbacks, unexpected financial problems, or disruptions in financial stability or health when Pentacle series cards appear reversed. While upright, they represent the continuous increase of savings and the process of wealth; when reversed, they can indicate debt and depletion of savings. In fact, seeing too many reversed Pentacle series cards can be a sign of bankruptcy.

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