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Justice Reversed Meaning

The Fool Reversed

Justice Reversed: Unresolved Injustices and Imbalance

The Justice card in reverse often highlights unresolved past wrongdoings affecting the present negatively. It suggests an imbalance where the actions or decisions made in the past are casting long shadows over current circumstances. When this card appears reversed in a reading, it indicates that the person may feel victimized by injustice or unfair outcomes.

Indicators of Unfavorable Outcomes

Reversed Justice points to receiving results that are not only undesirable but also unfair. In situations where it seems impossible to amend past mistakes, the card advises focusing on present actions to avoid repeating those errors. The decisions we make today lay the groundwork for the future, acting as seeds that will grow into the realities of tomorrow.

Legal Challenges and Denied Rights

This reversed card can also symbolize legal proceedings that may not go in your favor, reflecting a period where justice seems skewed against you. It serves as a reminder that, sometimes, justice in its traditional sense may not prevail, and outcomes may not align with our sense of fairness or moral rightness.

In all, the reversed Justice card calls for a reevaluation of one's approach to dealing with fairness, accountability, and honesty. It warns of the long-term consequences of ignoring these principles and encourages a proactive stance to restore balance and rectify any ongoing issues of injustice.

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