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The Lovers Reversed Meaning

The Fool Reversed

The Lovers Reversed: Misalignment and Communication Breakdown

When The Lovers card appears reversed in a tarot reading, it highlights disharmony and problems in communication. While the upright position of this card signifies mutual satisfaction and a harmonious agreement between parties, its reversal suggests a situation akin to opposing magnets, where an agreement or mutual satisfaction is unachievable, symbolizing hands that cannot come together.

Potential Separations or Cancelled Engagements

The reversed Lovers card often signifies separations or cancelled arrangements. It is generally interpreted negatively by tarot readers, suggesting that relationships or agreements that once held promise may now be falling apart. This card in its reversed position could represent the end of partnerships, both in personal and professional contexts.

Internal Conflicts and Dilemmas

Sometimes, the reversed Lovers reflects internal conflicts or dilemmas. It might indicate a struggle between two choices, often between following the heart or the mind. One option may offer significant benefits, while the other might only bring happiness without tangible advantages, placing the individual in a predicament between emotional fulfillment and practical benefits. This card suggests that the person finds themselves trapped between their emotions and rational thought.

Unilateral Satisfaction

Additionally, the reversed Lovers can point to situations where only one party is satisfied, leaving the other discontent. This imbalance can occur not just in romantic relationships but also in professional dealings, such as postponed agreements or negotiations that fail to conclude successfully. In such cases, more compromise or a better offer might be necessary to reach a satisfactory resolution. This interpretation of the Lovers reversed warns of the need for greater effort to secure an agreement or maintain a relationship.

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