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Three of Wands Reversed Meaning

The Fool Reversed

Three of Wands Reversed: Restricted Vision and Unfulfilled Potential

When the Three of Wands appears reversed, it highlights a constriction in vision and a lack of awareness of one’s potential, contrasting sharply with its upright position that symbolizes broad perspectives and future foresight. This card suggests that although greater achievements are possible, the individual may not be recognizing their full potential or capabilities.

Confidence Deficit and Lack of Control

The reversed Three of Wands often indicates a lack of self-confidence or the inability to fully harness and control circumstances. It advises the person to first understand their current position and desires before committing to a course of action. Selecting the right stance and perspective can fundamentally change the outcome of their efforts.

Limited Perspective

Upright, this card shows a merchant with a high vantage point, but reversed, it suggests a ground-level view, indicating a poor perspective or an inappropriate position. This implies that the current position or viewpoint in life might be incorrect, and adjusting either the physical location or the mental outlook could solve existing issues. Sometimes, a small decision or slight shift in perspective can resolve problems completely.

Warning Against Poor Decisions

The reversed Three of Wands also warns against making ill-considered moves and the lack of foresight that can lead to losses instead of successes. The resolution to problems often lies within the individual, and addressing the situation with careful consideration and long-term planning is crucial. The advice here is to start with a reassessment of the situation and to make plans that take a broader view.

Encouragement for Broader Thinking

Moreover, this card encourages thinking bigger and trusting in oneself more. The person may not be inherently unwise or visionless; they might just need to adopt a more expansive outlook and believe in their higher capabilities. When upright, the card suggests high self-esteem associated with a high viewpoint; when reversed, it suggests that looking from the ground up limits perspective and hinders taking bold steps and thinking ambitively. Changing this viewpoint is essential for realizing larger goals and achieving significant success.

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