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Wheel of Fortune Reversed Meaning

The Fool Reversed

Wheel of Fortune Reversed: Stagnation and Misfortune

When the Wheel of Fortune appears reversed, it signifies misfortune and a halt in progress, indicating a phase where advancements cease and regression or complete stagnation takes hold. For some, this card represents a diversion from desired goals, leading them away from their intended path. It calls for self-assessment and recognition of missteps in life’s journey, urging a swift exit from this detrimental cycle.

Indications of Deteriorating Circumstances

The reversed Wheel of Fortune often heralds a worsening of situations due to inevitable negative influences, setting the stage for an unavoidable conclusion. This card may surface when individuals feel overwhelmingly swept up by the currents of fate, rendered powerless to steer their own course. The feeling of being involuntarily dragged towards an inescapable outcome, perhaps dictated by higher authorities or external decisions, is a common theme with this card's reversal.

Adapting to Unavoidable Outcomes

Instead of resisting or fighting against the tide of change, the reversed Wheel of Fortune advises adapting to the circumstances and accepting the inevitable if it cannot be changed. This approach involves acknowledging that sometimes, despite our best efforts, certain outcomes are beyond our control. Accepting the reality of the situation can be crucial for moving forward, even if it means embracing a fate we did not choose.

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