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The Suit of Swords

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The Swords Series (Mental Energy) – Minor Arcana

(Tarot Course - Lesson 8)

The Swords series, the third series of the Minor Arcana, is associated with the element of air and represents the signs of Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra. Among all the series, it is the fastest, most dynamic, and most warrior-like. This series is depicted with swords, sharp and deadly weapons on both sides. The sword is a destructive and lethal weapon that should be used to eliminate all dangers and obstacles on the path to success. While concrete achievements are hidden in the Pentacles, Swords are the last series of cards that must be visited before reaching the Pentacles.

The Pentacles are about movement, enthusiasm, power, ambition, courage, and conflicts. When we closely examine the Sword cards, we can see that all Sword cards are associated with war and struggle. That's because the Swords series is actually the one that puts in the most effort and fights the biggest battles in the formation of success.

In this series, the theme revolves around the abundant use of power and the strong overpowering the weak. Swords are not tools for acquiring something peacefully; they are tools to showcase our strength. In a reading where Sword cards dominate, it means that challenges, conflicts, arguments, and competitions prevail in that person's life. When someone sees many cards from this group in a spread, it indicates that they are engaged in a significant battle and striving to overcome obstacles.

The Swords series symbolizes mental energy. The focus of these cards is thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and the intellect. In a reading dominated by Sword cards, a person may find themselves trapped in mental struggles, conflicts, and indecision. They aim to use their power and arguments to emerge as victors in these struggles. Additionally, by striking a balance between the mind and power, one can overcome the greatest obstacles to success within this series. The sharpness on both sides of the sword reminds us that this power can be used for both good and bad.

Another important thing to know about this series is that it is the fastest and most variable group. Due to the influence of the air element, these cards can indicate sudden changes in direction. Like air, which is constantly in motion and does not like to stay still, Sword series cards are ready to adapt to changing circumstances when they dominate a spread.

The stability found in Pentacles is absent in the Swords series. Earth is a stable and unchanging element, while air is abstract, intangible, and constantly in motion. Therefore, Swords represent the abstract and only point to mental truths. Despite being an unseen and untouched element, air is quite powerful.

Personality Traits of the Swords Series:

The Swords series is the most warrior-like of the Minor Arcana. Therefore, individuals represented by this series are ambitious, warrior-like, determined, and skilled at overcoming obstacles. Just like the air element, which is constantly in motion and doesn't like to stay still, these individuals love to travel, can't sit still, are active, and value their freedom. This element comes and goes suddenly. 

Therefore, the people represented by this series may enter or exit our lives suddenly. They can also be indecisive, constantly changing their minds, unable to make long-term plans. Their inability to stay in one place for too long may lead them to change jobs frequently. They might be forgetful at times, even forgetting promises.

Reversed Swords:

Upright Swords are about movement, enthusiasm, power, ambition, courage, and conflicts, but when these cards appear reversed, they emphasize destructive conflicts rather than constructive ones. They point to unnecessary wars and wear and tear, unwarranted anger, excessive ego, lack of compassion, injustices, unfair competitions, and misuse of power. There is always a winner and a loser, but when the cards of this series are reversed, the probability of unfair use of power in this competition is quite high.

Swords are very dynamic and constantly changing cards. When reversed, they can underline unhealthy aimlessness. They may indicate living without making long-term plans and going wherever the wind takes them instead of moving in a specific direction. A person might invest their time and effort into something but gain nothing in return when Swords cards appear reversed. Sometimes, reversed Swords can also indicate obsessions and an unwavering pursuit of something that will not benefit the individual. Here, mental energy is still in use, but no productivity is achieved.

Swords are two-sided, and these cards actually serve as a reminder that power can be used for both good and bad purposes. The power represented in the card is a force that must be controlled, and the person should strive to balance this power. Swords, as destructive and lethal weapons, should only be used to eliminate evil and obstacles. Using this power for ruthless and unnecessary destruction will not benefit the individual.

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