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Aries Man as a Lover

Lovers Hug

What's it like when it comes to love with an Aries man? 

It might sound cliché to say that Aries men, who rule the zodiac's first sign and the first house, are freedom-loving, but you should know this: an Aries man is unequivocally the type who can't be tamed. Before you even attempt to understand Aries, the one thing you must know is that he cannot be controlled or directed. If you have (or are considering) an Aries man as your partner, you should start by realizing that you can't put a leash on him.

Aries men are, to some extent, "ego-focused individuals," although not as much as Leo men. All their actions in life are centered around their mental energy. Don't let your courage waver, but understand that Aries men are unmanageable, unfixable, and unbridled. Reverse psychology doesn't work on them. If they want to move in a certain direction, they will, or they'll choose the path of conflict and move forward regardless. And remember this: Aries is ruled by the god of war, Mars, and Aries always emerges as the victor in battles. Aries is a true warrior and a master of the art of war. Ultimately, Aries will get what he wants. So, don't even think about trying to redirect him in a different direction.

What Kind of Lover is an Aries Man? 

Before I answer the question of what kind of lover an Aries man is, let me tell you this: never confuse him with the zodiac's other domesticated animal signs. He's not attached to the soft couches in the living room like a Taurus man, nor is he domesticated like a Leo man. An Aries man is tethered not to a physical place but solely to his mental energy realm, and the fact that his ruling organ in the body is the head is a reminder of this. If you think you can handle this "desire to move in one direction," you might be mistaken.

When you have an Aries man as your partner, remember that in his mind, there's no one better or smarter than himself. If you keep reminding him of this, you'll win. Aries, who owns the first house in the zodiac, is the natural winner of all competitions. He's always in the lead, but sometimes, he can exaggerate this lead and be a bit too impulsive before diving into something. If an Aries has lost in life, it's often due to this impulsiveness. In relationships, he often makes the same mistake. He might want to dive headfirst into a relationship without getting to know you well enough or saying, "This is the woman I've been looking for." Don't be deceived if he pursues you passionately like an obsessed man. The moment he realizes you're not the right person for him, he'll exit that relationship just as swiftly as he entered it.

Natural Warrior:

Typical Mars-ruled Aries men are natural warriors. Always remember that their planet, Mars, is the god of war. In fact, they can't live without conflicts. They're prone to getting bored in relationships where everything is always mild and going smoothly. Conflict in a relationship is like adding salt and pepper to their lives. A conflict-free relationship might taste bland to them. So, don't strive too hard to be someone who constantly tries to please him and avoids conflicts. His conflicts are like a quickly igniting and quickly extinguishing fire. His angry phase doesn't last too long. However, don't prolong conflicts unnecessarily!

Aries men have earned the title of the zodiac's "bad boys" when it comes to women. They excel at being flirts and have a knack for romance and relationships. This makes them quite popular among the ladies. Aries is truly a conqueror. Remember that he's the first in the zodiac. He's been everywhere, seen everything, and conquered it all. He loves entering new hearts and winning them over. However, as sad as it may sound, once he conquers a heart, he might move on to conquer another. So, be cautious with an Aries man! He'll do anything to win your heart, showing up at your door with flowers, calling you every day, buying gifts, and he's quite skilled at winning people over. But after he's won your heart, he doesn't even know himself how long he'll stay there.


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