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Dating a Taurus Man

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When it comes to dating a Taurus man, there are certain traits and characteristics you should be aware of. Here's a glimpse into what it's like to date a Taurus man:

Stubborn yet Sensual: 

Typical traits of a Taurus man include being stubborn, grounded, reliable, loyal, and sensual. These qualities are reflective of the themes encompassed by the Second House of Personal Values and Income, which is ruled by the Taurus sign. This house governs material possessions, how you earn and feel about money, the qualities you value in yourself and others, as well as how you experience your immediate environment and senses.

Ruled by the Throat: 

As the ruling organ is the throat, Taurus men often have beautiful and captivating voices and have a penchant for quality food due to their affinity for their throat. Their energy derived from Venus has created a weakness for anything visually pleasing, where the presentation of food is just as important. Enjoying a meal by candlelight in a beautiful setting appeals to their senses. They also appreciate luxurious scents and textures, making them quite discerning when it comes to fabrics like cashmere.

Seekers of Pleasure: 

Considering their ruling planet is Venus, Taurus men tend to appreciate or indulge themselves in all things artistic (from music to dance to theater) and romantic (think about setting the mood with lighting, warm, cozy blankets, and all the candles and essential oils). With their love for luxury scents and textures, they appreciate the finer things in life that few other signs do. They enjoy lavish surroundings and a high-quality lifestyle.

Fixed Earth Sign: 

As a fixed earth sign, Taurus men are known for being slow-moving, deliberate thinkers who don't enjoy sudden changes. They prefer stability, harmony, and a moderate pace in life. While this slow pace may be seen as sluggish or lazy by some, it's simply their natural rhythm, and they shouldn't be pressured to speed up.

In Relationships: 

In relationships, Taurus men are known for their loyalty, dependability, and affectionate nature. They value honesty and stability, making them committed and trustworthy partners. However, their stubbornness and resistance to change can sometimes pose challenges in relationships, especially if they become too set in their ways.


Romantically, Taurus men are known for their patience and devotion. They take their time in relationships and don't rush into anything. Once they choose a partner, they're in it for the long haul, offering unwavering loyalty and support. However, it's essential to understand that they have a strong need for security and comfort in their relationships.


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