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The Leo Woman's Love Life

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The Leo Woman's Love Life: What to Expect 

While the title of "leader" in the Zodiac may seem to belong to Aries, the truth is, the Zodiac revolves around the Sun of the Leo sign. Whether male or female, those belonging to the Leo sign tend to excel in maintaining control in their relationships. To truly grasp this managerial and organizational side of Leo, one only needs to look at its ruling astrological value, the Sun. The Sun, unyielding and at the center of all planetary orbits, makes Leo a natural-born leader.

In matters of love, Leo women exude a "queenly" air. She doesn't follow; she's always the one being followed. Her ruler, the Sun, has taught her to always be at the top, to shine brightly, and to draw all attention from the day she was born. Therefore, Leo women, wherever they go, manage to captivate with their irresistible charm. While they may not do this consciously, there's always something mysteriously attractive about them that grabs everyone's attention. They have the ability to magnetize the opposite sex, even without relying on physical beauty. Something about them, gifted by their ruling planet, the Sun, sets them apart.

In Love: Leo Woman 

Winning the heart of a Leo woman and pursuing her is an art and a skill for any man. This is because a Leo woman is always the one who runs, while her partner is the one who chases. When it comes to matters of the heart, Leo women are experts in the art of being pursued. Even if she's head over heels in love with you, you might still find yourself chasing after her. Her ego will always take precedence, and even if she's passionately attached to a man, she may choose her pride and walk away. If she says, "I won't call," she won't.

The Sun, the heaviest astrological body in the Zodiac, never orbits around any other planet; it makes all the planets orbit around it. This characteristic is gifted to Leo women. To win a Leo woman's heart, you don't necessarily need physical beauty, hours at the gym, or a successful career. Perhaps a successful career may give you an extra point in the competition, but it's still not enough. However, if you manage to touch her heart, an open pathway to her affection, you can claim a Leo woman as your own.

A Leo woman is literally the star of the show. However, I regret to say that she doesn't live for love. She's the type who can easily find someone new with the wave of her hand. Love is never an elusive treasure hunt for a Leo woman. She lives knowing that love is always within her reach. Her life's purpose is to follow the orbit she has set for herself. If she decides to unite her life with a partner one day, the partner has two choices: either join her orbit or depart from it. 

Regardless of the outcome, a Leo woman won't change her course.

Leo women are not the type to expect constant attention or flood you with 100 messages in a day. In fact, they may not text for hours, leaving you wondering. The reason behind this is her priorities. She will finish her tasks first and only message you if she has time to spare. Her messages are never long, emotional novels; they are short, to the point, and won't consume much of your time. Don't expect her to cry her heart out for you, either. That will never happen. A Leo woman has a dry demeanor, remember, she's a fire sign. She's not one to shed tears easily; her emotions will never overshadow her rationality.

If Leo is the king of the jungle, then the Leo woman is truly a queen. She has an air of royalty in her posture and walk. She doesn't appreciate using cheap products, and this can sometimes make her seem extravagant and perfectionistic. Additionally, keep in mind that Leo is the king of the forest and not easily tamed. A Leo roams freely, so don't think you can domesticate her. When it comes to making life decisions, she won't ask for permission; she'll only seek your opinion. The final decision will always be hers. She cannot be forced.


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