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Love Compatibility Between Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman

Lovers Hug

A Scorpio-Scorpio Relationship: A Tale of Two Intense Souls

Describing this relationship as peculiar might be an understatement; it involves two partners who are possessive, always seeking to be in control, and striving for freedom while not particularly concerned about the other's freedom. No Scorpio desires to be controlled, yet each is prone to exerting the very control they resist onto their partner. These two kindred spirits could understand each other well, but the issue often lies in both partners comprehending each other's desires perfectly but turning it into an ego battle. Nevertheless, being both water signs, Scorpios tend to be inclined towards understanding each other and balancing their paces in life.

Navigating Emotions as Water Signs

As water signs, both Scorpios will find themselves dealing with emotions they'd rather not face. They both prefer slow and gentle movements and are not fans of sudden changes. However, an excess of water in a relationship can lead to numerous conflicts. The addition of an element like fire, which balances emotions, could have been beneficial. But an abundance of water can lead to floods and suffocating sentimentality, which might strain the Scorpio-Scorpio relationship. Success in this relationship largely depends on accepting and tolerating the deep emotional aspects.

Unspoken Depths and Telepathic Bonds

Their emotional baggage is a part of their daily communication that no one else can truly understand as well as another Scorpio. Topics can easily open and close, and some things go unsaid, yet one Scorpio can read the unspoken thoughts in the other's gaze. Both Scorpios, often without realizing it, serve as healers of each other's minds. After all, the inner worlds of these two signs are expansive. If a Scorpio utters a single sentence, it should be known that they've contemplated a thousand sentences in their inner world and have voiced only one.

Balancing Competition and Support

When working together, if they compete to reach the same goal or feel that they're jeopardizing each other's status in any way, their relationship can become quite unpleasant. A Scorpio that goes too far forward might feel their partner is distancing themselves and will then employ their stingers. Viewing each other as rivals may lead to a relentless desire to outdo one another. To have a lasting and happy relationship, this pair must learn to coexist without stinging each other.

Pluto's Influence

Scorpio is a water sign that represents all the suppressed emotions we don't want to deal with. These representatives of this sign gravitate toward emotional matters of a darker nature, which is something both Scorpios can relate to. The challenge with Scorpio lies in their battle with the Moon and emotional turmoil. Despite sharing the same needs, they may become overly judgmental of each other's emotional requirements, appearing harsh and critical.

Making Choices and Finding Balance

Deciding where to go and what to do together may not pose significant challenges, but their choices might not always make them happy. Nonetheless, it's about finding balance, which they can achieve if they manage to shield themselves from the excessive energy of their water element. The more time they spend together, the less energy they might have, as both harbor a quiet, internal struggle that drains them.

Revealing Darkness and Finding Catharsis

Scorpio and another Scorpio have a tendency to bring out the worst in each other. Despite sharing the deepest understanding known to the entire zodiac, they can plummet into a very dark depression together and drown in the depths of their emotions. In such cases, one of the Scorpios must exhibit tolerance in emotional matters. If both allow themselves to get lost in the emotional intensity of the water element without any effort to balance it, it can strain their relationship.

Psychic Connection and Lessons Learned

Two psychically attuned beings can be either cathartic and healing or a catastrophe in the making. One thing is certain: if you lock horns with another Scorpio, you'll either transform forever or mutually destruct. Even if you part ways, the energetic effects of your time with a Scorpio will resonate in your mind for years to come.


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