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Marital Life of Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman

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Two Scorpios, One Marriage: A Mysterious Affair

Both Scorpio women and Scorpio men are governed by the enigmatic Pluto, often referred to as the god of the underworld. They share two distinctive characteristics: an inclination for triumph and an urge for revenge. These two underworld creatures can maintain a happy marriage for many years if they utilize these traits for constructive purposes and the benefit of their relationship. However, if they engage in conflicts with each other instead of confronting external challenges, their sparks may ignite a war within their home that rivals a world war.

Pluto: The Ruler of Two Underworld Beings

Pluto, the ruler of these two underworld beings, is generally considered the planet associated with the subconscious aspects of life. It is the sovereign of all things dark – think malevolence, sorcery, vengeance, and hatred, to name a few. Therefore, Scorpios have a tendency to conceal their true identities and often enjoy exploring the darker facets of their Scorpio nature. However, when two Scorpios are married, they possess a unique ability to sense what's happening within each other's minds due to their shared connection with this enigmatic planet.

Scorpios: The Eighth Sign of the Zodiac

Scorpios represent the eighth sign of the zodiac, characterized by the element of water. This zodiac house is also known as the dwelling of the mysteries of life and death, transformation, and rebirth. Consequently, Scorpios, the rulers of this realm, possess incredible inner allure, inner beauty, and inner strength. Just like an iceberg has a small visible tip but a vast unseen portion beneath the ocean's surface, these two Scorpios primarily live in their inner worlds. This is why, throughout their married life, they can understand and manage each other in a way that no other zodiac sign can.

Harmony in Mystery

These mysterious personalities can be highly compatible in their married life, forming an incredibly intimate and profound connection. Both Scorpio men and Scorpio women are fiercely loyal as friends, and their friendship tends to strengthen over time. Moreover, since both share remarkably similar personalities, they can attractively comprehend each other's needs and intense emotions. Nevertheless, they must be cautious not to let too much similarity lead to monotony in their marriage.

The Foundation of Friendship in Marriage

Being great friends is vital in their marriage, and they are naturally inclined to dedicate themselves to each other. Scorpio men and Scorpio women establish a passionate friendship, which is significant in a marriage because every spouse is also a life companion. However, they should be vigilant not to let their friendship overpower their sexual connection, as it may jeopardize their intimacy.

The Influence of Mars

Both are influenced by Mars, the warrior planet, and are naturally inclined towards a combative nature. They enjoy battling through life's challenges and relish the taste of victory. While they are competitive, if they channel their competitiveness towards each other rather than standing united against external forces, their partnership may unravel, potentially leading to separation or divorce. It is essential for them to support, not hinder, each other.

The Need for Secrecy and Solitude

Their rulership by the mysterious Pluto may make these two individuals curious about clandestine affairs. Both may have a secretive corner of their lives, including concealed savings, hidden accounts, and even covert future plans. It's essential for a Scorpio married to another Scorpio to remember that their spouse also has a hidden world that they must respect and acknowledge.

Passionate Lovers and Intense Partners

When two Scorpios come together, they become passionate lovers who crave emotional involvement more than just a casual romance. While they undoubtedly gain something from each other, a Scorpio often needs a partner who complements them with enough differences to keep things intriguing. Ultimately, understanding and mutual intensity make Scorpio-Scorpio relationships stand the test of time and may bind them together for a lifetime.


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