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Scorpio Man Marriage Life

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Scorpio Men in Marriage and Fatherhood:

Scorpio men can be likened to one of the creatures of the zodiac, behaving like a protective shell in their married life. On the surface, they appear tough and guarded, but within the realm of marriage, they are tender, emotional, and sensitive fathers. Their claws are always ready to defend their home and children against external threats. Let's delve into the world of Scorpio men in marriage and explore what kind of fathers they become. Their inner world and married life are their most treasured domains. If you manage to break through these protective walls and reach the depths of their souls without getting stung by their claws, they will fight to keep you inside that world. The key is winning their hearts.

Fatherly Instincts of Scorpio Men:

Scorpio men, who rule the eighth house in the zodiac (the house of reproduction), are natural fathers and deeply devoted to their children. They take ownership of their home and family, wanting to play a significant role in every aspect, from the moment of a child's birth to their complete development. They have a utopian vision of family structure and understanding. As protective fathers, they aim to create a warm and secure haven filled with love and open communication for their spouse and children. When it comes to protecting the stability of their family, they are prepared to unleash their claws and eliminate any threats that may jeopardize it.

Marriage and Commitment:

Scorpio men consider marriage to be the completion of their soul. When they find the woman they believe complements and fulfills them, they wholeheartedly commit themselves. They become so deeply attached that living without her feels incomplete. A Scorpio man aspires to be the hero in an iconic love story and seeks his soulmate. He is willing to give his body and even his DNA to a woman, but he will never surrender his soul until he finds the woman who makes him feel divine and allows him to explore his dark and mysterious world freely. A Scorpio man's perception of the world is dualistic—one part of him resides within, while the other is embodied by his spouse. When he finds the woman he's been searching for, he feels whole.

Modern and Open-Minded Approach:

Despite their tendency to be possessive and jealous, Scorpio men are not traditionalists when it comes to marriage. They don't display dominant or controlling behaviors like a Leo man might. They have no issues with marrying a strong, independent woman who may have a more successful career or earn more than they do. In fact, Scorpio men can be seen as feminists and advocates for women's rights. They will support your career ambitions, not try to dominate you, and won't insist on changing you after marriage. They are even fine with you keeping your own last name. You can pursue your passions and have the freedom to do whatever you want in life, including entrusting them with childcare responsibilities at times.

Scorpio Men and Marriage:

For Scorpio men, marriage holds a special significance. Remember, Scorpio rules the eighth house in the zodiac, governing reproduction, sexuality, birth, death, and rebirth. Consequently, a Scorpio man's life revolves around the axis of love, sexuality, and reproduction. While their eighth house deals with reproduction, it also encompasses extreme emotions such as love and hatred. This can result in intense emotional attachment in a relationship with a Scorpio man, but it can also lead to strong feelings of hatred in the event of a breakup. However, it's important to note that not every breakup will lead to the same outcome. Severing the emotional cord from his mother and the maternal figure in his mind is not as easy as it seems for a Scorpio. He fears that every woman wants to possess him, so he may create scenarios where you have to prove that you're not trying to control him. You might have to endure a "come here now-go away" drama until he realizes you're not trying to control him.

Scorpio's Unique Perspective on Marriage:

Scorpio men approach marriage differently from other zodiac signs, mainly because Scorpio rules the eighth house in the zodiac—a domain that encompasses reproduction, sexuality, love affairs, birth, death, and rebirth. Therefore, love, marriage, and the concept of home have a distinct meaning for a Scorpio man compared to other signs. While it may seem like their life revolves around family life, their eighth house is their most sensitive area. Before inviting you into this realm or even proposing marriage, they will subject you to a series of tests. Despite their burning desire to unite with you, one part of them is always fearful of separation, and they keep their stingers at the ready. To protect themselves, they may put you through a lengthy period of emotional distance, immerse themselves in work to create a sense of personal space, and take a step back for every step forward you take. It's only when they feel secure enough that they'll stop retreating, allowing you to approach them.

Guardians of Home and Marriage:

Scorpio men are deeply attached to their home, spouse, and family. In their married life, they act like a protective scorpion, guarding themselves with their shell and pincers. In essence, their shell and pincers act as security guards at the door. Remember that the eighth house, which represents reproduction, love affairs, and birth, is their most cherished domain (keep in mind that Scorpio rules the eighth house in the zodiac). To become their spouse, you must pass a series of tests and prove that you are "Mrs. Right." While gaining entry may be challenging at first, once inside, you'll be treated like a goddess. At this point, Scorpio will use their shell and pincers to shield you from the dangers of the outside world.

Intense Emotional Changes in Marriage:

As the rulers of the eighth house in the zodiac, Scorpio men's married lives can be a realm of intense emotional fluctuations. While it's possible to experience moments of separation in your marriage with a Scorpio man, overcoming these challenges will strengthen your bond even further. The eighth house also governs extreme aspects of life such as birth and death, which means sudden emotional storms, mood swings, and a tendency to go all-in or withdraw completely can occur. It's important to remember that Scorpio is a Mars sign, and Mars is the mythological god of war. Scorpios view all these internal conflicts as rituals and can emerge from them stronger than ever.


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